Snoop Dogg - Platinum Lyrics

'Bout to make the night shine

Platinum through the doors

V12 rollin' nigga goin' platinum
V12 rollin' nigga goin' platinum
V12 rollin' nigga goin' platinum
V12 rollin' nigga goin' platinum

[R. Kelly:]
Swag like a lighter
And I keep my swag lit
Man I'm on fire
That can't tell a nigga shit
V12 rolling
Got some honeys up in it
Say your pussy golden
But I only fuck with platinum chicks
Only talk platinum shit
Only swallow platinum spit
Speak my own slang-uage
Still I am the real-iest
Surrounded by Ciroc but your boy sipping Hennessy
Loves is a hospital and I was born in V.I.P.
Sick and there's no cure
Bad case of V.I.P.
Still in the game killing you can call us M.V.P.
Whole fucking club jump in your cars and follow me
It's dude from the Chi and the D.O. double G.

We platinum
Platinum stars
Platinum chicks
Platinum clothes
Platinum rich
Platinum shots
Platinum flights
Platinum cribs
Platinum lights

[Snoop Dogg:]
Let a motherfucker know from the ghetto
Limping, crimping and pimping mixing 'em all
Fixing the ball drifting listen dawg
My rap is that, my Cadillac is dripping wet
You can bet, turn it up, roll it up, burn it up
Give it back to me let me show you how to move that groove that weed that do that
All in fallin' ballin' yellin' doggy do that chew that
Record sales, hoe sales, detail, retail, you fail, we sell
Ding dong get your momma ring your bell
Back in the club with my nephew Kellz
25 girls in the Dogg cartel and they do what the Dogg say grifted or walkway
Pimping on them all day can't you tell
I'm liking it loving it cubbin' it gubbin' it drinks up blunts lit platinum boss shit
Nigga you know how we do this


[Snoop Dogg:]
Take it back in the back of the car
Mack-mack like macking them hard, like that, quote backing them hard
Rich nigga with a platinum card in a platinum car with mink on the seat
Hoes on the street cause they all wanna make that trip to the promised land
Little mama can give it to me like I'm the man
Give it to me like I told you
Grab you, flip you, hold you, break you down
Stop depress, drop your dress, cause I'm gon' take you down
What d'you think I got drink and you won't drink right now
Two shots and now you ready for that tat-tat-toawww
And I'm gon' give you that
I know that you diggin' that
Platinum smile on your face yeah they know I'm diggin' that
And I'm liking it, loving it, cubbin' it, gubbin' it, drinks up blunts lit platinum
Boss shit
You know how we do this


Look at us mob we at the bar
We going crazy woah
Earth is our turf
We on them jets
Leaving them haters woah
Snoop poppin' bottles I got models
'Bout to mix it woah
I see your man he causing problems 'bout to fix it woah
You cats is sloppy
Call me the clean up man
Pimpin's my hobby
First love mic in hand
I got a platinum car
I got a platinum chain
I got a platinum chick
And she give me platinum brain
I ain't gonna bullshit ya ladies
This the real thing
While they going gold
We done went platinum man


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Snoop Dogg Platinum Comments
  1. QueenB Jade

    This song was above its time 😅

  2. QueenB Jade

    2020 anyone?!? 😁

  3. Quinten Wells

    Free R. Kelly.

  4. Darrius Hollins

    2019 this joint still🔥🔥🔥

  5. Dominic Michelle Ella willis Willis

    Lol 😘

  6. SavvyOverSwag

    The beat is hard, but these lyrics are terrible

  7. Gnarly Whiskey

    Bruhhh I've been looking for this song for to damn long bumping this sense my as was 11

  8. S3 XY

    One of the greatest beats ever. Killer

  9. Dominic Michelle Ella willis Willis


  10. Dominic Michelle Ella willis Willis

    Pussy gold platinum

  11. Dominic Michelle Ella willis Willis


  12. ella mai

    Baby daddy

  13. ella mai

    Baby momma coming through soon

  14. ella mai

    Platinum rkellz

  15. Darrius Hollins

    🔊 🔊 Still banging this joint in 2018 🔥

  16. Dominic Willis

    hey babe

  17. Diana Peterson

    VIPS? How many?

  18. LiLRedOne

    Hell's yeah!!! This song is untouchable just like Snoops and Kellz. Tight azz beat Lex!

  19. Fernanzo Jamison

    Still Bumpin this in 2018 🔥

    Mihail Angelov

    true story

    David Edmond

    Word in 2019

  20. Ian Langille

    Not even a million? Smh

  21. Marcus Aaron

    for the low

  22. Marcus Aaron

    wrestlemania on the teeth

  23. Marcus Aaron


  24. Marcus Aaron

    liberty in the middle

  25. Marcus Aaron

    d12 rolling

  26. Ian Langille

    R.Kelly should've done more trap, he would've tore the genre a new one. Snoop too. Also, easily one of Lugers best beats!

    SliM420 GaMing

    LOL They still write all the hits for your favorite artist till this day. Listen to Culture 2 closely.

  27. Fanofjambi

    Mike Perry

  28. Larry Frick

    my song

  29. jorden bob

    sasha go hard brought me here

  30. Cosmin Andrei Mihalache

    Caneda - Testa di gallina.

