Snoop Dogg - Lollipop Lyrics

Just Blaze!

Ehehe, oh really?
You know what? .. You talk too much
Hoe get up out my face unless you tryin to fuck
Cause on the real a nigga kinda drunk
And right now the way you lookin bitch you fly as fuck
I don't even know if I done had too much
You play too much, I had to fuck
Cuddled you up and put my hands on your butt
Rubbin your stuff and now your pants full of nut
.. You can't tell me nuttin
Let me shoot my thang on your bellybutton
I got to, keep it gangsta
Your homegirl want some, I just might bank her
Shank her, bank her, and take her bankroll
Big Snoop Dogg and my game is way cold
Never, ever, overexpose
I usually got a car with a room full of hizzoes

Snoopy, ooh-wee, you so fly
Can I give you a little piece of the pie?
Shake it, bake this thing for me
Cause you just flow so viciously
Soopa-Duper, you so fly
Can I give you a little piece of the pie?
Shake it, bake this thing for me
Cause you just flow so viciously

Now bitch, check it out, where my money, c'mon break it out
Just sayin hoe, I ain't playin c'mon, take it out
Dick down the track, c'mon, we gon' work it out
Straight pimp shit we on, we gon' church it out
(If you don't know) I'm quick to change up stick
My dick in yo' mouth and aim up
Open up your eyes you'll see my navel
Flip down my drawers, you'll see that label
Sniffed so much 'caine/Kane, the bitch got able/Abel
Put the switch on, directed my cable
Splash! What head work and what ass
Bitch stop my dick hurtin, now fuck Daz
Run fast if I tell ya bitch walk
Get caught, I'm takin all that bitch got
I don't need no relationship
All I really had in mind was my dick, yo' face and lips, c'mon

Snoopy, ooh-wee, you so fly
Can I give you a little piece of the pie?
Shake it, bake this thing for me
Cause you just flow so viciously
Hovi Baby, you so fly
Can I give you a little piece of the pie?
Shake it, bake this thing for me
Cause you just flow so viciously

Young! Woo! Hov'! Yes
She wanna meet the only king on the East coast
Hook me up witcha boy Snoop she said he so low
I never get the chance to get at him
Only on the TV when I blow kisses at him, muah
Listen here madam, you can throw the pussy at him
If it ain't about snatch, well it just won't happen!
.. Hov ain't into backwards mackin
.. How backwards that is
.. I don't love 'em though
'Less makin a little paper then I love 'em the most
If she's, sneakin in the club with the toast
I'm flyin the friendly skies with 36 hoes
Shit, I can get a chef to cook for me
Talk about some paper if you tryin to book me
Ma, you can keep your head
I got, expensive habits that need the bread

Snoopy, ooh-wee, you so fly
Can I give you a little piece of the pie?
Shake it, bake this thing for me
Cause you just flow so viciously
Snoopy, ooh-wee, you so fly
Can I give you a little piece of the pie?
Shake it, bake this thing for me
Cause you just flow so viciously

"Let's go do the bump.. give me that funky stuff" [repeat 4X]

[Nate Dogg]
I like the way you shakin that ass, so don't stop
Slang that ass like I used to slang rocks
Bend over trick let me get to that spot
Later on you can lick on my lollipop
I like the way you shakin that ass, so don't quit
You know you get a hella response from my dick
Don't put your fuckin clothes back on 'til you rich
The type of woman I want tonight, a straight bitch!

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Snoop Dogg Lollipop Comments
  1. edu martin


  2. Swift Myth

    If ya ears don’t get this then stfu and get some help!

  3. LA BoutaBagDoe

    This a Underrated Classic💯😤

  4. Chea

    let me shoot my thang on your belly button

  5. Chas

    I love that horn melody sound during the chorus... s/o just blizzy... salute💪

    Bryan Mazibuko

    Its Flute 😂

  6. pHiL Kizer

    Rapture on Netflix brought me here

  7. Cindy Likersa


  8. Sykes picot

    Nate n snoop underrated motherfuckers

  9. Chris 5401

    Gulley boy brought me here

  10. DontLIE 2KickIt

    Classic!!! Funk tha rest........

  11. East Koast Emp’Rah

    The chorus is deadass annoying

  12. Travis boothe

    I first heard this song on "Prelude to the black album" which of course, was a Jay-Z mixtape that came out before his album. i was a sophamore in college. i forgot about this until i was testing out several cassette tapes to see if they still worked because they have been in my closet for years. sadly, this rare gem didnt work and i cant find another copy of "prelude to the black album," which was better than the actual black album to me

  13. Duprem3 Supreme

    GulleyBoy brought me here after seeing this a long time back in March

  14. Cordell Addison

    Nice song

  15. MrManCube

    this sucks ass lol wow snoop fell off ever since this album. nate dogg never fell tho. the chorus on this is garb

  16. Can

    Irgendjemand mit dem neuen Sido Album?

  17. Vernon Benjamin

    vee. fifth ward Houston TX. different snoop very different. I got u on radar unk.


    Vernon Benjamin that is because he was an actual pimp when he made this song, so it’s his bitches on the chorus.

