Snoop Dogg - See Ya When I Get There Lyrics

For all them young niggas that didn't quite make it to another year

To all my thugs in the grave
This one is for my homies and my thug niggas
A bunch of used to be paranoid drug dealers
A bout 'it motherfucker standing on the block
Ain't no limit to his heart, cause his veins is non-stop
And constantly a nigga catching them cases
With them death situations
A nigga blast with no hesitation
Mama I wanna now where my daddy at
My only memory is a picture with a chrome gat
I wanna do, like them gangsters do
I wanna gangster walk
I caught a bullet now I'm in some chalk
Just another young nigga in a song
Mama always told me gangster's don't live long
After I'm dead can you still see me
Do you really want to be me
I'm just another bossaline
I represent all them niggas trying to get paid
But couldn't be saved
Huh, y'all now what I'm talking about

[Chorus: C-Murder and Snoop Dogg]
To all my thugs in the grave
See ya when I get there
See ya when I get there [ repeat 4X ]

Ride nigga till I deduct
Them things die nigga for fuck
Fly. fly nigga
Since you absent I'ma tilt the bottle
hit the weed and get high for my nigga
My partner my nigga
My round in my trigger
From the little shit I remember you was a down ass nigga
I'm mad i missed shit you could have showed me (fuck)
Shit still ain't the same even though my mama told me
I keep your memories in my endeavors (nigga)
Thank you for being my daddy, thank you for what you left us
I swear to protect, and the only way to carry on, is carry on
My nigga little Mike, my nigga G-Slim, and my cousin Larry gone
I ain't trying to question God, but why so young
That's why from daylight to night time I got my gun
This fucking thing we call life ain't nothing but a phase
That's why you better keep your faith,or you're that thug in the grave

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

[Snoop Dogg]
Rest in peace khaki's creased
From the east side of Long Beach
Pouring out liquor, thinking about my homie
Cause I can't understand how it went down
We used to clown from town to town
Claiming dogg pound
Took you on lollapalooza with a nigga
L0Dog you my nigga
If you don't get no bigger
Spanky Loco from the the dub, and Little Man from the I
Dear God why them good niggas have to die
I can't reminisce too long
Cause I'm in a war zone
If I sleep, slip, trip I might get blasted on
So I'm gone mash on home
but on the way I see some of my enemies
And they tripping on me
Cause I fuck with Master P
But I;m heated, so beat it
And another 87 case, I really don't need it
Proceeded, I ain't gone cry for the homie
Shit we gone celebrate
Cause we now the homeboy is in a safer and better place

[Chorus: repeat 3X]

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Snoop Dogg See Ya When I Get There Comments
  1. Sol Andre Raz Somoza

    Pgillipine 98 Higscjool days

  2. Juan Peso loco

    2019 still banging 🔥💯

  3. dpobone

    Aye, Bonnie ' Venus' Redds, 24 USA Clyde ' Moses ' Reggie' Blue 24, said 'Mans best Girlfriend is his Bitch, and his Ends. PURPLE GHOST

  4. Aztec King

    To my gd up thugs in grave yr homey love i save plus pic takes not knowin whats my fate 1 cityous cuts i says not for the fama juxz our trust to makes mi not forgotten raza 2 asta those locked up i dooz thee impossible so chaka lacra cant hate my homeys for thee cause is yoh 3 as over mobs to glow mi varrio east clover gangota area c.o.d.e over dos uno tree stayn a soldier as i toldjya 4 no culture vulture ever know huh but they can try high or sober closer choka pero you can anylize i 5 creepyer then sci fi i mean similarity super natural as a one of a kind guy onto marry youser unimaginable 6 scary truther of a cannable smellin burned flesh to bury tomber or in ashes throw in sea or the dirts trench 7 since before birth death attempted on me twice be grateful for all of yrsez for my lifes a homicide 8

  5. Jay H

    What the flip....this album was tight

  6. doughurkaosnaup 206WA


  7. Lone Ranger

    Dad it's almost 3! Mom it will be a yr! Same month 5 days apart! Both were 60! See Ya When I Get There! RIP two of the realest!

