Snoop Dogg - Sports Center Lyrics

[Snoop Dogg:]
Yo, this shit feel like Sports Center
Nothing but highlights, some ballers
Jumping out the mother fucking gym
So Designer Flow
It's your uncle Snoop Dogg
Let me show you how we keep the trap jumpin' on the West Side
The best side

McDonald's all American
There's really no comparing it
I play some D and pop a three and fly up in the air again
First-round draft pick came in with this rap shit
Get a lot of moolah to keep you a bad bitch
Those were the rules, I aimed for the full pie
Took a slice and now I'm popping at the bull's eye
I'm equivalent to excellence
With my weaponry, I'm stepping while I'm rapping it
Now could I should I would I do things your way
And end up dead or in jail? My nigga no way
It's like some good hot head with no foreplay
I won't be [?] so I cut you like I'm OJ
Kingpin [?]
Designer Flow hand me the ball young dawg I need a heat check
[?] He wet
Dikembe Mutombo, that [?] shit
Get reject, we all stars baby
So you never get what we get

[Designer Flow:]
Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap jumping trap jumping like
Trap jumping like
Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap jumping trap jumping like
Trap jumping like
Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap jumping trap jumping like
Trap jumping like
Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap trap trap trap

Nowadays nigga killing over nothing
Rep a gang cause they wanna be part of something
I been in my own lane since I was a youngin'
Whole family had a bag, I'm the plug's cousin
But I found my own plug, the ain't front me nothin
But my nigga Black did give me that Gucci belt (black)
This where I put my heat I never leave it on the shelf (strapped)
My heart froze I don't ever leave it on my sleeves (nah)
I got hoes I ain't never met a bitch I need
So when she tell me that she leaving i'm a let her leave
My aroma in her room ain't gon' let her breathe
Got it smelling like some money and a [?]
It's on record I could smash who I want
Put this on record never asked for a [?]
Put this on record twenty bands this month
Put this on record, put this on record

Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap jumping trap jumping like
Trap jumping like
Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap jumping trap jumping like
Trap jumping like
Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap jumping trap jumping like
Trap jumping like
Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap trap trap trap

In the trap I do my best to help em out
And all some niggas ever did was fuck up the count
And all some niggas ever did was run they fucking mouth
Had to keep it moving had to keep my head up
Had to re-up and recoup to get my bread up
Had to take a nigga boo and put her legs up
Her nigga probably do the same with my main thing
Still ride with the flag for the gang gang
I'm a real trap nigga, I don't gang bang
I done been across the map with the propane
They'll point a nigga out get your old man
Put the noodle in her mouth like the low mein
Kill a nigga with a strap like a gay bitch
Made a band in a minute off 8 sips
Tried to walk away from trapping but I can't quit

Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap jumping trap jumping like
Trap jumping like
Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap jumping trap jumping like
Trap jumping like
Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap jumping trap jumping like
Trap jumping like
Trap jumping like a ball player
Trap trap trap trap

Born center
Say holla at real when i'm in the trap
All across the map
They say holla at a real one in the trap
All across the map sports center
Trap jumping like

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Snoop Dogg Sports Center Comments
  1. Bigg DJ Clarko

    Trap jumpin like a ball playa

  2. Peter Patriot

    Let's do it all he doesn't suck big dick complete moron idiot likes to put his self in political f****** views shouldn't f****** put yourself in political views your freaking a******

  3. The New Avenger

    this shit goes hard

  4. Roosevelt Bradford

    Truth Hurt. Snoop can't Rap Fool.

  5. Ryan Regmi

    mmm mmm mmmmm son

  6. Friends & Family

    Wheres Tupac..oh thats right you had him murdered. You only exist because of Tupac

    Anthony Hemphill

    Stop it. Smh

  7. Roosevelt Bradford

    Crips killed a lot of Black people in America. How can you represent that.

    Lil Blank

    Roosevelt Bradford shut the fucc up 😂😂😂

  8. GBody Rob

    Haha he a foo he say cut u like I'm Oj 🔪🔪

  9. Roosevelt Bradford

    Cripps have killed a large number of Black people. How can you represent that Calvin Brodus

  10. KrazedWxlf

    Aye that good shit coming back.

  11. mihai pala

    D O double G SnooP DOGG

  12. Lil Home State

    Snoop Dogg always dropping lit shit like this turn up Snoop Dogg the living league

    Kings Of Rap

    Lil Home State lol

    Kings Of Rap

    Lil Home State true

    Kings Of Rap

    Lil Home State Eazy-E better

  13. Zay Mack

    Put Me On The Remix Uncle Snoop I Know U See This

  14. Young Nigga

    Yall remember when Snoop became a Rasta because he thought all they do is smoke and chill but didn't realize all the other things he had to do and gave up on it in about 2 months and is now just crippin again?

