Snow Tha Product - No Going Back Lyrics

Bro, I am not about to be up in this rap game
Being "Mexican, cha cha" and shit
This "All work, No credit" shit is done, bro
I'm not gonna take that shit no more
I ain't fuckin' with y'all

I got you motherfuckas talking, huh
But it don't mind, got that heavin' Monster in my cup
No slowin' down, got my palms itching for the pesos
I'm bout to turn up on the game like what the fuck I came fo'
I swear to God, all you hype beasts trying me
Like I ain't have your favorite labels tryna sign me
Like I ain't bout to make this publishing or writing
Like it ain't these fraudulent bitches, that's how you bitin' me
This shit grimy
Okay, but fuck that, I ain't playing the part
I'm a switch it up on you bitches
Oh you don't like me trynna stay low-key
Oh me, oh my shit's different
Cause I'll take it back, way back, back to Cadillac '85
I'll take ya trap, give it back, statin' facts that my shit gon ride

Low-key, I'm outchea, I'm bout to get it
It ain't no going back, I'm bout to kill it
See I be playing games, but I've been chilling
Y'all on some fuck shit, and I ain't with it

Low-key, I'm outchea, I'm bout to get it
It ain't no going back, I'm bout to kill it
See I be playing games, but I've been chilling
Y'all on some fuck shit, and I ain't with it

Now, what the fuck you think I rap for free?
Man, all you silly bitches hatin', go and grab a seat
Cause I been out here on some humble shit, just tryna eat
But y'all keep acting like I won't come out and drag a skeez
Over but y'all gon see, y'all gon see
I'm a Texas livin' Cali chick
That mean I own a.45 and I can carry it
That mean I fucking own some property from selling shit
Ho, what you think I don't got Product Pushas chasin' grip
Finna make it big
Man I'm really thinking that lately, this game just like to push hoes
Cause I been giving y'all bars for days, and I swear to y'all the lord knows
That I ain't bragged not one time bout all the shit in they songs
But I'm bout to flip this shit real quick this chick finna get her dough

Low-key, I'm outchea, I'm bout to get it
It ain't no going back, I'm bout to kill it
See I be playing games, but I've been chilling
Y'all on some fuck shit, and I ain't with it

Low-key, I'm outchea, I'm bout to get it
It ain't no going back, I'm bout to kill it
See I be playing games, but I've been chilling
Y'all on some fuck shit, and I ain't with it

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Snow Tha Product No Going Back Comments
  1. Daniel Gavino

    ironically i came back to this song, and the growth as an artist from this which was dope to the layers upon layers that you show in your current music is a testament to your hard work and skills man. dope stuff, never stop.

  2. george e


  3. Krystal Aleman


  4. Brianna McPherson

    I have been wondering since fucking 2011 why the hell Snow isn't like the #1 female rapper across the globe. I honestly cannot name any female rapper that's better than her, she's even better than most male rappers.

  5. Sarah Hogue

    Hell yeah!

  6. MzV Luv

    All Snow's music is 🔥
    She's beautiful !!,💄& l❤ve her attitude ...
    She definitely tops all female rap artist 💯

  7. Ava Marie XXVI

    Bout to flip shit

    Bout to get em

  8. Ava Marie XXVI

    Bro not to be in the game to do be up here doing the Mexican bachata and shit.

    Watch me make moves now

    I been on pause

  9. Stephanie Michelle Valin

    I like sipping my coffee and listening to this and No Cut first thing in the morning. That's morning meditation i can relate to. Thank You Snow 💛🌟💫✨

  10. Rene Castruita

    u got something but that fastass spanglish is what up never could tolerate that slow ass rapp songs or that slow ass mexican music country puts people to sleep every now n then is good for the soul a slow ass tear jerking song but thats it 1 or 2 slow songs fast music keeps me alert n alive dont give up let ur little lite shine the hell with the haters give them hell haters n brainless n talent less thats y God didnt give snakes n vipers a set of wings i dont know u but i take it ur an awesome person inside out pretty from the inside n beuatifull from the out side with the utmost respect little sister may GOD full fill ur dreams n hopes n THANQ FOR REPRESTING THE HISPANIC PEOPLE WORLD WIDE DONT LET NO BRAIN WASH U THAT UR BLK OR WHITE NO DISRESPECT TO THE BLKS OR THE WHITES BUT IS GOOD T0 HAVE TRUE CHARACTER N PRIDE THAT COMES FROM GOD JC

  11. MexRoze5

    Beauty on beast mode!!! ❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥

  12. Bre lovely


  13. julian butler

    The world sleeping on her talent. fr

  14. julian butler


  15. Sarah Beth

    You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

  16. Tim Musto

    Snows bars come from the beast. Or devils. Dragon. Whatever you wanna call em. He’s a spirit gangster

  17. Tyrone Moore


  18. harold raven channel

    Super 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Teresa H


  20. Play260 Ayy

    Oh heck yeah bro this so amassing to NO going back

  21. Duane Hernandez

    Just got out of jail use to watch her blog back in the day, catching up was a big fan even then, she is god damn better then I've ever heard! I just can't get over that being her from a daily vlog she use to do!

