Snoop Dogg - Doggz Gonna Get Ya Lyrics

I'm in Junior High with a C+ grade
At the end of the day I don't hit the arcade
I to school from my moms apartment
I got to tell these niggas everyday don't shit
Cause where I'm at if you soft you lost
And to stay on course, you got to roll with force
My homeboy Dogg is chilling in a Benz
In front of his building witht the rest of his friends
I give him a pound no I mean I shake his hand
He's the neighborhood drug dealer, my man
I go upstairs, I hug my mother
I kiss my sister and I punch my brother
I sit down on the bed to watch some t.v.
[Gun Shots] Do my ears decieve me
No That's the fourth time this week
Four young brothers got shot in the street
The very next day while I'm off to class
My momma go to work cold bustin' her ass
My sisters cute but shes got no gear
I got three pair of pants and with my brother I share
So there in school I made a fool
With one and a half pair of pants, you aint cool
Cause there's no dollars for nothing else
I got beans, rice, and bread on my shelf
Now everyday I see my momma struggling
So now its time I got to do something
I look for work
I get dissed like a jerk
I do odd jobs
And come home like a slob
So here comes Dogg his gold is shivery
He gives me two hundred for a quick delivery
I do it once I do it twice
And now there's stake with the beans and rice
My mothers nervous but she knows the deal
My sisters gear now has sex appeal
My brothers my partner and were getting paper
And three months later the whole hood cought the vapors
My family's happy and everything is new
Now tell me what the fuck am I suppose to do

Doggz Gonna Get Ya [x4]

[Mac Talking]
Ay yo yo Check this out Snoop
All these niggas always talking about
"They looove this" And niggas got looove for you
Or nigga I looove this ride or this chin around my neck nigga
You niggas dont know what the fuck love really mean
Nigga you cant buy love at no corner store nigga
Love aint got no price tag
Snoop I want you to kick this shit to them niggas

Money is flowing everything is fine
I bought my self and Uzi and my brother a nine
Business is booming everyhing is cool
I pull about a G a week, fuck school
A year passed by and I began to grow
Not in height but juice and cash flow
I kick up my feet to watch some t.v.
Cause now I got other people working for me
I got a 55" television you know
And every once in a while I hear "Just say no"
Or the other commercial I love
That's when they say this is you brain on drugs
I pick up the remote control and just turn
Cause with this bullshit I'm not concerned
Me and my brother bounced in the Benz
We driving around our territory again
I pull up at the light like a superstar
An automatic weapon cold sprayed my car
I hit the accellerater scared as shit
I drove one block to find my brother was hit
He wasnt dead but the blood was pouring
And all I could think about was Warren
Later I found it was Dogg and his crew
Now tell mw what the fuck am I suppose to do

[Chours x8]

[Mac Talking]
Yeah so now you see what I'm talkin bout nigga
You see what that love shit do ya
This nigga said he had love nigga and this nigga done shot yo brother
So what the fuck you gone do now

My brother s out of it but I'm still in it
On top of that I'm in it to win it
I cant believe that Dogg would dis me
That faggot that punk he soft or sissy
I driving around with three of my guys
The war is on and I'm on the rise
We rolled right up to Dogg's favorite hang out
What's cracking Dogg and let the bullets stang out
Someone shot back so we took cover
And all i could about was my brother
Dogg jumped up and began to run
Bustin shots hopping to hit someone
So I just stopped and let off three shot
Two hit that nigga and one hit a cop
I threw down the gun and began to shout
"Ay y'all all lets break out got 'em dip out
Now as I left there goes the boys in blue
They pointin they guns at my four man crew
They shot down one, they shot down two
Now tell me what the fuck am I suppose to do

[Chours x8]

[Snoop Talking]
Ya see the moral of the story is this
Love is a motherfucka
And Doggs is a motherfucka
You mix the two up you bound to get some drama
Loves gonna get ya
Naw nigga Doggz gonna get ya you ever try to play me and thats real
Thats real
Thats real

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Snoop Dogg Doggz Gonna Get Ya Comments
  1. Jose Valdez

    Whos thumping dis in 2020

    Hungry for Apples

    If not then dogz gonna getcha!

