Snider, Dee - So What Lyrics

Like a bird with a head full of rage
And a soul that don't need to be saved
Not afraid
To be one as we stand on our own as they feed usthe pain
It's their game
All the lies that they try to control us, we're not gonna change

Yeah we're strange
Yeah we're strange
So what?
Middle fingers in the air
Singing "we don't fucking care", when we say
So what?
You play us like we're fools
Need to follow rules, but we say
So what?
We've been taking it too long
and now we are the ones who say
So what?
So what?

Fear this voice in our brains, say's we're lost, we're insane, but we know we're not gonna change
Yeah we're strange
Yeah we're strange
So what?
Middle fingers in the air
Singing "we don't fucking care", when we say
So what?
You play us like we're fools
Need to follow rules, but we say
So what?
We've been taking it too long
and now we are the ones who say
So what?
So what?
So what?
So what?

Yeah, we know we're just strange
Yeah, we're just strange
So what?
So what?
So what?
So what?
Middle fingers in the air
Singing "we don't fucking care", when we say
So what?
You play us like we're fools
Need to follow rules, but we say
So what?
We've been taking it too long, and now we are the ones who say
So what?
So what?
So what?
So what?
Yeah, we're strange
So What?

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Snider, Dee So What Comments
  1. hunter hulslander

    This deserves to be more well known

  2. William Flowers

    This suxs!!!

  3. MrUnknownnoone

    When he sings about black mob violence against whites maybe I'll support it but picking easy social topics is weak...

  4. маVRин

    I love you Dee.

  5. Indiana Jons

    Events such as the protest in Standing Rock can still be there. As the Anglo-American attitude towards Native Americans does not change, there will always be something going on there. Although I am European, I will support Native Americans

  6. czertify

    Why the fuck is the word "fuck" censored?

  7. Travis Hall

    why is an old legolas so angry?

  8. Hammurab

    USA and Canada...

  9. rock dog

    Dee hit a home run with this song. His voice is powerful.

  10. TAG

    Missed opportunity to break into some badass riff and song. Starts off great and fades out. Should have ended with power like twisted sister had.

  11. Tee M


  12. Lionheart Roar

    Why are our native americans never a part of broad national discussions? The real Americans deserve reparations. What politician will be ballsy enough to speak this truth?

  13. Eloy Castro

    Fucking censure. Censured songs should be forbidden in Youtube.

  14. Aidan Blackett

    Woah woah F***ing woah!! Why the f*** is this censored!?!?

    Aidan Blackett

    wow can't even censor myself ironically without youtubes text interace getting in the way..

  15. Narciso Salas

    Thank you mr.snider for this song and video!

  16. Crue Steele

    hate that i just found this now. Damn good song & love that it stands up

  17. Daniel Enriquez

    FUCKEN POWERFUL song \m/

  18. Banshee Bounce

    Du bist der wahre König der Löwen Dee !!!! Deine Lieder übermitteln mir mehr Zusammenhalt als ich je erleben durfte.... Ein einziges mal dir in die Augen schauen und dir sagen wie klasse ich das alles finde was du machst !! Wie kann man so viel Power in einen Körper bekommen..?

  19. sadgirl v

    I love me some Dee Snider.

  20. Jeremy Raw

    cannonball, North Dakota!

  21. Ric Mohri

    Much respect to Dee for standing with the Nation’s.

  22. Gabriel bh

    Caralh. Só conhecia a voz Dee de 20 anos atrás... Hoje essa voz me fez pensar que a música é uma forma de se conversar com Deus.

  23. Douglas Kirby L

    Brilliant man.

  24. nyterose1968


  25. Mr. D.

    I don't mind using music for a cause, but what's the purpose of repeating "So What?". I don't get it.

  26. nustada

    Why the fucking fuck what this fucking songs goddamn motherfucking lyrics fucking censored.

    /ps I only curse when people try to prevent cursing. So I apologize to those who make it an art.

  27. J Sen Bergquist

    Love, light n great respect, ....Blessings!