  18. john witherspoon

    this shit was weak as fuck.


    john witherspoon you have poor taste lick 💩 💩

  19. drumma4lyfe06

    This man said wayne tops Jay-z. Wayne doesn't have an album that tops Reasonable Doubt or even Black Album...


  20. Greyson Savo

    wtf... I love Wayne and j
    they are completely different, both dope but you can't compare.

    snoop, Jay, Wayne,Busta,big l ,pac,biggie, Mac dre, cube,nas 50,slim sshhaady. yeeezzz back during college drop out.

    Wayne's drought 3

    jays blueprint sshit

    Greyson Savo

    nate dogg*

  21. Hound doggy dogg


  22. NostalgiaRama

    Cold Verse: Sniff so much Cain that b**** got Abel!

  23. sperrotta91

    Stop that shit... Wayne is nowhere near Jay-Z. It's possible to come to this very obvious conclusion without being on either man's jock...

  24. milktheuniverse

    Just blaze killed it

  25. Jick Niblet

    Snoop always had that scar right below his eye, wonder what the story behind that was.

    Cool Nyce

    I was just wondering that too.

    Andy Moore

    It's from a car door when he was a kid. He talked about it on Howard Stern.


    lil wayne aint got shit on HOV.... like ever, its not even worth an argument

    Okang Dengo

    Lil Wayne is good.. Super Good.. But HOV.. Is a #Goat, a living legend... And I'm was talking just about rap.. There's alwas something insightful/helpful/useful/constructive/inspirational in his music... That type of content makes him: The Greatest of all time!

  27. Christian Søgaard

    what about Nate Dogg????


    Christian Søgaard he’s at the end

  28. 111 23

    not really

  29. S3 XY

    Carter 3 Sessions... that is all

  30. S3 XY

    Weezy shits on jay

  31. AFCA09100

    Yeah, but Wayne is more of a punchline rapper than Jay is though. He has some great punchlines but also a lot of weak ones.

  32. AFCA09100

    Really? Must be some unreleased ones than, the ones I heard were good but not even close to jays best albums.

  33. drac

    Produced by Just Blaze

  34. S3 XY

    weezy is better than hov

  35. AFCA09100

    He is definetely not a better hiphop artist. Judging by your name do you think ´lil tunechi´ is better than hov to?

  36. Lucinkasmajlík


  37. AFCA09100

    What does that have to do with this song? Don´t see a Nas verse on here. On topic, I think they are really, really close but I prefer Jay over Nas. I do understand that people think otherwise though.

    Okang Dengo

    Agree with you, Chriss.. Nas is really tight too... He even inspired Jay .. But Jay is really consistent... In every album, he has #excellent content... The approaches may vary, but the content is always there.. And you can feel his continuous evolotioun through his albums.. That makes him: The greatest of all time.

  38. christianwilson1995

    lovethis vid, anyone wanna be friends my name is chris

  39. violeta benitez

    reminds me of austin

  40. mago

    Shit i Can't put this song on my ipod :(

  41. Leonardo Delfino Manoel

    Snoop Dogg um dos Melhores do Mundo

    jose orlando

    verdade o cara e lenda viva parsa

  42. aBDKstan

    @japatrol Actually Snoop was interviewed and said Protocol wasn't about Wayne, just about new rappers in general. If he wanted to diss Wayne. he wouldn't said his name.

  43. BIGG CHUUCH bb

    Snoop done Protocol about Lil Wayne ;p betta checc

  44. aBDKstan

    @KidMurdaENT Snoop's done 2 songs with Wayne. Outkast's Hollywood Divorce and David Banner's 9mm.

  45. truth21000

    Jay-Z Killed everyone but snoop the OG!

    12 12

    Snoops verse was best imo

  46. The Comedian

    @childof83 u are right... thank god there's people like us who keep this shit alive, cuz lil wayne's just fucking everything up about rap... Long Live the West Coast man

  47. ironjoshi

    my good, is this real? fuckin awesome

  48. bagofweed93

    nate dogg r.i.p !

  49. Sabau Vlad

    @o2thaj619 yeah i can hear dat 2 xD

  50. haithy

    @eXceedpro RIP NATE DOGG wow this comment shows how you're not one of those losers who jumped on nate's dick after his death.

  51. AFCA09100

    jay z kills this, great verse!

  52. Simon Overgaard

    The best part is without any doubt Nate doggs verse... his flow is just insane on this track and it makes no sense that this verse is overlooked

  53. hiilikeair

    better then lil waynes

  54. Filip Pepiusz

    quality is fucked up

  55. childof83

    @RAYSBABYGIRL13 u rite it is an opinion lol but it is my life mission to make sure no one likes anything wayne put out from 2007 untill now. Waynes song makes me cringe. And that scratchy ass whiney voice he got makes me wanna cut out is adams apple

  56. childof83

    @RAYSBABYGIRL13 are u serious waynes version was horrible shawty wanna f*ck bottles in the club really ??? I bet u coulda made a better song than wayne

  57. Georgia_Since_88'

    @RAYSBABYGIRL13 lil girl This came out wayyyyy before lil waynes stay in a childs place kid

  58. DanieleMatrix

    Just Blaze!

  59. AFCA09100

    jay-z's verse is great!