Snow - Freedom Lyrics

[Yami Bolo]
It's been so long We've been in captivity.
People wishing one day to be free.

Waiting to see the day when freedom will come.
Mama working hard in the burning sun.
I wish the world were truly happy living as one living as one.
Wish the word they call freedom one day would come.
I may bee just a foolish dreamer.
But I don't care.

[Yami Bolo]
Freedom rushes freely trough the air.

Freedom more freedom don't turn them down don't turn them down.
Freedom more freedom don't turn us down don't turn us down.

Although they're no love for Humanity

[Yami Bolo]
How could you ever sell your brother man in slavery.

In word of injustice crimes and poverty.
Organize and set your lives in one I-nity was meant to be.

[Yami Bolo]
Overcome material gain petty prejudice system.
Too long poor people have been the victim.
I wish that one day when freedom comes.
For each and every man to see the morning sun.


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