Snoop Dogg - I Don't Need No Bitch Lyrics

[Verse 1 – Snoop Dogg]
My mama told me never ever trust one, bust one and break ‘em
Be about your paper nigger take it
Everyday’s a hustle, got these haters at my neck
Suckers tryna get a check
Boss dogg does it, hoes wanna call what it wasn’t
Tryna kiss a nigger all in public, bitch, is you crazy?
I preach pimping not pussy, shit I heard it all before
I ain’t no motherfucking rookie
I’m a long beach, grown twenty? playa ’bout his g’s
I ain’t tripping off these walls
You know these rats is after cheese
Messing with my focus, the locust on his grind
They be focus on his dick and keep your focus off my time
Stay in the lane that I made for you to chill
Until then it’s been real, I gotta handle business
And you I know we’re in it, see tripping gets you nowhere
Cause bitch I’m on that

I don’t need no bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch all on me
Trippin’ and calling my phone, always lying
I don’t need no bitch, bitch constantly checking on me
Bitch don’t even try it
I’m out here grinding, that's why
I don’t need no bitch, bitch, bitch….

[Verse 2 - Devin the Dude]
We used to rock to the rhythm that didn’t stop
Now you telling me I need to be getting out and go find me a bitch
Cause it’s over and through
But why do I need a bitch when I got you
I don’t mean it like it sounds, but we used to be a team
Yo, we used to have a dream yo, we used to put our things together
Now it’s dividing, hiding, bottled up negative feelings inside
These bitches, they come a dime a dozen
F-ck one that once sucked my dick and find another (bitches)
I don’t need ‘em, don’t buy ‘em nothing to drink, I don’t feed them (bitches)
Never mind them, I stay in front, I used to chase behind them
No, I don’t wine and dine them (bitches)

I don’t need no bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch all on me
Trippin’ and calling my phone, always lying
I don’t need no bitch, bitch constantly checking on me
Bitch don’t even try it
I’m out here grinding, that's why
I don’t need no bitch, bitch, bitch….

[Verse 3 – Snoop Dogg]
Hell no, I don’t need one
And all that talking and fussing bitch you can miss me
I put these size twelves down on a 10 speed
Before I let a bitch get the best of me
I don’t need no bitch bitch bitch
The recipe for danger, phone checking, the recipe for anger
I’m from a gang but I don’t wanna bang ya
And I can tell how you tell all your friends about my Benz and my ears? bitch
Really I’m the perfect stranger, which turned you to the perfect stalker
Body like miss parker, maybe get little darker
But I’ma have to pass on that ass you was too much in the first place
Never understood when it was work day
And then she all up on your boy in the worst way
You need to detox, bitch see Dr. Dre
Cause crazy ain’t gonna get it, and tripping get you nowhere
Cause bitch I’m on that, bitch I’m on that

I don’t need no bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch all on me
Trippin’ and calling my phone, always lying
I don’t need no bitch, bitch constantly checking on me
Bitch don’t even try it
I’m out here grinding, that's why
I don’t need no bitch, bitch, bitch….

You need to quit talking crazy
I don’t need no bitch
You need to quit talking crazy

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Snoop Dogg I Don't Need No Bitch Comments
  1. Jonathan Arroyo

    2020 and we Still dont need no b*tch


    Got an invisible squad of them.

    Ask them what I did.

  3. Liights Owt

    Bitch dont even tryyyyyy iiit!

  4. A T

    Damn i really see some of yall having a bad time out here. Keep a cool head and stay on yall grind like the kings you are. Stay hustlin and better days will come sometime 🙏

  5. Adrian Sanchez

    The best song on album.
    .. cant fuck wit devin the dude.... LEGEND

  6. Michael Cobbs

    Great lyrics. #IDontNeedNoChick

  7. Pokey 1488

    Bumping this in the car my girl was like "why you play this song huh?" LMAO

    GodKing West

    I did the same shit her eyes burned a hole in the side of my head

    Pokey 1488

    @GodKing West but the truth is i really don't fuckin need her LMAO 😂

  8. trizzy3961

    Bitch dont even try it

  9. Buse ÜNAVCI

    still 2019


    Moma told me go listen to dat song on 2019, who still their?


    yessir lost my bitch about a week ago so I thought about this song

  11. Leek

    Never knew devin was on this shit when it dropped

  12. Holy Fire

    Focus on your own, Before you lose your own chasing someone else’s. I don’t mind real women. But wastegirls? Nah. Be more selective.

