Snow Tha Product - Flexicution (Remix) Lyrics

I be like ayy dios
I been woke even with my eyes closed
Diles q sin quieren mas
Mira que esto va pa largo
Tiren barrio
Ride slow
Live fast better get that cash flo
Anybody wanna stand in my way I got people yellin whoop that ass snow
Snow Tha Product got fed up with the shit
Life already hard enough as it is
I don't need these muthafuckas shadin me or talkin' shit about where the fuck I am
I been out here gettin cash on my own
Travel the country headlinin my shows
I ain't askin anybody for favors
You muthafuckers wanna hate on ms. snow
Man tell me bout it
I know how you feel about me
Lyrically I can threaten anybody's fuckin career
How you feel about it
Since we're being honest
I can give it all up
Have a couple babies when they learn to talk then they will spit some bars and
I can guarantee you that it's fire somewhere in they first verse they will say you garbage
I'm a muthafuckin problem
Money talks I'm talkin a mill
Mac is out don't gotta conceal
Mac is out don't gotta conceal
Top 5 I'm top 2
Talkn' spittn' bars n that grind too
Ya'll childs play like caiou
N by the way that was a haiku
Goddamit Atlantic better get it together before strange hit em with the tech
Slept on so long, got kink in my neck
I been thinkin it's best we relinquish the debt
Got it all in cash or I can write a check
Or ya'll could buy me lunch or ya'll can gimme desk n let me write for rappers ya'll do give press
I feel like Piper Chapman how much time is left cause goddamn

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