Snow Patrol - Making Enemies Lyrics

We're just waiting for our man
To come through with a plan
Of how the hell we turn this round
And dig ourselves out of the ground
We don't really want to know
The things you claim to know
It could fall around our ears
Might no hurt for years and years

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Snow Patrol Making Enemies Comments
  1. Martin Clift

    For years I have looked for a cure for my stress issues many people told me many methods but none of those worked for me
    This song not only contains soothing lyrics that calm down the inner mind but a epic instrumental that helps me calm down and say to myself "There is nothing to worry about the problem has passed"
    A pure work of genius by snow patrol

  2. Veronica Toledo

    Una terapia de amor intensiva...😁

  3. Bobby's Bundle

    Awesome is an understatement, for this song.

  4. jaskiran singh

    Enough to calm a person down.

  5. Bryan Chavez

    Good song.

  6. Roger melly

    ha, were are you now. This is pure class....pure class. the S.P. is wot a fuking tune!!! they r w8in..