  13. Tyrone Washington

    What a smooth meaningful song. So dope but yet so true. Sorry ladies. You know who u are.

  14. Lilranrocc West

    Last recknn

  15. Gregory FoReal

    This shit still ride in 18"

  16. SlammedZero

    I was a Snoop Dogg fan but kind of stopped following him in the late 2000's. Boy, did I sleep on Snoop. I have been checking out his albums and they are so damn solid.

    ron reed

    Same here. Snoop ain't that sharp no more. He should be baggin up these lil rap niggas

  17. Faccia Stellata

    I don’t need no b***h .. . 👌🏽 it’s like that .. .

  18. Gerald Hodges

    None sexually fuck all these bitches and hoes!.


    Dedicated to ALL my ex BITCHES!!!

  20. Levan Addinall

    goes out to my gf thought we was right for eachother then she tells me she fucked some dude i cut that bitch off!!

  21. Milder Field

    75 disslike BITCHES

  22. Erik Görcsi

    Good! 😉

  23. Matt Bradley

    No i dont WINE AND DINE THEM

  24. Mix Productions

    How I feel right now

    Matt Bradley

    Mix Productions how i feel 24/7

  25. Vitoria Bittencourt

    aqui em porto tas tudo bem basiadinho nao ta legalizado mas nois estamos fumando ate a hultima ponta mas ce a policia chega eu jogo tudo no banhrero e do a discarga e vinjo q so to fazendo barba seu merda #MARCELINHO BASIADO E VINHO

    Pokey 1488

    Uhhhhh.... What?

  26. 111 23

    This beat tho. Fire.

  27. Geraldinho Gigsaw

    that's a Story of my Life where my mother Tell me too yeah bro🤔

  28. hengelito

    insane beat by dj khalil

  29. Perverted Alchemist

    This song is basically the MGTOW philosophy set to music, LMAO!

    Adon blustar

    I indorse ur comment. word bro.

  30. Mateus Pena

    It needs more than 1 million views

  31. rub3nski

    3:48 i need more of this sound please

    Tony Henry

    damn that's the Part GOTDAMN THAT PART!!!

    Deuce Times

    Omg my favorite part itz incredible

  32. Tray Day 216

    My momma told me never ever trust 1ne

  33. 0 0

    the best one

  34. Zeth Sommers

    back up sounds like his nose is all plugged up and shit.

  35. BᴀᴅGᴜʏ BOOM

    Don't Buy Nothin' to Drink, I Don't Feed 'em

    Matt Bradley

    BadGuy Boom word

    Tony Henry

    thats Awesome

  36. Keepskatin

    Snoop makes this song,yet he has a wife,lol. This song is for the real deals,like me.32 no wife or kids,phuck that.

    Bondofthe Jamesclan

    @Keepskatin tool this is the internet i did as much as i can now go try to better yourself


    @Bondofthe Jamesclan Shut ya bitch ass up


    Gotta seperate the game from the truth bro. There a bitch then theres a woman. Just like broke niggas and hustler. Its all a mindframe.

    Felix The Cat

    No pussy getting ass fag stfu

    Cornelius Spencer

    He said he don't need no bitch not he don't need no woman difference

  37. deserie prieto

    I dont need no bitch

  38. Velocitos Decamon De Calignis

    im sorry...but this shit is kinda gay.


    No this song is for those who divorced

  39. Zeth Sommers

    favorite line.

  40. JayO beats

    haha I thought it was funny too. I'm glad there is 1 person who liked it :P


    haha very good. no ones gonna get it though

  42. GreatWeedZard

    You know these rats is after cheese.

  43. ahmed fares

    @m0_diary : think you

  44. JayO beats

    so that's polygamic and pedophilic. can you even mary kids in the us?

  45. rolirMat56

    Vival'AMOUR ! @+R²*~)

  46. Slipknotking133

    Best song off of doggamentary

  47. Roland Mezei

    But still, he don't need no bitch :D

  48. Richard Navratil

    if this is your argument, you obviously dont understand the lyrics

  49. h1ph0pjunk1e

    thtz cause his wife aint no bitch

  50. Kit taylor

    Ill miss the dogg. But ill respect the Lion.

