Snoop Dogg - Get A Light Lyrics

[Intro: Snoop Dogg + (Damian Marley)]
Say man.. lemme-lemme get a light homey (Yeah!)
Aye.. aye Timbo.. this yo' crippin cousin Snoop Dogg cuzz! (Yeah!)
I told you we gotta get gorilla on this one right here man
Take 'em to the zoo!
To the L.A. zoo, take these niggaz to the L.A. zoo
A hah! Yeah nigga.. 'bout to get..
Ain't shit crazy in here in a long time (Snoop Dogg!)
Dig this... uh..

[Snoop Dogg]
I need a light, let me step up in this motherfucker 'til I get it right
(Get it right Dogg!)
I need a light, let me lean, make it bright, everythang is dynamite
(Ahhhh true!)
Bust a bitch, tryna feel like a pimp would
It's Snoop D O Double G, I'm in ya neighborhood
I make it crack-a-lack, do it just like that
Take a sip of this, nigga have a puff of that
You had enough of that? Yeah, give it right back
Now lay ya head back and roll in the Cadillac
How we do what we do, what it is, where it's goin down.. and the
motherfuckers flip it
Rip it, get specific, and dip it and then they drip it
'Cause you know we like to pop it 'cause you talkin so different
Fix your Focus and ride.. I want the bangers to bang
Or get hyphy with my niggaz up north by the Bay
Tryna twist in my whip, I got the big body Benz
'Cause I'm rollin with my nephew and we smokin again
"Turn your music down low, man yo' shit too loud!"
What the fuck you talkin 'bout, I put my gun in yo' mouth nigga! (in yo' mouth!)

[Hook: Snoop Dogg]
Niggaz better get it right
Let me get a light, nigga let me get a light! (Get it right Dogg!)
Yeah, better get it right
Nigga let me get a light, homey let me get a light!

[Chorus: Damian Marley]
To get it tight they gotta get a light
Well, to get it tight they gotta get a liggghhht! (Get it right Dogg!)
To get it tight they gotta get a light
No, to get it tight they gotta get a liggghhht!

[Snoop Dogg]
Hip-Hop! I ball like a split end, I'm all like I been in
I'm tryna put my bid in
Rip ride and try to keep it all hid in
Slide to the left and let yo' G homey get in
Gloccs of Velveeta, yep I'm off the meter
Ride by and see ya with my hands on a heater
Wanna be like the O but you act like a hoe
Gotta lot of Patron, with a shot of the malt
Wanna be's wanna beef like nine-ninety nine
You wanna battle me? You better learn how to rhyme
Boys stop tweakin 'fore I light up the place
What he say? Who you talkin 'bout? I'm right in ya face
Aye! Aye! Baby girl you know we hit the coot a lot
Me and my nephews, yeah, we stayin true to life
They get the party live, Dogg is the motivator
Rockin the block socket and knockin down the player haters
Yeah nigga.. you better know, it's incredible, unforgettable
Yeah, I bet I'm slow and I bet I'm low
We at the L.A. zoo, I'm whylin out like an ambulance!

[Hook + Chorus]

[Snoop Dogg + (Damian Marley)]
Lemme get a light nigga! (Snoop Dogg and Jr. Gong)
Lemme get a light man! Real talk man..
It's yo' uncle, Snoop D O Double G, bangin down yo' do' with my nephew Timbo! (Yeah!)
You know how we be! I.. indo, ooohhhwee, somethin brand new.. y'know what I mean?
Get it right nigga! ("Get it right Dogg!") Real spit cuzz...

[Chorus - 2X]

[Snoop Dogg over Chorus]
Beatin down yo' do' for the '06
Comin back with some gorilla shit

Beatin down yo' do' for the '06
Comin at you niggaz with gorilla shit
Yeah nigga.. some gorilla shit
Yo... see ya!
(Get it right Dogg!)
West, west y'all! [echoes]

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Snoop Dogg Get A Light Comments
  1. TheSweetKing36 0

    Can someone please make an instrumental

  2. Ronny 4453

    "Turn your music down low, man yo' shit too loud!"
    What the fuck you talking 'bout, I put my gun in yo' mouth !! excellent !!

  3. C Vandy

    Snoop snaps on that 1st verse, my favorite flow of his from one of the smoothest of all time.

  4. Canadian 81

    i gave a light...

  5. FA-RIZZO 1

    Yay yay 2019 unkle snoop L.A. zoo

  6. Ondo Tonko

    Really Damian... this mo'phucker pretend that he is your father

  7. Richie Kaye


  8. Karlie Kray

    2019... still a banger all week

  9. Sandy Savage

    to get it bright you got to get a LaAaIght

  10. Zachary Keller

    wish youtube had the straight instrumental...I love the piano in the back

    TheSweetKing36 0

    Zachary Keller is it anywhere else? I’m trying to find it

  11. Leo Roth

    that beat though

  12. Leo Roth

    absolute beast of a track wooo

  13. Terminal Operation

    Homie let mi get a Light ♡

  14. Terminal Operation

    Snoop back uped....

    Yeah timBo ♡

  15. Terminal Operation

    Licht bringt nix hahaha yeah

    Auch wenn du die Idioten direkt vor deren Werk zerrst so wollen die sich garnicht verantwortlich fühlen...


    A had enough FROM that so a bring IT Right back

  16. Juan Jose Díaz lópez

    Diooooossss, esto es musica.

  17. Кирилл Бондаренко


  18. blacksonbeats

    timbo is kill this fucking beats dope

  19. Tunarrio Davidson


  20. marcus Ulrich

    I don't think snoop dogg gang bang as a crip anymore I think he gave up that gang bangin style

    Sazmet Gundogan

    Bro dat shit man ain't worked

  21. bear that wrestled khabib

    Not to offend anyone. But snoops new songs suck balls. He fell off with his new songs.

    Division Union

    This aint new

    Aaron Hobart

    he gettin old mane; he will always be a classic tho

  22. Youngman

    Yo da beat yah a fire

  23. Magic Johnson

    What a waste of a beat. Snoop been wack for decades now.

    Anthony Hemphill

    Yous a funny nigga! He still better than over half of these new niggas. PERIOD!

  24. Princess Kay

    Who the fuck would dislike this song!! 😕
    This song gangsta az💖

  25. Matador

    Can't go wrong with this track and Can't be touched by ATG Roy Jones Jr at the gym #HardWorkDedication 🥊

  26. Gasper Funk

    I used to hate this song on the album when it came out but now its 1 of the really best and fucking epic


    Same my grandad used to play this album when I was a kid and this song scared me cause it sounds so dark but now I love that, very real gangsta

    Samuel mmmk

    You can't escape rhythm 😀😎

  27. Breanna Wood

    timbo beat 1 of the best

  28. Sarah R

    I love you

  29. Treyvon Williams

    I like this song

  30. DomeOne