Snoop Dogg - My Last Name Lyrics

[October London:]
Girl what you tripping for
I don't care 'bout these hoes
I ain't still living in the fast lane
Baby, I've changed a lot
I still deserve a shot
I still want you to have my last name

[Snoop Dogg:]
I gave it to you cause you gotta have it
The broadest family is so magic
[?] You the baddest
Meet the one of us
[?] ring in mind
I'm 'bout to sing a line
I'm all about you when I'm doing my time
With you on my mind
Rock around a clock, Jay and Beyonce
Michelle and Barack, all of the above
This is black love at its purest
Baby we done been through the forest
I'm talking about growing old with you
Sitting on the porch
Going through storage looking through old photos
When I used to rock the [?] logo
And you was right there, you still here
So all that arguing, fighting
Let's toast to the night and I need you in my life
And and

[October London:]
Girl what you tripping for
I don't care 'bout these hoes
I ain't still living in the fast lane
Baby, I've changed a lot
I still deserve a shot
I still want you to have my last name

[Snoop Dogg:]
I don't think I want to be with no one else but you
Cause you make my life so complete
And that's just how I feel right now for you
So you can take these words as what I say
What I mean
Don't think I'm playing, I'm saying the truth
This is a love song from me to you
Flashy back
Trying to get the passion back
First girl I ever fell in love with
On some East Side long beach [?] shit
You wouldn't understand it, even if I told you
Baby boom, nigga really love you
As clear as the sky is blue
Ain't nobody in this whole world ride for Snoop, but you
You're so, so

[October London:]
Girl what you tripping for
I don't care 'bout these hoes
I ain't still living in the fast lane
Baby, I've changed a lot
I still deserve a shot
I still want you to have my last name
(No love no love no no no no)
I still want you to have my last name
(Last name last name last name)

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Snoop Dogg My Last Name Comments
  1. ArenasMusic

    most genuine individual in rap history

  2. Linda Gallagher

    This was sweet!!!😍😍

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    Snoop. 🔥💯

  4. yg no mercy

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  7. yg no mercy

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    Only the og’s can create real music

  12. 12 12

    Great song cool video

  13. rellik187redrum

    He fucking cheated on here relentlessly over the decades.

  14. OGxEssence

    Snoopdog is lame

  15. Keith Ivy

    get off my nigga snoop page and listen to lil pump while suckin a fat dick!!!!!!!!

  16. Keith Ivy

    u people are fuckin idiots this shit iz fuckin fyre!!!!!!!!

  17. Mereck Madilion


  18. Jeremiah Carter

    chill song


    Wow this only got 150k views....

  20. Passo Edits

    420 dislikes theirs noway thats not a sign lmao people are goofy haha

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    420 dislikes at a snoop doc video lol

  22. DezDakinG

    420 dislikes? 😂

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  24. Spongebob BONELESS

    Even though he has died his music is so fucking good!

  25. Demarcus Wright IV

    Uncle snoop thas that 1970s love fire one up too this. Much love big dogg😎😎😎

  26. Stephan Downing

    My respect has heighten for a man/rapper/ entertainer I already held in the highest esteem!this the shznit for many reasons 2 of which is morals and loyalty!

  27. KG Neek

    what the fuck am I watching?

  28. Jeffry Cuevas

    Very very very Goood Snooppweeeddoggg🔥🍁🍁💚

  29. Daydreamer

    This is some smooth shit

  30. Luigh Mello

    King Snoop 💿💿💿

  31. kera west

    love when rappers go deeper than bitches and money. Show this generation snoop, ain't nun lame about love !!

  32. Singers

    Snoop is a legend

  33. Un tipo llamado Raúl

    He still in the 90´s

  34. Darkside Walt

    Im Darkside Walt

  35. Richard Carrizoza

    Not bad fresh Prince of la

  36. Marc Blaze

    Stick to rap uncle Snoop and stay out of politics, we don't wanna end up choosing you over Trump. MAGA bitches.

  37. tenente Jonatan RJ

    Muito fd

  38. Blaque

    Coolin' music love it snoop

  39. Junior

    Director: So what you want?

    Snoop Dogg: Smoke one with me..

    30 minutes later:

  40. Nova Caldera

    Damn, snoop's career is falling back at the same speed as his hair line....


    Nova Caldera Why tho😂

    Nova Caldera

    Kutluhan Kürcer lol! 😂

    Nova Caldera

    Kutluhan Kürcer Bro, snoop's hair line and his career are both in serious decline...😂

    Nova Caldera

    Kutluhan Kürcer My nigga's snoop's hair line about to be on some Stevie Wonder type shit, real talk......if if you don't know what I mean by Stevie Wonder type shit Google Stevie Wonder's hairline and come back to this comment...


    Nova Caldera 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    we miss u bro

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    Snoop is the definition of cringe... nobody like ur shit anymore snoop give it up

    Nova Caldera

    Eddie R hahahahahahahaha! 💀💀

  43. Eddie R

    Snoop sucks at life now

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    Cuddy hit the #1 in the Hood Billboards

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    He still filming shit with the 1987 camara

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    Shit fire fym🔥

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    Caught cheating prank goes wrong girlfriend grabs knife

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    This is dope

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    damn she looking thick.

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    snoop looking like charlie Wilson azz.

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    WTH snoop still makes music!?

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    fuck this old ass bitch

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    Follow heavycamp_mike on Instagram

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    Good shit UNCLE snoop. Fuck them haters

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    OR-king803 no

    XD Goulart

    For shoe

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    This his first song 😂🔥

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    Ain't hating on uncle snoop ,
    But he said new rappers are shit and all sound the same.
    This song is full of trash

    BasicZ 223

    Nathaniel Stevens new rappers are shitty

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    Nigga stoppppp😂😂😂😂. Yu so outdated wit dis😂😂😂💀💀💀💀🖕

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    😂😂😂😂😂 shit think snoop got chocked to death for this song.....most of the videos he make has those insta models...and here we have a single west side reject stripper lookin fat ass 😂😂😂😂

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    My ALL TIME favorite rapper! Stay in your lane doe Snoop! You can't sing Dogg! It's like I'm on public transpo listening to the guy on the back of the bus singing... lol

  66. mcdoy macanim

    Snoop is still using the old ways and he keep dissing amigos and some new rappers because they dont rap like 80's like him

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    The OGs Ain't Gone Make Y'all Ruin Hip Hop!.#classicshit

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    Is this a new song or an old one?

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    Who Needs Cheap Mixing? Hml 5023378203 ThraxHouseStudios

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    This was for her bday it has some clips from the party in it

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    You are 60 pound when you are wet and wearing boot.

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