  51. Mirtez mehagovic

    it's music, like if michael jackson is a zombie ( thriller )..
    wait wait he may be :S

  52. David Reid


  53. Ashley Denise

    Word up

  54. denise hernandez

    Good song.
    Bumb this shit

  55. koolflash310

    You dont know who snoop dogg is!?

  56. Wissi Aref

    who? snoop dogg?

  57. Ace Nicholson

    tru shit doe!!!

  58. odurak03

    what are the fucking white johns searching here for?
    get out here fine ass bitchez hahahaha

  59. hiilikeair

    his wife is prolly a down ass chick tho, cool as fuck i bet

    if she wasnt snooop ad be like AHHH BITCH IM OUT WIT CHE

  60. mightguyfan

    body like ms. parker.
    maybe get little darker.

  61. hiilikeair

    yes snoop is a character, but its not fake, its just an extension of the real calvin broadus

  62. Tobias Köppe

    I don´t need no Bitch too!!!*Snoop rocks*

  63. Sam Cro

    how iz that funny?

  64. tibio


  65. Petit Ollaid

    Don't F Wit Us Dangerous 5:28 Moust MuZik ft Mavado & Vybz Kartel Legends @ Last... Reggae 5

  66. DeadZoneGR

    29 dislikes are from my bitches....

  67. Myshella Mercier

    i dont need no snitch , snitch, snitch

  68. DONcruz2010

    i leave my shit on repeat when i hear this one hahaha..bitches are kno the game open up their legs n they all look the same..yeeee!! p.s. for the record theres a difference between a bitch n a classy women

  69. doobiekreek williams

    haha yea snoop Dogg a whip niggah talking bout he don't need no bitch i seen the show

  70. grotonunited

    the funny thing is he's married with 3 kids lol

  71. the living daylightx

    this sounds like it coulda been on a dre project

  72. elisachristina1


  73. David Reid

    the 26 dislikes are bitches

  74. David Reid

    @SuperReggie1990 True dude very very true

  75. bharat sharma

    shyt is FIRE!

  76. Syko420

    Fuck a stuck up bitch

  77. rey911rey

    Listening to this cause tomorrows v-day forever alone

  78. jayonesd

    @daddytrejo damn man i didnt "flake on my child" wtf i dont wanna be with my babymomma and she dont wanna be with me if i could i would keep my daughter full custody BCUZ I DONT NEED NO BITCH just my child but for now yall bitch asses obviously dont understand the situation and thinkin ima dead beat dad yall need to read what i write a few times b4 writing stupid shit i love my child fuck her momma

  79. hbkkidcorrupt


  80. jayonesd

    @myclusterofdiamonds youre the dumbass i want the subject to be just about the baby when she calls understand mofucca

  81. jcantstop24

    @myclusterofdiamonds LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

  82. myclusterofdiamonds

    @jayonesd I swear mufuccas like you make me sick. Is the baby going to call you? Dumbass...

  83. David Reid

    This song is like the holy bible for guys lol

  84. Reut shaviro

    New cover -hope you like it :)

  85. SXJXS101

    @alex101101101101101 normally i agree with you but i think here he doesn't mean the term bitch to apply to all women, just literally bitches who are chasing him and trying to be goldiggers. he has written a lot of nice things about his wife... the song 'bitch ass niggaz' by xzibit prob explains it best :)

  86. SXJXS101

    even though i'm a girl i love this song, turn it on it's head and this could definitely apply to a few dudes i know..not b*tches but b*tch n*ggas as Dr Dre calls em haha!

  87. Madness X

    actually i need them..

  88. godreefa

    no i dont wine and dime them!

  89. clintmeatw00d

    @off3r Best post on here!!! lmao

  90. ronald bryant

    @LILShaggy805 this aint old snoop his lyrics yeah but his beats and instrumentals nah'

  91. rub3nski

    3:48 love that beat!

  92. #1 Inferno

    @off3r he dont need u either.

  93. The Money Team


  94. 111 23

    @TheBjjones of course she isnt, and why would she

  95. Air Force Vette

    @alex101101101101101 fuck you nigga we just niggas that are stronger than your punk ass

  96. Alexxx



    Sorry babygirl the sone was made for men and girls are bitches so yeaa

  97. residentofsalem