Snoop Dogg - Stoplight Lyrics

[Intro - Unknown speaker]
How else could you capture the world
if you don't attack from the back
To the million march... hehehehe
(Yo, Snoopa Donna, what??)

When I pull up to the stoplight
I gotta have a paper right
If you come back right then we can boog it [echoes]
When I pull up to the stoplight
I gotta have a paper right
If you come back right then we can boog it [echoes]

[Snoop Dogg]
Boggy, boggy, boogy...
I'm going 65, 75, 80
Mashing down the boulevard downtown movin' like crazy
In the fastlane, high-beams shining
Tryna keep the timing on the track
With the diamond in the back
Move roof wide open, scoping, locking
The bitches relieve, the hoes keep hoping
They can get it, fit in, back seat, just sit in
Four hoes on a black tryna put their bid in
Girl, put it to work, you gonna do the damn thing
Happen, the rest of y'all, eat dirt
I'm rollin' in the "Mackmobile", I'm back for real
One hundred percent, pimp-motion, that's the deal
Back wheel-spinning, number one, I'm winning
Hoes lookin' inside, and they just to grinning
Waitin' to choose, while the rest wait to pay y'all dues
Don't trip I keep my hoes in two


Yeah, this is radio station 187.4 FM on your dial
In your car up inside the four o'clok traffic jam
We gonna be taking request right now at 87752-Snoop
Call station naming ya game...
Aw, yeah, hello, aw yeah, this Soopafly here
Man I wanna get a piece of that Stoplight shit
Man that motherfucking baggin church

[Snoop Dogg]
You see them pretty buttons on my stereo? (don't touch 'em)
Don't touch 'em hoe!
You see Snoop Dogg on the floor mac
Pimping ain't (yeah) now sit the fuck back
I'm the man in charge, +Boss+, my backhand is horse
Simple slim, man I'm large
Mashing so big like a fo' by fo'
Show my do', and if not it's hoe by go
Ain't a hoe after I can slow my flow
My wheels cause a fortune, bitch I'm scorching
Seen some niggas who love to talk shit
Reach for my thang and my glove compartment
Dipnap the use it, flashed in my music
Kids in the streets askin' Doggy how I dooze it
First place in the race and don't wanna lose it
Niggas better watch out and bitches better move it

[Interlude 2]
Yeah baby, you got ta move your groove
To prove that you supposed to groove in the moon
as I recite naughty nothings in yo' eardrums
If you cruisin' up the boulevard in your car
Put it in park and let the dogg spark, yeah baby

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[Interlude 3]
Oh, no
Tot that track you phone
I am Sam Dussel, DPG Buck
And I hate Stoplight
I always make to the next ?McMany?
I told you right I wouldn't C-Walk
Light me out, hahahaha!

[Snoop Dogg]
Half past late and I'm still rollin
Real hoeing, make a nigga pocket still swollin
Still going, black and white tip-toein'
Flash in my player's car (why you play so hard?) cause I'm a Don
Sippin Moet, smoking Chron'
Doggy wanna see that dress my locks are on
Pimping black-red, who let bag to blunt
Can't tell the sunset from the crack of dawn
Half tank of gas
Rollin' down the window, reach out to extinct that ass
Get hot, turn down the heat, burn down the street
My hoes love to earn my keep
It's only five miles left, so I whipped it
Skipped it, lifted it and overdrive
Straight onto five, pimp nigga on the rise
85, 95, 100 and good night and fuck that stoplight

[car crashes]

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Snoop Dogg Stoplight Comments
  1. Jandir Queiroz

    puta preconceito.

  2. 12 12

    Classic underated track


    pimp.n just rest& $$$$$$$$$$$% will you work fo me

  4. Princess FB

    crip life forever. love snoop

  5. southweststrangla420

    props for actually sounding like a real snoop dogg track. reminds me of old school 90's snoop dogg. that george clinton sound lol



  7. steiner tradoc

    snoopzilla ho's

  8. eypcet

    rip old snoop dogg

  9. agirlfan

    Glad I Never Heard Or Seen This Shit

    Red Johnson

    Pharrell killed the beat!

  10. steiner tradoc

    righteous tune. whole album is.

  11. Cris A

    Did Snoop smoke himself into a Kaleidoscope?

  12. Bluescaled Hydra

    funny intro