  22. Msmusick Terrill


  23. Vanessa Flores


  24. Tank CityQueen

    Shhhhaaaaaaaauuuuuuuu love you Snow White!!!!!!!!!

  25. Romani Vlogs

    Still bumping

  26. Mj Max

    let it snow! I like this gal.

  27. Family Martinez

    YES, that's why i love you ❤ #ShineHard #ThugLife #RockingWithSnow

  28. It_isWhat_it_is True


  29. Tracy Mathis

    someone tell my family I made it and they need to stop frunting... xoxo OLIVIA GILLESPIE . VEE GEE√√ SO MANY NAMES PEOPLE GAVE ME

  30. Bekah Mack

    when are we gonna get some more woke tv vlogs?

  31. Kobe Deviney

    dope af

  32. Mystery Machine

    lol like diz one... for real day real

  33. Dayton Winnie

    big pimpin

  34. Andrew Garrett

    But does this bitxh axtually karry them Burners tho?

    Kathi Ritchie

    +Andrew Garrett Apparently a mexican one does

  35. Jaysus

    SN0W, L0\/E !T... ... ...

  36. Jordan Brown

    awesome baby girl

  37. Cody Quinn

    snow... geezzzzz marry me?

    Tracy Mathis

    Cody Quinn codddddy

    Cody Quinn

    Tracy Mathis hi

    Cody Quinn

    she's incredible

  38. Chelsea Boyea

    snow is babe

  39. M. Dizzle

    Snow goes hard as fuck! Fuck you hatin suckas

  40. Tyron Turner

    "Y'all on some fuck shit, and I ain't wit' it"

  41. twiztidfreeksideshow

    Chica still comes with it on every bar
    All her last shit was better then anything on the radio last year and yall all know it. Snow the product keep it going home girl

  42. Dereck Lawrence

    She goes in hard

  43. Funkytunez Soto

    Yaaallll goin see who see's this grammer shit to fixed just to get up here bitch i got the skills and you know i will.Woke [email protected] is up waasupp for more and sum !"IMUP"!(MMMU) Money Making Money Up ,!!!

  44. keshav magar

    Dope! !

  45. keshav magar

    Dope! !

  46. D. Richardson

    Snow Tha Product My Favorite Female Rapper Since Day 1

  47. Rach Cyr

    sad as it is radio play ... most her songs are like eminems  the way to help her music blow up is share !  im in canada and just came across her not long ago  :) glad i did all i listen to

  48. Rach Cyr

    got them muther fuckers talking huh ... lmao :) love this song

  49. Jason Flores

    Whaaaat? Snow on a Happy P track? Cali-Tex connect!

  50. ManiacalMonstrosity

    I love snow but she's not toppin charts because of her hooks/choruses.

  51. Brandy Dabney

    Dope ass song ,, fuck all these Hatin ass bitches!! Keep going hard doing what you do best ,, Rise n shine SNOW!!!

  52. Juan Cruz

    I came here for Tech N9ne´s So Dope, Snow kills it!

  53. Sergio O

    Shout out to HappyP! Miss him on those throw back SPM songs..

  54. Brandi Giles

    Snoww is raww.!! When she rap n Spanish . Tht go hard !!

  55. Zero Popular

    you dont get credit because every track has the same high hat... like it's a metronome you need... and the raps are too fast while the songs are too short... I love ya girly... but I am listening to your entire rap history... and it's good you are starting to slow down finally.. but the beats you are on ... plain always sound beginner... this hat the high hat and some buzzer or something... and is 2 minutes... another high hat ... less then 3 minute song? hmmm hopefully since I am listening to it all anyway.. I'll straight up leave a post about the high hats and why it seems beginner.. I doubt you make the beats anyway... but please be a sweetheart and think before getting mad.. I ain't an prick... but I do work with several Sf Bay Studios.. for various things... and yeah... I'd like a short little cutey pushin some bay area stuff that people can relate to and not deny... you have the lyrics.. but the beats on 90 percent of your songs have that same clappin high hat ... makes it seems like you need it flow.. like a beginner... which you aren't cuz you gotta be my age... and bay area life ages people a bit faster mentally... anyway... im off to the next song


    Do you need so many god damn periods??

    Zero Popular

    Yeah... Why you on your period??....

    Zero Popular

    Hahaha... Kidding... I don't I use em cuz I type 119 wpm

    Nikki Niedz

    +Zero Popular Snow kills it evrry single time!!! who gives a fuck how long her songs be. shes alwas killin it, any cypher, collab, song, shes got a special way of rapping, fast and going hard and not like most females where they talk about suckin dick and taking their clothes off. She does make her own beats, her team does and thats her family. do a little research on her. shes a very special MC and shes real as fuck. she knows what rap and hip hop is all about. and her beats? their all dope as fuck. quit tryna hate appreciate what ya heard. if ya dont like it, then yu need to wake ya game up!!!! @snowthaproduct

  56. Jackie Aguilera

    How am I beraly hearing this!! Omg she's doin it!!! Love it

  57. MariCruz Davila

    Bruuh She Is The Besst !
    When I First Heard Her I Wass Like Damb This Girl Got A Nice Talent 👊✌👌

  58. TruDatDopey

    I love Snow. She one of my favorite MC 's of all time. That being said. Alot of her hooks are weak as hell. I don't care about hooks but alot these fake as music lovers do. That's my theory on why she ain't so big. Her verses can't be fucked with. She just needs better/catchier hooks.


