Snoop Dogg - I Miss That Bitch Lyrics

This one right here is dedicated to a lot of famous players out there
That might have been in love before
I know some of you might not think gangstas fall in love (I miss that bitch)
But uh, it's true
If you been in love like I been in love before, you know
It's hard to get with somebody once they gone (I miss that bitch)
It's hard to replace that special someone
When they just up and you know
Dip dive and so socialize
And what we gon do right here (I miss that bitch)
We go'n kick something over this HiTek beat right here
For all the players that lost somebody special
And wonder where she at
E. White kick that shit (I miss that bitch)

[E. White]
I got my eyes wide open
The whole time I'm holding on to hope with you on my mind
It's been a while child, I'm getting down with Dogg
I bet my name all around your wall
Perhaps I went to jail
That left us out of touch
Shoulda shot some mail or something
Ain't no telling where she at now
I be God damn
Baby I really wanna see what you got now
I'm all grown up with my shit together
I don't know if I'mma see you ever
I got a woman and shit,but I must admit this
You at the top of my list
Fuck with them nigga do
I still miss, there aint no getting rid of you
But in the mean time I'mma get with cha
Until I get somebody with your hook up Imma hit ya

I miss that bitch
She was a pot of gold
Her body was cold
I don't know where you went
Where did you go (I miss that bitch)
Shopping around looking around
I'm try to see
Where could you be
How could you do this to me (I miss that bitch)

My momma got mad
I was young when I hooked up with her
One hit and I couldn't stop trippin
A long lasting relationship
Pass you around, and let my niggas take a hit
I used to break you down just to roll you up
You the real, you never will slow me up
And you was always on my mind
Say no more
I still miss you at times
All of a sudden you lost my interest
I packed it up and set about my business
You used to have a hold on me
Sometimes to the point that they said you controlled me
I kept going to jail and all that
Get out, fuck with you again, I'm right back
I guess I had to learn the hard way baby
I'm leaving you alone cause you driving me crazy (I miss that bitch)


Mary, mary, mary
Quite contrary
Every time I think about that girl
Make a nigga wanna have a wet dream
Release some steam
ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh
I miss that bitch

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Snoop Dogg I Miss That Bitch Comments
  1. SLatrice Burton


  2. Jamel Griffin

    My days classic nigga ayeee boi

  3. A Makaveli

    E-White Killed it ✅

  4. A Makaveli


  5. Cassie Bubb

    Not weed... that white

    E- White LBC

    Weed fam.

  6. Nero Bruno

    "shoping around, looking around..." 😏

  7. naseawassssss

    i miss that bitch

  8. Psycho Santanero714

    I miss u Danielle my 2018 summer love

  9. Nero Bruno

    Miss rolling to this in the 1984 BMW 325. (and my cousin's Jaguar)

  10. Lachlan Bamford

    Best song to Fuck a keen bitch in the a$$ to!!

  11. sugar nips

    The Gospel

    E- White LBC

    Thank you

  12. Jaye Bogar

    Jerry Butler- I'm your Mechical Man

  13. thabang sokuyekwa

    pimp days!

    thabang sokuyekwa

    shante made snoop quite pimping!

  14. Amg MERCZ

    I miss your fucking smile 😚

  15. Pac Mann

    Quit dating the female dog (bitch).. duh

  16. INTERNET CRIP aka keep calling me honky I NEED THAT

    She was a pot of golllddd, her potty was colllddddd!! Lol

    S Johnson

    HATCH MAN beer

    E- White LBC

    "Her body was cold"

  17. kevbo 561

    I love this shit, I miss that bitch!!!

  18. Charles Macro

    I miss that BITCH!!!

  19. Mateus Pena

    classic! remembering the old ex girlfriends of mine...

    12 12

    His talking about weed bruh

  20. justmeandshit

    I loved 2000s snoop wtf east coast slept on us!!!!

  21. Gucci Dibiase

    Green for the money
    Gold for the honey🍯

  22. randy m

    CHuUucH a pot of gold

  23. randy m

    I miss that bitch. You bitch you

  24. Kenneth Driver

    I miss that " white lady", BIATCH!!!

  25. Jack Torrance

    why only 3.12 min ????????!!!!!!!! ......

  26. Pretty boy Willie

    Hi tek made this beat? yo baseline dumb crazy omg!!!

  27. Recall Musically

    And I still Miss That BITCH From Maastricht!!! 2016 fuck Memoriiiiesss.... The Hague in Holland

  28. Pdiz Diz

    I miss that bitch detroit byaacth

  29. Janemary keepitreal

    I miss that bitch...SARAJEVO

  30. Deshym Williams

    I miss that bitch....TX

  31. Kormadok Gewürz

    I miss that bitch...NY



    12 12

    His talking about Chronic bruh hope you know that had to correct many others who thought he was talking about a Bitch 😂

    E- White LBC

    I see u fam. We had fun making this "joint".

  33. thefatalveli1

    this album is certified classic 

    Claudio Monreal

    yeah it was i don't listen to rap as much but i love this album

  34. Voll Blau

    Mary mary mary, quite contrary... I miss you bitch!

  35. TheOkbaby

    Another G hit. U gotta do it

  36. Grapplerfolife

    I miss that bitch Mary Jane!

  37. Anne Luna

    I love Snoop!

  38. kurupt2164

    hi tek has some of my fave beats

  39. Derrick Nice

    To the pimps,playaz and hustlas

  40. trooper40below

    Hi-Tek made this beat not Pharrell.

  41. JohnnyBoysOutlook1

    I love this song.. Been bumping this since a youngin...

  42. cj jones

    what 7 people dont like this song,,,fuck fagits,,,fucking losers


    pussuy azz marks... how can you dislike this the joint of all joints

    E- White LBC

    My nigga!!

  43. R.a.w87 Marley

    I miss that bitch!!

  44. Mr. Nelson89

    does anyone have the instrumental to this song?

  45. Oshikuru Beats

    e white is the shit

    E- White LBC

    Thank you guys for the love. The good old days. E-White sending love back to yall.

    12 12

    Yea he did his thang on the Welcome 2 Tha Chuuch tapes(Classics) an the joints he did with Dogg on this album an Doggystyle All Stars💯💯💯

    E- White LBC

    Thank you bro!

  46. yescadude

    snoop is talkin about weed

  47. Stones Jones

    he talkin bout weed. snoop

  48. Parmdeep Puri

    @narvir2002 ..lets not have any of that Narvir2002, otherwise your going down!

  49. Parmdeep Puri

    Songs about green

  50. Marcel Ludwig

    I MISS THAT BITCH .. Yeahh :D


    beautiful song.

  52. nettyluna

    hook this song up with an epicenter and it sounds incredible when you have good base

  53. kingofsting75

    I used to bump dis song in my drop top 'stang