Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Fuck You Lyrics

[Akon:] Convict...Music...and you know we a front.

[Chorus (Akon):]
I see you winding and grinding up on that pole,
I know you see me lookin' at you and you already know
I wanna fuck you, you already know
I wanna fuck you, you already know

[Snoop Dogg:]
Money in the air as more feel grab you by your coat tail take you to the motel, hoe sale,
don't tell, won't tell, baby said I don't talk Dogg but she told on me, oh well,
take a picture with me, what the flick gonna do, baby stick to me & I'mma stick on you,
if you pick me then I'mma pick on you, d-o-double g and I'm here to put this dick on you,
I'm stuck on pussy and yours is right, wrip riding them poles and them doors is tight
and I'mma get me a shot for the end of the night 'cause pussy is pussy and baby you're pussy for life.

[Chorus (Akon)]

Shorty I can see you ain't lonely handful of niggas and they all got cheese,
so you looking at me now what's it gonna be just another tease far as I can see,
trying get you up out this club if it means spendin' a couple dubs,
throwing bout 30 stacks in the back make it rain like that cause I'm far from a scrub,
you know my pedigree, ex-dealer use to move phetamines,
girl I spend money like it don't mean nothing and besides I got a thing for you.

[Chorus (Akon)]

[Snoop Dogg:]
Mobbin' through club in low pressing I'm sitting in the back in the smokers section (just smoking),
birds eye, I got a clear view, you cant see me but I can see you (baby I see you),
it's cool we jet the mood is set,
your pussy is wet you rubbing your back and touching your neck,
your body is movin' you humpin' and jumpin' your titties is bouncin' you smilin' and grinin' and looking at me.

Girl and while you're looking at me I'm ready to hit the caddy right up on the patio move the patty to the caddy,
baby you got a phatty the type I like to marry wanting to just give you everything and that's kinda scary,
cause I'm loving the way you shake your ass, bouncin', got me tippin' my glass,
Normally don't get caught up too fast but I got a thing for you.

[Chorus (Akon) x2]

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Snoop Dogg I Wanna Fuck You Comments
  1. Alien4autopsy Cult

    best 2020

  2. Juliet Castillo

    All song akon is favorites

  3. Juliet Castillo

    I wanna love you

  4. Rajiv G M

    Back when fat wasn't rebranded as thicc

  5. Phionah

    Jennifer's body

  6. MainmanSS Dmitrij

    TikTok anyone? Only me? Okay. 😢

  7. Jack Riddle

    MP3 mate they were the days Friday to Sunday’s

  8. Toiletbowl

    My girl hates when I play this song but it's pretty catchy song ! Thank you Akon for this !


    No. of assholes =1.2K

  10. morgan preston

    But why half naked girls. That's pravakitive

  11. Michael

    I will play this song on Valentine's Day.


    My girl would k!ll me LMFAO !

  12. Patrik Balog

    🔥🔥🔥🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 2020

  13. Maric Arceo

    Feb 12 2020 still 🔥

  14. Aphotic Beats

    Can we trade Akon to get Nate back?

  15. MegaPlay GT

    This song is Me favorite 😍😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️🔥

  16. Зухра Рамазанова

    2 mesta ehali

  17. Зухра Рамазанова

    11.01.2020 music

  18. Brent Parris

    Boom boom boom these girls could pop it


    Man 😔 old songs are so much better than today's songs


    I'm not the only one listening to dirt songs


    huh, i listened to this a lot when i was 5. i never knew what it meant.

  22. Wilson Wang

    best rap by snoop doggy ever

  23. Jhon Robin Yee

    corned beef

  24. D - RoD

    No one could have sang this better than Akon, he’s prolly the last artist that’s actually good, in today’s generation people got no taste in good music

    Jesse Jackson

    B's eminem still be killing it

    D - RoD

    Jesse Jackson 😐🗿

  25. Caleb Brown

    Before the ass shots, women were so beautiful bacc then

  26. muhammad zulariffin

    Fuck i feel old

  27. Serious - Ly

    I'm in 2020...

  28. Renata Valastro

    Alex Rose

  29. pirato11

    11 years old me had no idea how dirty this song was 🤣

  30. Joaby Barros

    Brasil 2020 ao infinito


    Fantastic song dude

  32. Sûpřëmë Gaming

    Well better than beep 😂😂

  33. Rift Salty

    cant wait to be fucking all the bitches in akons new city in senegal while blasting this

  34. റാമോസിനെ പ്രണയിച്ചവൻ

    Akon മുത്താണ് ലിറിക്‌സ് onnu
    പിടികിട്ടിയില്ല 2:38

  35. thales tomasi de souza

    cade os br???? BRAZIL AEW POW we from brasil like AKON AND YOUR SONGS,WE LOVE U.S.A.,and this video clip have much beautiful black girls,i like :D

  36. Haggi Banow

    Good prefornmance

  37. Reyaansh Goswami

    2020 Jan I m 28 nw n understand each Line of this like it but when I was teen around 15-16 n not understand a single line still that's my fav.,. Love akon

  38. Geyce Salvatore

    2020 bebe 😍

  39. Abdulla AbdullaeF

    2020 🚬

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    Had to replay !!!


    2020 🖕

  42. Karina Nuñez

    Is i wanna fuck you or i wanna love you?

    Zero Da Heroh

    There are 2 versions.
    I Wanna Love You - Radio and Music Video for Tv.
    I Wanna Fuck You - Came only in the CD.

  43. some .one

    2020 cool!!!!!

  44. Jake Cristobal

    It's 2020! Who's here?

  45. Wisani Alice

    20 January 2020 if u love akon hit here love u shrp.

  46. lacrita 24

    Quiero chingarteee y darte eskuuuuu

  47. ethan quinlan

    we had no business singing this in middle school

    Gary Nicolas

    lol I agree


    Remember when Akon used to be relevant?

  49. Sarthak aswal

    2020 Anyone ?

  50. MarsGamerYt

    Quien viene por darte de alex rose ??

  51. Samiran Borah

    She already knows!

  52. Smokey

    2020 and still smashing!


    2020 and we still wanna fuck her

  53. Geo Sultan

    when this song was released' we friends was listened this song in headphones, because of bold wording.

  54. Andrian Debbarma

    I played in full volume with my keypad phone at the age of 14 💟



  56. Luis Oquendo

    “Cause pussy is pussy and pussy is for life”

  57. Luis Felipe Fuentes Marin

    #Cool #Nice 😎😉🕴️🕺✌️👌👉👍👏 #Amazing

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    Who searched this dirty version in 2020

    bevy bear

    * i wanna fuck you
    * Snoop

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  68. Matthew Magnoli


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    helin 62 vallah ich😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    laso xidir




  71. Amumpaire Treasure


  72. Deepak mishra

    Awesome super song

  73. carlos perez

    my father used to put this song to me when I was a baby but I put on the censored version And I still have that melody in my brain

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    Happy new year eve and new year 2020.With love NEPAL 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵♥️

  82. Ntia S

    I love YOU Akon African ❤️ King 👑. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍😍😍

  83. rafael ramirez

    Lost my virginity to this.

  84. Paraeinstein

    Akon is a religious Muslim.