    Same here. Every song she spits dope as shit. But the hooks I couldn't really fuck with. I liked 2 songs hooks on that whole albulm. But she got hunger as an artist so she will get better.


    old ass comment, but I agree that's her weakest part.

  59. Tyron Turner

    Right now I love Youtube on my PS3 because I don't have to see some of the dumbest comments on here.

  60. Renknowsbest

    Happy Perez!!!!

  61. Eddie Palacio

    Dope ass female ❤❤❤

  62. Illmatic Productions

    I'm so happy you credit your producers publicly.  

  63. Sarah Poce

    Yess! I've been a fan since the Mecca days. SD local right there, memories with this chick! I tell/share with everyone! Miss you "cloudia" heads always in the clouds. Not anyone more she's doin it! I must know when there's goin to be a show in San Diego?!?! @woke help me out with seeing her again!!!

  64. Woke Chels

    My everyday song. No lies :) 

  65. Nickii Jayy

    I listen to this at least once a day. Snow shits bars. 😍

  66. Rei Do Flow

    Big Pun is the king of flow

  67. Mia Siquieros

    Snow is doing big thangs!!

  68. AJThaone1987

    hopefully when her time comes she doesnt choose to sell out like nicki did bc before nicki was famous she was a lyricist all that shit she did on the come up and the mixtapes before she was afforded the ability to sell out was great but i just hope Snow Tha Product doesnt sell out there are far too many artists that are the reason hip hop needs a hip replacement already

  69. 1popblocker9er

    Keep it up C... I know you know what's up.. We'll get em' 
    Keep killin it in tha free world girl, people be wakin up more and more. 
    Love you, you inspire all.

  70. Brittany Bessett

    Bad bitch right here dam snow REAL AS FUCK your the shit PERIOD

  71. Gwalla Bear

    This shit is fucking raw. I personally think she better than nicki..

  72. Roselyn Green

    Turn this ish up!

  73. Snagger Family

    Snow she hella dope I c as my wait for more of her mixtapes

  74. Snagger Family

    Snow product she is my favorite female rapper I wish could see her an make a song together

  75. Frank Landro

    This shit is the best like I jam to this in my car and errybody look at me bc its so damn good #ilovesnowthaproduct

  76. Bree Hollow Horn

    Snow Is Bae!;) Love Her Songs

  77. Nydessa H

    Can't wait till you . Get your face and recognition, you deserve it snow. I'll always be a fan. You make me want tho go fight for what I want and deserve. Such a inspiration, and you don't have to be showing the goods, you're working twice as hard as nicki and iggy and lil Kim and anyone who has to show there ratchet body. Your true and a bad ass.

  78. Dewey Limbanoz

    I dig it

  79. Lady TL

    that's my gurrrl I fuckz wit u!!! I kne u was go hittem hard s/o on the cyper u killed it

  80. mrvillTV

    snow > nicki anyday real talk

    Maggy TeeJay

    Snow > Anyone any day real talk

    Ava Marie XXVI

    Both amazing

    Ava Marie XXVI

    Been it here on some humble shit;

    Tryin to eat

  81. Kimberly

    This kinda gives me the honey cocaine vibe. Still love her though 😍

  82. Chicago Street TV

    I just uploaded a new video, checkk it out

  83. Will Snyder

    Yea what sly wolf said

  84. is this real life?

    There's a big difference between Snow and Nicki. Snow can actually be called an "emcee" (a true lyricist). Nicki is just a rapper; nothing special about her.

  85. Patrik Sullivan

    Snow Tha Product outraps most industry rappers in the game! That beat tho! 

  86. Kenzie Poole

    I have a whole new outlook on things thanks to you. You really don't get enough credit for your music, Iggy Azalea isn't half as talented

  87. Zacc Dino

    Nicki - Terrible lyrics, good body, famous. Snow: Great lyrics, beautiful af, doesnt sell sex, remains underground. Iggy- not attactive (TO ME) and terrible lyrics. #TRAGIC   #WOKE  #ALLDAY

  88. lastking8923

    Shit goood!!

  89. Ziptana

    Check out ZIPPI WYZE for another mex rapper:) we all do it!

  90. ProblematicHipHop

    snow should be the mainstream of female hip hop


    Big ups to all women doin they thang. Keep gettin it girl.

  92. 904NoAstro

    yo check me out im pretty legit rapper and im only 16 so like my page and dont forget to leave a comment in my status 

  93. Dereck Lawrence

    I love this track