Snider, Todd - West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown Lyrics

Standin' on side of the Highway 4 exit
A singing lady in tie-dye, a bag by her side
Not seemingly lookin' like anything special
She saw Tennessee tags and she waved for a ride

She's splainin' her travels and her family background
When she got through I could not help but thinkin'
She's a long way from a West Nashville grand ballroom gown
Yes, she's a long way from a West Nashville grand ballroom gown

Father had money and her mother had love
Channelled entirely to her dear sister Dove
Twenty-two years in society's plan
Was cancelled in the swing of her dear mother's hand

Two hours later we hit Cincinnati
Yawnin', she woke up and then asked where we were
When she found out, she almost be goin'
This close to Nashville was too close for her

So I stopped by the roadside and I gave her five dollars
She took it then kissed me and she gave me a note
She told me just to read it then mail it in Nashville
On old loose-leaf paper to her mother she wrote

'Mama I'm fine if you happen to wonder'
'I don't have much money but I still get around'
'I haven't made church in near thirty-six Sundays'
'So fuck all those West Nashville grand ballroom gowns'
'Yes, fuck all those West Nashville grand ballroom gown'

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Snider, Todd West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown Comments
  1. brandon wymer

    Nope, not anywhere near as good as JBs version......hands down one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs

  2. SWVAMarksman

    As a self diagnosed parrot head, I friggen love this version of this song!

  3. MrMadasfire

    pigeon heads don't care for Todd lol

  4. Robert Gentner

    Not getting this version. Sorry dude.

  5. pavanatanaya

    Very nice interpretation

  6. SawmillTurtle

    Nah. I'll stick with Buffett's version. Matt Hoggatt has a great version of this song, though.

  7. Brian Ringers

    Fricking awesome, Todd rules

  8. Robert Vander Voort

    Check out his studio version.

  9. Seadub16

    Jimmy Buffett fan here. Owner of 19 of his studio albums. All of which I listen to regularly. All Jimmy, all the time!
    It is a great song. This version unfortunately isn't.
    - Everything I needed to know in life, I learned from Jimmy Buffett.

  10. Gary Barnett

    you're a a turd,

  11. Winston Magill

    Love the song, love Todd Snider. But this version just doesn't deliver like Jimmy's version

  12. A912

    This guy is a turd.

  13. MuddyG

    Hey, check this out! ----> Todd snider RULES!

  14. Jackson Quigley

    All of Jimmy's so-called fans, who only now his party songs should be forced to set down and listen to Todd's version of a beautiful song.