Snider, Dee - We Are The Ones Lyrics

We are the ones
We are the ones you are taught to hate
We are the hearts that were born to break

We live our lives from all your lies
We wear our scars like a badge of pride
We are the ones
Have you ever lived in fear
It's our normal atmosphere
No one dares to enter here
No one enters here

We are the first we are the free we are the suffering
We are the ones who are been taught to fight
We are the last to hide
When everyone else helps us out
We are the ones
Have you ever been afraid
We live in fear everyday
Never taught to have a dream
Never given anything (we are the ones)

We are the ones who test our faith
We are the ones who never wait
We are the ones who are first to fall
Live like we had it all

We are the first
We are the free
We are the suffering
We are the ones who have been taught to fight
We are the last to hide
We are the first
We are the free
We are the suffering
When evryone helps us out
We are the ones

Is anyone else now suffering
Is anyone else now suffering
Now can you feel that this is real

We are the first
We are the free
We are the suffering
We are the ones who are been taught to fight
We are the last to hide

We are the first
We are the free
We are the suffering
We are the ones who have been taught to fight
We are the last to hide
When everyone else helps us out
We are the ones

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Snider, Dee We Are The Ones Comments
  1. southendawg

    Very good album...

  2. Carlos Medeiros

    Dee Snider the world's craziest Jew, shalom Dee! Im a big fan, since 84.

  3. Carlos Medeiros


  4. Mr. Orange

    Way better then that twisted sister shit....

  5. Den&Di Music&Lyrics

    OMG, only 226k views. Are kidding& This song deserves much more.

  6. Jonathan Rivera

    So good!! 🤘🤘

  7. Marcelo Rizzetto

    Nossa..parece aquelas bandinhas dos anos 90.... a criatividade passou longe.

  8. argiris panigiris


  9. Malcolm Courson

    Disagree with his lyrics. I teach my child to have a dream and work hard to get it. He isn't suffering in his life

  10. step 4

    dee snider has been my idol for many years and he still fucking rocks

  11. Sergio Gimenez Vicens

    Despues de añisimos me puse a ver twister sister,y luego pues dee,fantastico,en su salsa

  12. Truth Hrtz

    Saw the legend recently, meet n greet as well, one of the loudest shows have seen. Thank you to Dee for all has done for metal and the right to" say whatever the fuck we want"... check out if haven't yet, the acoustic version of we're not gonna take it- Wow , tears when saw video, that is what our voice is...we need to be loud and show the pain out there, otherwise nothing will of the best days of my life meeting him

  13. brew2415

    This is fucken cool.

  14. Francisco Javier Benítez García

    Frontman of the frontmans.

  15. Meister Stefan

    Geil Geil Geil! !

  16. DerDenWaldLiebt2011

    Der sound knarrt wie eine alte Eiche und haut einem die Scheiße aus dem Hirn!
    Thank you Master Dee!

    Greetz from Thoringia(germany)!

  17. Frane Perovic

    It reminds me of Rise Against

  18. Edgardo Fabián Rifo

    Que voz!!! Esta hermanita se mantiene intacta

  19. Fred Barbosa

    dee snider esse é o cara

  20. alvaro298

    wow I didn't knew dee is now singing with rise against hahaha

  21. protools fanatic

    i hope he makes a big comeback and hear this song on the radio.

  22. Leonard Turley

    Its not under the blade lol

  23. aparecido amerensio

    bom legal

  24. MadLocustRising1

    Power To The People! \m/ (>_<) \m/ ... and to Dee ofc :)

  25. JudasReward

    Get real ya fuckin sellout

  26. Paco Trujillo

    It sounds like THE OFFSPRING!

    Great Job, Dee!!

  27. John blegen

    rock the fuck out dee!!! awesome tune

  28. Powerrade1770

    Kann man sich oft genug geben! Dank RadioBOB :D

  29. Gilgamesh 66.6

    keep it up.

