Snoop Dogg - Game Of Life Lyrics

GAME that's my thang
and it ain't no rules when you in this game

Gunblast [gunshots] echo fast and all I seen was loose cash
I hit the flo' & when they go I make sure I grab all the dough
The Scene: Long Beach yeah '86
Where: The liquor store nigga on some devilish shit
I went in to grab a drink but I came out a felon
my homeboy got away but shit I wasn't tellin'
So I fell in a trap with no getback
they threw away the key and now I'm a OG
In the County jail rappin & bangin' at the same time
and since I don't smoke cigarettes loc
shit I gotta slang mine
And I ain't tryin' to get on swole so I ain't fuckin' with the iron
I got bitches bringin' me money & ain't a godamn thing funny
My homeboy Devil from the HCG and Young Side Trey R.I.P
from the ETG (Eight-Trey) and oh yeah Baby Ken Dawg
from the Westside Four-O's got love for Short and my
homeboy J-Ball from the Seven four ? from that gang
and the homeboy Tracy D from
the big bad ass ese gang them straight killas & they know
I got game & that's real from a trio nigga havin' green
Get yo' hustle on nigga 'fore you end up dead
It's too much paper to get Can ya dig it?
Later on this evening I got a lick nigga is you down wit' it?

GAME that's my thang
and it ain't no rules when you in this game

[Steady Mobb'n]
There's ten laws to the game nigga be raised by 'em all
Get ya respect on at all times nigga hustle 'til ya ball
watch them hatas and pretendas and all the shit they do
cause nowadays some of these niggas be bitches too
Keep the business professional get ya heat at all times
keep them snitches on the sideline
cause you know pressure burst the pipeline
Keep ya eyes on ya enemies watch those close to ya
See them outside niggas can't touch ya
it be the ones inside that do ya
Smilin' in ya face but want to take yo' place
fuck around and be playa let's make a deal with the D.A.
Don't be ridin' with no niggas
who ain't sure if he gon' get down
cause it only take a split second
to get ya buck buck and lay down
Hesitation'll buy ya fate get that ass all caught up
ya little homey might be cool
if them other two priors ain't brought up
Remember took time to kill smash and don't give a fuck
Be a hog about ya papers straight hungry for that der come up
Respect the game feel what the soldier talkin' about
If you got to be in that game stack ya change
and get the fuck out!

GAME that's my thang
and it ain't no rules when you in this game

[Steady Mobb'n]
Game recognize game ?? kickin' back smokin' Mary Jane
I'm gettin' high in the game my little
homey popped him with the cane
Some niggas only in it for the fame
Niggas ain't ready for the game
if you ain't down then get the fuck out the game
or represent yo' thang
Ghosttown LB SB Brookfield 76 Folktown & the 90's
Twomp twomp put yo' guns up
when the tank dogg roll up who got the weed nigga hold up
I'm the King of Oakland nigga raise up
I ain't givin' a fuck I'm still ?hugged?
cause my down South niggas show me love
and the muthafuckin' gifts dancin' in the club
That's game

GAME that's my thang
and it ain't no rules when you in this game

Steady Mobbin', D O double G, ain't No Limit to that shit
Nigga Carlos on the beat Beats By The Pound
'Bout 3:34 in the morning don't even matter
We puffin' all night, straight game, game.
I got all my game from my momma yeah
a nigga didn't gave me none of this shit that's real.
Wanna say what up to my momma, for givin'
me all this game...

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Snoop Dogg Game Of Life Comments
  1. John Gotti


  2. John Gotti


  3. Dwayne Taylor

    Classic shit!

  4. Sanchez Escobar

    Top 5 best Snoop album! No Debate! Str8 Facts!

  5. Patrik Tähtönen

    Snoop's best song

    Sanchez Escobar

    Top 10 Fam

  6. John Jr Gonzalez

    Top Dogg Status Here!

  7. Tony Cuffee

    Hard ass beat

  8. KontryBoy706

    Still bumping this in 2019. I remember back in the day people thought Master P and Beats By the Pound wasn’t gonna do Snoop justice. Boy was they wrong!!!!!