  8. Leonard Guerra

    Mr Murder. ....C

  9. Sam99292


  10. David Batista

    All my thugs in the grave see you when I get there my bro bever

  11. Aztec King

    Spelled onifix

  12. Aztec King

    See eachother laters free words dedicaters on lost angel tranz boss fatal lands privatest demonstrators 1 nothin openly l.a cityous cuttin dopestly know if it wasnt foh a gee pero always bustin most coca leaves 2 to be twirl shine processed into worldwide concious hynas pearls vibe hottest for a thurl type mexiconnest 3 pelonia en historia mas que traficantante no remorsen ya azteca warriah pelon mexy magnificante 4 extrodienariamente gustavo garfias muerte en malias ese mexyous maximas trece 5 el hombre uno tres homeh q.voles ponle true foe best nada noteh beautifulest 6 then mi truest dama as yoh bluest trama lookin newest acta de tu tu y yousez ganga 7 clover gangota east losah locsta s to the p.e doble ninotas pa topa con las chotas oh mas trampota marranota 8

  13. 12 12

    Meech on Tha beat Snoops verse💯💯

  14. rochellmcdonald23


  15. Aztec King

    Uh uh been upin this game iz been a mothafockin gang of pain all my homeys in the graaaave +

  16. Da Tr1nity 3135

    My mom wasnt a gangsta but when she passed I bumped this all day

  17. robb onenz

    Go hard.. Free cmurda

  18. robb onenz


  19. Graphic Archer

    so underrated song :(

    Dan Henry

    There’s a lot of them

  20. Nicholas Spencer

    This song was fire. Just smoke a J and chill well rollin....Fuck the cops.

  21. c_LIFE uncle josh

    here my lyrics uncle josh c-LIFE soundcloud one LuV

  22. Eddie Coffey

    Mystical killed everything he spit with no limit...... FACTS

  23. Free World

    C-Murder voice remember me of 2pac

    John Doe

    His verse was inspired by Pac

    Evangelist Eric

    @John Doe 👍
    mama always told meh gangstas don't live long

  24. Daniel Kör

    I want my old Snoop back...Classic Shit!!!

  25. Spooky

    7 madafuckas see ya when i get there

  26. Keith Clizark

    Just another G classic produced by Keith Clizark and Meech Wells

  27. Qbaby

    Y'all know pac started coming down South right and Master P was up in Oakland for a minute right sooooo ....... ok.

  28. johnny dangerous

    These no limit motherfuckers bit Pac hard!!!!!


    @johnny dangerous WTF?? Yea, rappers that were around the same time Pac was around and part of the same Hip Hop scene as Pac bit Pac?? Right..makes a whole lot of sense! Dumb ass nigga! Even Pac would cringe at that statement! Much love & respect to 2pac but No Limit came out around the same time as Pac so how the fuck can they bite on rappers that release albums at practically the same time? I can't stand people who ride Pac's dick and act like he the only rapper that existed, and I'm probably a bigger Pac fan than you are! Truth! A true Hip Hop fan would be a fan of No Limit and 2pac! Even Master P always gives props to 2pac for exposing the street game on an international level!

    Fredrick Johnson

    +hardcoreman187 nigga shut up damn nigga did you have to write a fuckin book keep it short

  29. E. Ham

    C was real. Pac was an actor. He didnt even beleive in all the thug life shit he talked. He was the son of a Black Panther. Even Pac's closest friends say he was just getting love from gang members to unify them. Thats why the government killed him. C-Murder is a real gangster so any style he came with was totally original. Pac was fake in the latter part of his career but for a good cause. The brother died for unity. He was and will always be in my eyes a dignified human being.

    12 12

    Luke that's the propaganda machine

    12 12

    Lmao Stan's getting angry ,Great point

    Al Selph

    I'm not even gonna go off on your retarded ass


    Pac was one of the realist niggas. Fuk u talkin bout

  30. E. Ham

    C always sounds like that

  31. R.G. Stentje

    dedicate this to my nigga quina aka toys aka sin quin. see ya when i get there homie...

  32. Chris Mullen

    Mister Makaveli rappin with a 90's dirty South sound to his beats woulda been quite interesting, but I think it woulda worked.

  33. TheBowlingAddict

    Early on, C-Murder whole style was based on Pac. He the only one could get away with it though

  34. Terrance addison

    This song makes me sad sometimes.

  35. MrVirgo0809

    C Murder tryna sound like 'Pac on this.

  36. Terrance addison

    This song has a little sad effect on me for some reason

    12 12

    It's a sad track

  37. MrWafelKRK

    Great track.

  38. Dr. SuperFunk

    do i hear mystikal on this? yes

  39. Brady2k10

    idiot trynna sound like pac

    melvin h francis

    I miss dude was real as fuck coming home soon

  40. jacknicolsonforcast


  41. wesley andary

    mystikal fuckin has the most annoying voice

  42. Alexei

    @cbrstunter24 Agree witcha! This is one of my favorite Snoop's CDs

  43. Abcdefg

    does anyone know where i can download this? Napster doesn't even have it!

  44. Abcdefg

    late 90s rap is the BEST!!!! I usta LOOOOVE this CD!

  45. tadowfromkc

    I miss those days..

  46. J Bay

    @RebelBruh yeah i thought it was pac until i read the headin lol

  47. TzFrank

    i used to have this CD...this one of the best songs on the album

  48. sh4ft300

    thx for posting!


    Thanks for uploading this real shit.