  2. Theonecalled Gordo

    Forever a Classic
    my big brother put me this when i was a lil dirty ghetto kid still bumping to this day

  3. Ares

    The only good song on this album. Just my opinion

  4. Tyron Gwala

    First trap song ever.

  5. Purple Monkey

    Sometimes I think it sounds like "Dogs in the kitchen" during the hook. Particularly at the end.

  6. Sean Johnson

    Who can tell a story like snoop and pac

  7. Antonio Perez

    Two hit that nigga🏃👼one Hit a cop🐽🚔

  8. Abenezer Rizla

    the first CD that I ever bought was this in Ethiopia I spent 2dollars

  9. Snoop Dogg


  10. Ambrian Fuller

    Ambrian and rachel bumpin nissan maxima good times

  11. southpaw578

    This was my favorite track off this album. This tape got a lot of miles bumping in my 77 Nova while I was in high school! Representing Harrisburg PA!


    BooGie Down Production and KRS1 made the oriGinal titled LOVEZ GONNA GET YA. Love both versions of this sonG💪😎

  13. 12 12

    Snoop paying homage 💯 Great remake

  14. Abenezer Rizla

    When snoop dogg was a true Tank!

  15. Marco R

    You better run nigga

  16. YOUNG CASS 6226

    One of snoop best songs I'm 4 real


    For real. And it's a tribute to KRS-One

  17. Kevin Ervin

    This beat is so tight

  18. Randee Reyes


  19. Rafael Pinheiro

    There are

  20. Oliver Hernandez

    Man this was some gangsta shit right here

  21. Fino Siempre

    Yeahhh G's For Life

  22. dat dude They HATE

    Krs one.

  23. Ares *

    March 10 2018

  24. Ares *


  25. phillip gutierrez

    i grew up to this memories

  26. Luke Lasiter

    some of y'all are going to hate it's ok tho fuck the haterz

  27. Tone Harp

    Snoop played himself trying to redo this song, He did it no Justice

  28. MrManCube

    i thought snoop said he had no sisters


    or brothers

    cody grace

    My black buddy is apparently related to everyone black in my city .he's always like "thats my cousin " "thats my nephew" js😂😂😂

  29. Erie Cowson

    Free Mac

    Ares *

    Erie Cowson Empire

  30. Anthony G

    Rip Big Sneeky Pacoima Paxton street locos gang. Memories

  31. june bugg

    uhwee Uhweeee

  32. Mark Florenzen

    me and my wife now for ten years we would bump the shit out of this shit good times almost forgot about this joint

  33. Beatzonlock Yung Losa

    I loved when my moma use to bump this ridin roun town back in the day


    Beatzonlock Yung Losa
    Momma must have been a OG

  34. Victor Delamora

    avera up death row...........................................nk.......dios meraz ....................................5sky blue-418- cant baby blue vitiouse dog 500 900---------fuck that----quien es maras 3 bling mayas yea you con cantu is a mutha and thats r.

  35. Victor Delamora

    fuck los zetas 187 y boy cot
    ya sabe ud

  36. Victor Delamora

  37. Tre Millz

    respect is such a lost word and meaning in todays life snoop pay'd homage to those songs tbh

  38. Craig Green

    Always loved this track, bad ass beat & lyrics. Memories indeed.

  39. Phillip Gutierrez

    this shit goes hard memories

  40. Stephen Mason

    who's addicted 2 crack?
    smoked sum but left it easely...

  41. Gideon Waxfarb

    This guy sold crack to his own people in order to make himself rich, and has no regrets.

    Roberto Garcia

    Gideon Waxfarb so wat

    Michael Ross

    @Roberto Garcia So what? Nigga killed his own people. And got the nerve to say Trump is racist. Punk sold crack to broke ass black folks.


    niggas gotta do what they gotta do to survive in da hood u fools

    Michael Ross

    @lee Like killing black folks and actin all like they are pro black when in fact they are the biggest killer of black folks.