  31. XeroBtz

    2.Lex Luger
    3.Type your 3rd favourite Snoop producer :p

  32. Isaiah Adams

    I always thought Tyga's beat for lap dance was the original one

    deer o

    they are the same beat tyga's tyga's was a freestyle

  33. felicia rodriguez

    love this stuff all day!!

  34. Jay Kali


  35. Josie Springfield

    V I P'S?

  36. Jennifer Garner5o

    i like tyga lap dance better

  37. constantly gaming

    #GTA5 nigga gone platinum.

  38. Set

    lex luger's greatest beat .

    Gigi Becali

    @TheGlogovac33 still. he's made better beats than this

    Христо Чолаков

    +TheGlogovac33 Grove/Reefer Party, Smoking Good, She Dancin - these are all better than lap dance, but still its a legend of a track now! :)

    Francis Manancis

    Bands Up

    Mr. TAMW

    This beat goes fucking hard ion no wat yall on

  39. Jigga Fu

    R.Kelly goes hard af!

    Queena Mack

    @Junez Fu

  40. infernalkat

    R. Kelley KILLZ it in this song 

  41. krasimir todorov

    need paperssssssssssssss !!!

  42. Sherrylina Womack

    Comin Soon.#NASHMADE (Lady Womack) on Instagram/@Lady_Womack1 on YOUTUBE/Lady Womack 'IM A REAL G' #NASHMADE Facebook/Sherrylina Womack and follow on Twitter/@Sherrylinawomac

  43. kimberly longman

    The VEVO issue is with Korn not VEVO.

  44. theman1234

    no one cares, you are a nobody

  45. kimberly longman

    I un subscribed because of the VEVO issue

  46. kimberly longman

    I am ready to cancel my channel.

  47. kimberly longman

    I have no idea about this business at all I don't wanna know. It is not my cup tea I don't wanna be famous!

  48. Charles E. Beaulieu


  49. kimberly longman




  50. Blake Gordon

    Rollin into Platinum V bumpin Snoop.

  51. RenzNextDoor

    Tyga Lap Dance stole this lol

  52. PIIIV3

    Snoop this is the real doggy dogg

  53. David Edmond

    I don't fuck with kelly, but he knew what the fuck.he was doing on this track

  54. River Fienx

    Waka Flocka used this beat first on "Fucked Up", Not Tygas corny ass.

  55. Sara Azizi


  56. dancinghiphop metalqueen

    It doesn't matter to me who put it out first, this is tight!!!! R. Kelly sounds good on here!! :)

  57. FlowStyleMusic

    Chk my channel!

  58. FlowStyleMusic

    Dope track!

  59. Boba Fett

    Saying other artist are wack when you just said Tyga owned this? GTFO

  60. dawson hobbs

    My favorite song!!!

  61. Snapbacks831

    Tyga never owned this beat. He did a freestyle to the beat

  62. CJoQ

    1:26 !!!!!!! 1:26!!!!!!

  63. Guilherme Daldegan

    Caraaaalhooo Pedradaaaaaaa Essa É Monstraaaaa !!!

  64. liberalboi

    Ass so fat need a lap dance

  65. Richard Johnson

    This track should do what it says,along with the least.

    Yes yes,I know I been off the Youtube scene a hot sec,but my homegurl is coming up and doing her ting,so if you down with groundbreaking underground stuff,check my channel...she's my main vid lol not even me anymore...check it,she got this...and I guess if yall produce holla at her innit.Drop a comment.Safe y'all,mad props and happy new year.


    muito foda

  67. Matt Hockey

    R kelly likes platinum bitches, but golden showers

  68. miniuzi16

    she's got a point, bro

  69. kimberly longman

    Who ccares what people think. It is Snoop Dogg!

  70. JalenMontana214

    Waka used this beat befor all them on fucked up

  71. Alex All

    platinum shit

  72. Frances Cancel

    I LOVE this fuckin song !

  73. Nikko Villanueva

    Plus lap dance by tyga came out a couple of months after this came out dum ymbmc nut huggers

  74. Nikko Villanueva

    This song slaps so fuckin hard


    platinummmmmmm !!

  76. CJoQ

    Sick sick siiiick!!

  77. Cesar Garcia

    tyga lap dance

  78. fatlumi 123

    thumps up for Big snoop dogg

  79. Tyler Beam OTF

    one of the best fucking songs by snoop dogg

  80. Barttoocool

    Damn , I didn't even know his album in 2011 existed. Big tracks buh need better promotion, damn.

  81. nyjetsfan56

    Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane & Cartel MGM - Fucked Up

  82. Orri sig

    .... if ur single....try girls out :P

  83. Myaa Norman

    sonq Never qet old

  84. Charles C-C

    R kelly only give platinum showers to littles kids

  85. 8O8clap

    "I only piss on preteen chicks"

    fixed that for you R. Kelly

  86. Seth Gonzales

    ass so fat need a lap dance

  87. DJpreskoboy

    i think first for snoop. this song is released more than a year ago - February 2011, when was tyga'a released?

  88. GAG4IT

    Did Lex produce this first for Snoop and Kellz or was it done first for Tyga?

  89. Natasha Schamber

    esta cancion esta buenisima manita arriba !

  90. Maxitalent

    alter ich will nur snoop hören und nicht irgend welche anderen spasten

  91. Rajah Shabazz

    learn how to spell "little" dumbass

  92. Bric Mayco

    snoop dogg should have come on earlier.. kelly put me to sleep