  9. Demonde Walker

    Big bad insane gang

  10. Tony Cuffee


  11. Stevie Dee

    My favorite album Snoop went off only person is missing is Tupac

  12. Vell G.

    Still bumping this 2019 calder crip cuz

  13. Toya

    🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 you

  14. Black G


  15. Lashawn Hill

    Digging it i got more ! Real just stay tune! West end \ lil rock

  16. Big Gorilla

    Hey the original video is a nasty one cheCk it out

  17. Louis Sherman

    still go hard

  18. Mr. Louis

    Beat's perfect

  19. LeVar .Brooks

    Still bumping this in 2019

  20. Contel Bradford

    So cold.

  21. RC Fresh

    2nd verse killed it.. Bathgate too nice track

    Jermaine Dubose

    RC Fresh Crooked I ripped it up too !!!

    Furious Stylz

    Yes...that was a tight versce...ALL THREE WERE TIGHT...

  22. hiiipower iii

    Real Gangsta Crip chit here Cuhh 🔵

  23. Aldray Smith

    West Coast

  24. marlon fowler

    O.g Nuez Southside Think Killers Kare Family gang !!!

  25. Reed Thompson

    And the homeboy Tracey Dee from the big bad ass ese gang you know them straight killas

    G Birdie

    @Reed Thompson stop listening to west coast gangsta rap and tryna g like us 😂 nerd. You not from California #Facts 😎

    Reed Thompson

    B JUKE
    1. Back and fourth is for the birds
    2. Your faker then fraud part time broad
    3. You came to my comment
    4. Then try to cyber bump your fake hood
    5. The lyrics posted how dumb can you be clear as day
    6. The comment was a year ago
    7. I barely noticed it a month ago
    8 . You look like a fat fob
    9. You banging east coast west coast ??? corny mfr !
    10. Took you one day to respond " real active " online incel
    11. You had to edit two line sentences thought you pan heads where smart
    12. Slap yourself for talking out your neck ladyboy geisha 3!t©h

    13. Your people got fucked up in L.A. County and still do those are facts!!! 😄😂😭😭 ivy league mfr ....

    G Birdie

    @Reed Thompson
    1. I was correcting your comment.
    2. what you stated was incorrect?
    3. then you responded with the link wih the lyrics of the song.
    4. I Reply with who snoop mentioned on the song and link.
    5. I clearly just stated facts of who snoop mentioned on the link which is Tracey Davis a well known insane Crip gang member.
    6. Ur nerd Ass still believe the lyrics is true on that song
    7. You must not recognize real repatibles gz Just like me..
    8. You must be a kid tryna be all hard and listening to gangsta rap but don't know what their saying? or who they talking about.?.
    9. All Factz!!
    10. Nuff Said ⚫💀✌

    Reed Thompson

    @G Birdie is number 2 a question or your punctuation is as bad as your bs story

  26. GantzIsSloppy

    Bathgates verse: GAME! GAME! The GAME....The GAME.....The GIZZAME! Now That's GAME!

  27. Marcus Comedy

    This shit slaps!

  28. marcus.

    junt still bump'n ✌™

  29. Andre Gilbert

    Man that nigga Snoop was cold as fuck back then

  30. peter rumery

    This was my favorite song for so long. Snoops music helped me hustle. It really helps to know others know what your going thru

  31. oliverrando

    man song crazy

  32. Officer Orange cheetolini

    *Yo Lil homie might be cool til them other two priors ain’t brought up* LOL. #snitchingassnigga


    *get brought up

  33. Truetothe Game

    Game recognize game, bathgate kicking back smoking Mary Jane..

  34. King Koop 1

    Took me back to the Late 90s early 2000s, the last of the real Gangsta era. Bumpin this shit at 18 on my way to pick up beer from a drive threw liqour store where the Chinese owner didn't card me haha then to scoop up some bitches to pull up to the house party with & parlay with the homies. Good fuckin times.

  35. Derpity Derp

    GAME that's my thang

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    Mane this my shit never get old

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    j stalin

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    my shit

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    Bathgate killed it.


    He did! love that part..

    The Life And Times of A.Carter

    Like shit tho. This one of my favorite joints


    That boy was underrated

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    Bav killed everything

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    this that g shit let's roll