  28. Jessica ThunderHeart

    Thank You Dee Snider for singing for my cultures people Love You Dee!!!💖💓💗🤘🤘 I'm so sick of seeing this kind of Fucking BS done to the Native people they deserve our utmost respect not hateful treatment and pain!!! I am sorry you and your crew got hurt doing this video but I am glad to you stood by their sides and indored it with them.I am hurt that my fellow Natives were tortured for standing up for themselves and given neglect and disrespect in return by those who vow to protect law abiding citizens and they do everything but protect them!!! Criminals are treated better this needs to change NOW!!!

  29. Ruben Medina

    Its good to see that Dee Snider supports our Water Protectors , his new albums are great even he improved as singer , im close to 60 yrs. old and is so good to see someone continued improving with age , Thanks Dee for the support and you new music Rocks .

  30. Fikret Oz

    Dee Snider is the flesh blood proof of my Metal is Greatness

  31. Nank FFC

    Excelent song, bushleague album

  32. Jeppy M

    This chick sounds like a dude!

  33. RobertPayne556

    Here from PainfullyHonestTech and iJustine livestream, someone recommended Dee in the chat and I'm glad they did. Subbed

  34. Shanna Johnson

    November 20th is my birthday :(
    The treaty was violated that day.....

  35. Shanna Johnson

    Can someone pleeeeeease get Dee Snider and Conrad Cronos Lant of Venom together for a badass fucking album?!
    "Manitou" "So What"

  36. bradley grossman

    I'm confused. In the beginning it tells you that water is sacred. Near the middle they are flinging it around like willy nilly by the boatloads. Which is it?

  37. Sean Lausar

    this is terrible

  38. S K

    so what about ?? i have lived my whole life with everybody saying so what and who cares and please help more

  39. Black Stone

    So great ... this guys have an amazing voice...

  40. Dallas Rein

    This one is flat and lacks dynamic

  41. Temper T

    Someone needs to make an activist song about all the trash the NODAPL protesters left behind.

  42. pagrovia78

    Hey Dee, I like this. would you like to fight together. kinda like your attitude- funny cause - I liked it in the eighties. Part native, mostly melting pot american immigrant, still fighting , Loved this video- let me know, I can fight lone if needed- no worries

  43. Marko Petkov

    Scary how few people seem to care about this country's history.

  44. Janet Tafolla

    Awesome song. Thank you for showing some of the truth. Water is Life.

  45. Paul Laplante

    Pink Floyd

  46. Paul Laplante

    Pink Floyd

  47. Peter Dandridge

    What happened to twisted sister? I swear he was part of them

    91.5 the phoenix!

    I knew something was up when Dee Snider's House of Hair was moved or did he move it off of over half the stations carrying it. No I don't know what happened to Twisted Sister but if you look back you can see it was starting to happen even to Twisted Sister after a bit Asterix Love Is for Suckers Asterix the pipeline is supposed to be safe but no one is not infallible and if it gets fouled that would be an asterisk problem asterisk. That being said we all sometimes do the wrong thing when we think it's right. There is just so much Asterix muck Asterix flying around out here it's hard to see where you're going sometimes.

  48. Artur Malakhov

    Dee Snider eternal!

  49. Viking 62

    Mit dem Herzen bei allen Ureinwohnern Ihrem Land,es ist Euer Land und Eure Kultur.👍

  50. Maureen Wagg

    Thankyou Dee, for standing with us metalheads and showing everyone that you got what it takes to make a great statement.

  51. Matthew Wallin

    I like Dee Snider and old twisted sister hell I grew up with bands like that as a teenager in the early 80s but I'm sorry this song is horrible Dee has way more talent then this maybe its because he/we are getting old I don't know but come on Dee put out a old in your face/kick your ass rock album like the old stay hungry album I know you got it in you!!!

  52. dave mustaine

    Those Indians shouldn't have been trespassing.

  53. Katherin Paiva


  54. Bruno Macedo

    This song deserves so much more views...

  55. SWFARE

    Why is this guy even around anymore? looks like he needs a haircut?!

  56. Night Rider


  57. squirtlebro 555

    Dee snider made this song about trump cause he hates him like me

  58. Jason Yurth

    I like the song but listen to Hey You by Pink Floyd...Mr Snider was greatly inspired by it or just used a great songs formula and tried to disguise it with a few note changes and power chords....Doesn't really matter though cause Twisted Sister still rocks like no other!!! Maybe I just cant get out of the past...LOL! Kudos for your message though...almost had a Christian undertone before the F word went soaring from your lips. ROFL!!!!