  30. Emilie Brix Sørensen

    Dee, you are amazing. I was so lucky to get to hear Twisted Sister in Denmark at Copenhell 2014. My father, brother, and I were really surprised about your performance! Definitely one of the best concerts I've ever experienced

  31. TheZ1945

    Too Short too simple expected better

  32. Коля Пупкин

    Классная песня!

  33. Комитопул Йонков

    great song ! hail from Bulgaria!

  34. Олег Семин


  35. Azarel Zaleta

    the punk influence is strong on this one

  36. Jeremy Bernat

    Dee said many metal fans wont like it , but that punk vibe is awesome and it sounds good

  37. Kevin Webb

    wow is that bad. sad.

  38. jean-pierre straub

    The chorus reminds me of Offspring !

  39. TJH 1971

    Dee still knocking it out of the park with his classic voice!!!

  40. Nightfall

    This rocked! I was worried at the start but then that beat grabs you. Before long your moving to the song and wanting to know the lyrics, so you can sing them too.

  41. Kenneth Hjorth

    Fucking cool

  42. joao vitor novaes

    e pensar que o Dee havia dito que seus fãs mais antigos não iam gostam disso!

    Pedro Ivo

    Achei o som do caralho, muito bom mesmo, deixou o mais do mesmo saca.

  43. Stefan Mole

    Widowmaker was better, chorus kinda lost it for me and yeah Leandro H. Rosenbergerv sonuds like a song from Alice Cooper that did not make it on Brutal Planet.

  44. AvP MetalArt

    !!! !! !!!
    !!! !! !!!

  45. lorenzo

    did Black Veil Brides write this song?! miss the Under the blade sound and YCSRnR sound. Still less dated than this kind of "contemporary" music

  46. Robin Drury

    I love Dee Snider and very excited to buy this album, however, he says he won't be caught being complacent, bu,t that is exactly what he has been doing running around with Twisted Sister for the last god knows how many years, WITHOUT new music. Basically he has been selling a Twisted Sister tribute band. Again - not to criticise the fact that he is NOW moving on which I am very excited about and the fact that he is embracing a freshness with his music again - BRING IT ON !!!

  47. romero7676

    Ну а что?Классно!

  48. TheWasteed

    I love the song and bought the album because of it. The rest of the Album is something like a "up and down". There are nice rock songs, but also some who are to much into Pop. Much electronic sounds on the album as well.

  49. Stefania Georgieva

    w oow 👍👍👍

  50. paladro

    nothing original to the sound, seems pretty cookie cutter... could be a papa roach video ;)

  51. Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández

    Mr. Good Wine!

  52. 22trem


  53. Kristian Petersson

    Great love it!

  54. John Webb


  55. Joshua Hawkins

    Dee found his inner Rise Against. Very cool.

  56. Mariano Beuses

    This is a great song

  57. TorturedSoul76

    I like it. good job Dee never stop what your doing . cuz you can't stop rock n roll and you'll never stop Dee Snider

  58. Admilson Demon

    Que musica ridicula!! Moderninha e bem coisa dessas bandinhas de hoje!! Patético!!!!

    David Rocha

    patetico é um homem colocar o nome Admilson Demon no perfil;

    Admilson Demon

    Realmente é um nome patético também, mas eu gosto kkkkkkkk
    Eu esperava mais do Dee Snider nesse disco e por essa musica ta bem abaixo do que ele tem capacidade pra fazer. Ele ficar malhando bandas dos anos 80 e me aparecer com isso é patético mesmo! Minha opinião brother! Sem magoas. Abraço (Demon)

    Luiz H. Rocha

    Patético é ver que ainda tem gente como você na nossa música! O rock e o metal quase morreram por causa de gente feito você!

    Pedro Ivo

    Achei do caralho Admilson, som bem clean com essa puxada para o punk, e o responsável pelo esse lado soft desse grande e talentoso artista está de parabéns, não tem nada de patético aí é que o o senhor Snider continue a cantar músicas top como está.

