Snow - Come Down Lyrics

Come down (sound boy don't linger)
Come down (all are you ready)
Come down (them go like Ninja)
Come down ([?] evidently)

There you go again
Talking off your face
Like you wanna come play me
Point your dirty finger
In my man't cool face
Sound boy
But tonight you're goin' to see
Come down


It's the sound that we'd all like

It name fight for my life
I don't joke
I don't ramp when it comes to my life
A boy I'll stamp
I don't drink off the wine

I love the drink whiskey
When I think about enemies dead pon my list
Botty boy them dead
Suck off the man and eat cold cock
Like Peter, Paul and a whole lot
Instead of a back shot goet a lick shot

And I like them no
Me no like them at all
Me no like them no
Me no like them at all
Come Down


Some people play midnight hour (Lord hey)
Them the idiot sound boy
Ain't got no power (no)
Nuff a them wait to kill some boy
But tonight my love is rougher than yours
Come down


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