  59. Myron Dewey

    Thank you for Standing with us, helping share the message #WaterisLife, I was there as well documenting Through Indigenous Eyes a repeat of history.

    Indigenous People are always at the forefront of all Enviromental issues across turtle Island, no matter where you go in AmeriKKKa you are always on Indigenous Lands, NOone is Illegal on Stolen Lands...Take care of our mother earth, we are from water and therefore Water is Life, we cannot live without our first medicine.

    Contact me, I'd like to add some drone footage that witness human rights violations and constitutional violations agains peaceful water protectors.

    many blessings to all our relations/Allies in the 4-directions
    Myron Dewey (Paiute/Shoshone)
    Digital Smoke Signals

  60. Andrés Felipe Grisales

    Middle fingers in the air singing "we don't fucking care", when we say SO WHAT?

  61. MR. GOOGLE

    Dee, what the fuck were you thinkin when you sang this stuff ? Bro, this isnt you ! Killer vocals but not the music you came from .


    welcome to the machine pink floyd

  63. Mr Nydus

    Sad time when it ended

  64. C. Rothschild

    Some of those oil company thugs were degenerate veterans.

  65. hernan joffre

    a este hombre ay que hacerle un gran monumento.

  66. floppy & co

    the oh so prudish america fuck fuck fuck

  67. Clara Vieira

    Rock on!!!

  68. МИХЕЙ

    Классная вещь (гитарный рефрен напоминает Владимирскую Русь, Черный кофе). Выгдядит Ди Снайдер четким, брутальным дедом рок-н-ролла. Вокал - полная мощь. А клипы глэма 80-х смотрятся с юмором. Все рокеры, тогда, выглядели как полные придурки. И, тогда, нам это нравилось.

  69. Clara Vieira

    Estou no celular da minha mãe sou uma criança e te amo muito vc é o melhor cantor de rock do mundo

  70. Zubko Alexey

    operator - it the best

  71. Zubko Alexey

    Охуенно! Как и в детстве его книга!

  72. František Ferbar

    Wau, this is really cool

  73. Heather Cox

    Sounds like pink

  74. rock dog

    Dee outdid himself on this one.Great song {remake}.

  75. Eli Sunday

    Dee always wore his heart on his sleeve. Good for him.

  76. couponsdowork

    He has a goood voice!


    Not really feeling this song... Does seem like something pink Floyd would sing..

  78. IvarForkbeard

    I was coming back from canada on vacation and US Border control were being dicks and they finally pissed me off. I slapped down my US and Canadian Passports, my retired military ID, and then they wanted to search... I slapped down my Oglala Lakota tribal id and told them to shove their search up their asses. Know your rights and stand tall.

  79. Ceebra

    Live even better.

  80. vino melo

    puta q pariuuuu q voz do caralho muito bommmm de maissss

  81. Ollioxis

    stupid YT makes em cut out the F*** ... it's parth of the songs STRENGTH don't screw it up ...

  82. Darbles

    Holy fuck... wow

  83. Maria Lunding


  84. Mombies Kitchen

    Native and proud!!!!!

  85. The Pied Piper From BandLab

    Really like this song! Thanks Dee! 🤘

  86. Kochen für Fussgänger

    Give that guy a medal

  87. DerDenWaldLiebt2011

    Alter Kämpfer!

  88. Wild n the young

    Great song but I hear a little HEY YOU from Pink Floyd

  89. Bryn Price

    Sounds like Pink Floyd and I say "So what?" Because it's no bad thing. :P

  90. dunky dog

    shitty video about leftwing activists no thanks

  91. Meg Shafer

    Pink ....Wow. His voice is awesome...

  92. W Ho

    Fight for your rights -respect Dee!

  93. buzzay B

    what is this angry old lady singing about

  94. David Prowse

    this shit is good

  95. One 4 The Gipper

    I love all your music from kid to adailt. your band always told it. much love Dee!!!!!

  96. Caty Farrell

    Thank you Dee Snider for standing up with us! You're one hell of amazing man! <3

  97. Dub Matic

    Isn't that guy friends with Trump or something ?