Snoop Dogg - 10 Lil' Grips Lyrics

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]
Ten little Crip niggaz runnin outside
All from the turf and they bangin out lives
Far from a scrub cuzz from the Eastside
Where they don't die they just multiply
So.. don't give them niggaz a reason
To turn it into spray season
Don't give them niggaz a reason
Because they'll turn it into Crip season

[Snoop Dogg]
The gangsta's back, the bank is fat
The gangsta mack, in a gangsta 'llac
Hmm.. fools be like, "Break off some cheese"
Friends and enemies, aww nigga please
Fuck, you thought who pumped you up
Stop, you stuck too much, pop, drop, you plucked
It's all similar to gettin laaaid
on ya back when the motherfuckin K spraaays
I grind for my shine about my bidness
Lunatic on the shit and I get ignit (ignit)
Gonna proceed to squeeze with ease
One of these, they can't believe how I leave 'em
Look into a mind of a nigga that's crazy
Seventeen years old and still a baby
Gangstas real, they pop the pill
You cap back, young motherfucker it's like that


[Snoop Dogg]
Wake up in the morning lookin funny and shit
Fuck a honey dip.. 'cause I got money to get
Ain't no books, ain't no help, ain't no role to this
Stay focused young homey, that's the code to this
Keep a strap in ya pocket when ya tip through the towns
There's a million motherfuckers tryna get you down
A lot of pain in this game, cocaine is the thang
If ya money right then you might get you a chain
But if ya money is low, there's only one way to go
Jack a rapper at a local rap radio show
So mean, so green, crip back to the block
Then brag to the homies, show 'em what you got
It's a gangsta jack (gangsta jack), in gangsta black (black)
And they thought we just gangsta rapped
Yeah nigga, we take your snaps
Your shooby dooby, hooroobies, and your Scooby snacks (It's like that?)
It's like that!


[Snoop Dogg]
It's a whole lot of fillin when you on the Eastside
On the Eastside, nigga we ride
And it's a whole lot of dealin when you on the Eastside
On the Eastside, nigga we ride
And it's a whole lot of stealin when you on the Eastside
On the Eastside, nigga we ride
And it's a whole lot of killin when you on the Eastside
Eastside, yeah nigga we ride


[Snoop Dogg (singing)]
They say it's crazy out here, it ain't no more fun
I can't walk down the street without my gun, gun

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Snoop Dogg 10 Lil' Grips Comments
  1. Anja Sluga

    crips asshole*

  2. Emilio Agustin

    link please !

  3. Funerism

    @st8tBG I dont think there is a copyright or trademark on the term "Crips".Do you really think gangbangers would hire an attorney and serve Snoop papers for copyright infringement over the use of a name associated with drug dealing, murder, and gang violence? ha

  4. MindBIown

    Ah man, how you gonna take my Scooby Snax...

  5. mavaan100

    @50557896 Yes , great bass.

  6. Lukinhas Penna


  7. heb drlatz

    snoop dogg is the realeast ever!

  8. Alexzander Morris

    @noobz4life2 lol what an ignorant comment ''A true G'' ''fake nigga'' haha

  9. Pockets

    its crips not grips


    lil grips is tha best rapper alive

  11. Supra

    I think snoop gonna change title Crips to Grips

  12. Charles Auger

    lol crips!! not grips

  13. ekkemspark08

    cyeah that is wrong dude =.='
    u gonna get shoot..haha :P

  14. RascianRepublic

    snoop dogg and eazy e were crips or?

  15. au049

    Well, that was definitely off-topic. True dat, tho.

  16. jamlo hah hahe

    Deniz Snoop dogg is 90½ eASTSIDE !!!

    AND 100½ WESTSIDE PUNK !!!

    aND HE LOVE PAC MORE THAN BIGGIE !!! Punk motherfucker

  17. TheOtherLED

    hey, umm... you misspelled "grip" - it's "crip".

  18. Sgt_ Deno

    fuck the blood Im ThE Blood-KiLLA Compton-Crip 4-Eva CuZzZz

  19. uSo916Cuzz

    this **** all abou it nigga sac916

  20. Casey Dobzanski