    GBody Rob

    Young Nigga 😂😂😂😂it was to much work 😂😂

  15. 209sub0

    On crip we kill bklood to this

  16. Dave López

    I'll always be down for you Snoop. BUT in all honesty FUKC the hat BS! You're a better man!

  17. DontLIE 2KickIt

    Slapper Snoops flow is incredible

  18. don leanincup

    Shit weekend then my little sister punch

  19. Roosevelt Bradford

    Snoop want everyone to Cripp. White people love Scoop

  20. Roosevelt Bradford

    Ain't no Cripps on this album

  21. Роджер Федерер

    i love Basketball

  22. Роджер Федерер

    good luck

  23. dre nova

    dope 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  24. KS Edis

    WTF this is actually good, the 80's instrumentals, the flow, the sports theme, it all comes together. I was writing these songs off as just another mindless Trump diss, but dis geezer snoop still got the G spirit with him. Album purchased.

    GBody Rob

    Dr. Plot real shit


    You should biaatch

  25. Xii_mayun_iiX Gacha

    Like hell

  26. Xii_mayun_iiX Gacha

    Oh dam boy u broke it

  27. mrlivtom

    Maybe not his typical beat but this shit slaps tho!!! Thank u snoop!

  28. Meexi

    Fuck this is lit to! Get em Snooop

  29. Dumb Jason

    one day snoop will make a good album I still have hope lol

  30. Moe Man


  31. Immortal

    This album take the win for the worst content Snoop ever produced.. If you even wanna call it that. No effort. Hustle game GONE! Brain cells on E.

  32. John BassHead Work

    YOUR BECOMING A REAL BITCH BRU!! I used to love your stuff but too much BICHERY!!! Don't talk no shit won't be no shit!

  33. Egod

    The beat d0.0b

  34. Gaddis The Great

    Sad to hear this shit

    GBody Rob

    Reginald Gaddis 🤔

  35. Buzb

    i appreciate u sharing music for free but can u not spam my shit with 10 vids.. 1 a day is good enough ty

  36. TriLLzz -

    Damn. Thought this was gunna be all hardcore Crip shit so i can bump in the whip. Tired of all these slobk niggas.


    I feel ya man, too many new school bullshit that ain't about that ghetto life. The hood ain't the hood no more.

    TriLLzz -

    Real shit man. The hood dont get enough love like before. And all the new school bangas dont follow the old routes.

    Young Nigga

    Y'all just a bunch of old heads. New wave is already here. Best thing to do is just accept it and hate it. Our generation gonna be saying the same thing in the future when some super outlandish shit gains popularity. It's a cliche at this point.

    Well of Souls

    im sick of these "old heads" bunch of elitest who actually dont know shit. trap has been around since the 90s. shit that sounds like this. look it up. whats popular right now in the states in the mainstream is just another wave of it, im sure as hell old school hip hop will probably be popular again one day.. thats the nature of music. on the real tho rap is not a single genre. this trap and trap is characterized by fast hi hats with dark ambient riffs and errie sounds.. a subgenre of rap

    GBody Rob

    I get that west coast summer vibe from it..clean ass old skool on tripple gold daytons.fucc it og snoop and a new nigga..they made it work

  37. szn szn


  38. BIGG CHUUCH bb

    Jump wit CHUUCH on collab #legionbeatz

  39. ThachosenJuan21

    Fuck Snoop and his biased ass. Politicians are just a face for the people nothing more, politicians follow the oath of office like criminals obey gun laws.

    Jesse Pruett

    ThachosenJuan21 what?


    Mek MoreGreen If you can't read and comprehend I'm sorry.

  40. Marker's Smut

    Jumping on the Westside

  41. Vibin Since

    Real rap big snoop dogg the bestest on the west west. Much love from Arizona unc

    Kiss Alice

    Vibin Since Bestest?BESTEST?! Boy you better finish school...smh.

    Vibin Since

    Pilypas Kizelis obviously I said that to rhyme internet police lmao

  42. Alexander Fowler

    Been waitin

  43. Manuel Agudelo

    Invite to your show some latin rapper Like Farruko or something like that

  44. Jesse Gonzalez

    Who cares lol snoop go home in be old you smelly fart


    dude stfu you cant tell people what to do anyways its snoop dogs music

    East20 Tauna

    i bet you youre 12 years old lol.. sit down lil kiddo


    Also ChumpyChicken, you make shitty unboxing videos with poor production quality, but yeah continue to call other peoples work "shit" you fucking faggot hahahaha

    dre nova

    Jesse Gonzalez thanks for contributing to his views dumb ass

    Mario Cortez


  45. Fernando Benites

    Mexico presente

  46. O G

    fruit pirus

  47. William Knittel

    Jam for reals.


    Uncle snoop never dissapoint watch my vids tho


    Rodrigo Eduardo done bro .. and disliked all np

  49. T&EBEATS

    If You're An Upcoming Artist Check Out My Page For Free Beats💯🔥🙏🏽

  50. No enemies

    Yoo first again