    Fuck him

  42. Ben Williams

    Eiht is so dope 

  43. mike rod

    old school trackkkk stright classic!!!

  44. Steff Lister

    Song pounds

  45. Disgruntledhobo

    its called sampling dumb ass learn somethin bout music...every music artist samples or covers somethin

  46. Seaweedkilla

    He didn't steal it he covered it he krs one and snoop know each other

  47. TG Houser

    hardest snoop song hands down

  48. gnome95

    Did the KRS one song come first?

    dat dude They HATE

    gnome95 yeah snoop always pays homage to the old school. Vapors Lodi dodi loves gna Get u

  49. Dylan R Cabernack


    fo shiz dawg

  50. Dylan R Cabernack

    haha punk ass aint nothin wrong with bein white.

  51. Sam Nguni

    finally have it! time to slam it!

  52. kpfingaz

    Every Snoop fan knows that he pays tribute to his favorite artists by doing a cover on all his old albums.
    Doggystyle - Lodi Dodi (Slick Rick)
    Doggfather - Vapors (Biz Markie)
    Da Game... - Doggz Gonna Get Ya (KRS-One/BDP)
    No Limit Top Dogg - Snoopafella (Dana Dane)
    Paid Da Cost - Paper'd Up (Eric B & Rakim)

    Middle Finger U

    All of them are east coast rappers that he covered

  53. BZinthedot

    He's just paying homage dummys rock bands always cover other artist songs word for word.They a fan of the music first,,,,check yo self!

  54. HipHopHead187

    @StanleySweet14 becuz he copied over 90% of da lyrics. therrs no creativity in that. its dishonest. if only used just instrumental wit his own lyrics i would say its ill.

  55. Kevin Thruelsen

    @HipHopHead187 he did the same thing with Slick Rick's Lodi Dodi on Doggystyle and the song came out fire. So what if he copied it? Shit sounds dope.

  56. HipHopHead187

    wtf? he basically copied all of KRS-1's lyrics. Snoop may be a legend but damn why copy most of da lyrics. I would've aight wit him copyin da flow. spittin 90% of sum1 elses lyrics is not creative & fucked up.

    Frank Ballast

    HipHopHead187 get yo bitch ass out of here

  57. DaMastaOfRoad

    i knew this song by heart. and english isn't even my first language

  58. LTgFUNK24

    i kiss my motha i punch my brotha

    Dbone 2real

    I go upstairs i hug my mother I kiss my sister and punch my brother

  59. LoveThemBroncos

    sick song

  60. casafather

    @huso20 Yeah, I always thought it was his best rap, but, yestadi, I was fucked up learnin' this !


    sickest song on the album. but the beats pretty weakk

  62. Robin W

    1 and a half pair a pants you aint cool!!!

  63. Carlos Juan Labirua

    krs 1's version is way better

  64. Tax me I'm Canadian

    this song bumps with subwoofers

  65. Ericbranson3

    Snoop da biggest pimp of all time

  66. Mrbaltimore2001

    I still love this album.....I've always been a fan of west coast and dirty south rap....when snoop brought this album this was and still is my ish.....

  67. HipHopHead187

    yea i noe,sum1 mentioned that in my video "Loves gonna get ya". lol

  68. Kortez solo Solo

    he would gotta sued....he sampled it so im assuming he got permission

  69. Ajondatrack Beats

    snoop stole dis song from a old skool rapper named KRS-1 (all he did was changed da chorus) da real song's name is "LOVE GONNA GET CHA"

  70. FullyAutomatic223s

    Lodi Dodi-Slick Rick
    Vapors-Biz Markie
    Gangsta Gangsta-N.W.A
    Love's Gonna Get Cha-K.R.S ONE

    Snoop did tribute 2 all these songs

  71. vitsch182

    awesome lyrics

  72. Smaptey

    awesome shit