  59. robert chattin-smith

    definitely a thumbs up from me

  60. Sethepriest

    Popa Snider strikes back!

  61. Rockstar


  62. Rockstar

    Love is for suckers

  63. Serge Tartare

    super,very good

  64. captainhonan

    Absolutely awesome and that's a just plain ole fact folks. Turn it up loud and enjoy the music. So cool Dee snider is.....



  66. MVM

    Hell Yeah!

  67. David Pribnow

    Awesome Dee! Can't wait to hear more!

  68. Rob Hall

    AWESOME Dee. Can't wait for the rest of the album.

  69. POTIS1


  70. meljpetra

    Awesome, Knew One ~ Dee !  : )

  71. Giorgos P

    Donald Trump isn't rock n roll mrs Snider... Bad song anyway......

  72. Dan Manolescu

    Great energy! Looks like Dee is getting younger every day.

  73. All Cops Are Criminals

    Too poppy melodies...

  74. Hauntercry

    In my opinion his voice doesn't fit for this kind of rock

  75. drouzokid


  76. Mateus Valentim

    saudações from Brazil, great song!

  77. Jerry Campos

    Cool song man

  78. Nacho Belgrande

    You just CAN't go wrong with a Dee Snider solo tune. It's tunes like these, player with a vibe like these, that demosntrate why 'young' bands have a loooong line to the throne.

  79. Lifehouse Metal

    Pop-punky shit.

  80. денис дроздов

    Dee tries something new and i like it

  81. R P

    I like it, Sounds kind of like a black veil brides song.

  82. Bill Conway

    I love the punk rock feel to this song. Great melody and energy.

    All Cops Are Criminals

    don´t you mean pop-rock?

    Bill Conway

    No they are definite punk elements in this song

    Falay Sheo

    Bill Conway completely agree brother. Pop Rock is more like Nickleback and Dee isn't a bitch. lol

    Donna Bodnar

    Dee snider, we are the ones

  83. Rik Nel

    Cheap Trick anyone ? sounds like Radio friendly Alice Cooper....not bad.

  84. Metal Heart

    Court et efficace titre.

  85. Musti

    When Dee Snider joined postcore?

  86. Daniel Cruz

    great singer! amazing!

  87. PhilipDeVille

    The average anonimous radio friendly modern rock song, not a bad song but not that good... They could at least throw in a real guitar solo... I love Dee, I just expected more

  88. Spike

    Dee's still got it - the attitude, the voice, the stunning & supportive Wife, the talented kids - I hate him :o)

    I LOVE this - just hope the rest of the album is as good.

  89. Jaysin31

    Gotta love the spinning DS star!

  90. Jesse Horvath

    love it!! can't wait to buy the whole record

  91. idealsceneprod

    More, please! Love Dee Snider. He and TS gave me a lot of courage and energy through my teenage years, and to this day, I still play my old CDs. Good music is just timeless!

    Michael Harris

    Dee rocks! Have you heard his son Jesse Blaze Snider's new music? See what you think...

  92. pkj77

    As much as i lovedee snider...i´m sorry but this sounds like an alice Cooper throw away song

  93. Metall Schaedel

    well, not that bad. will check the entire album.

  94. Seb Brutal

    Well that's punk rock. I think I like it.

  95. Leandro H. Rosenberger

    Sounds like Alice Cooper on his last works, well is not bad =)


    My thoughts exactly!! From the first verse, I turned to my wife and said, "This song would do well in Alice's hands."

  96. iggrut

    Hmmm. im not shure what to think.


    try to forget that Dee's involved. Might enable you to be more honest with yourself.


    If you forget Dee´s involved you will just think WTF is this lousy singer?


    It sounds like a cheap radio song. I dont know. Lets see what the rest will bring.


    yeah, I'm not keen on his voice in the verses.

  97. Wayne Lancaster

    love it