Snider, Dee - Inconclusion Lyrics

I've died a thousand times, drowned in a sea of lies
Walked every path, through every door
Oh, how I've suffered through, a wicked man can do
But pain they can't ignore the things I have in store

These are the lies and in paradise
They can suffer for a few, never knowing they were used
This is the way, thing that needs them to the stay
Driven by the blackened heart, swaying as they come apart

What's done can't be undone, you're not the chosen one
Toleration seeps from every poor
Darkness anticipate, what's right you can't agrate
You struggle to ignore the things worth fighting for

These are the lies and in paradise
They can suffer for a few, never knowing they were used
Don't turn away, get down to your knees and pray
I'm the things you dare not hate, for the pain you look the same

These are the lies, these are the lies, the little lies
These are the lies, these are the lies, the dirty little lies
These are the lies, these are the lies, the dirty little lies
These are the lies, these are the lies, the dirty little lies

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Snider, Dee Inconclusion Comments
  1. valyum666

    I am at a lovely cottage up north, enjoying this song like im 16 year old xoxxo love you Dee 💚

  2. John Riley

    It is almost an exact copy of tool eulogy

  3. DRE4406


    Bubba Sawyer

    The vengeful townspeople all deserved a fate worse than death.

  4. Joshua R

    Real talk, this is still one of my all-time favorite movies. It had such a bitchin' soundtrack, the acting in it was fantastic, and it was quite interesting to see all the different body modifications.

  5. southendawg

    Rob zombie should do the remake of this movie with Dee back as Captain howdy

    Bubba Sawyer

    A joint-collaboration. Dee has wanted to make Strangeland 2 for a long time now. Rob could definitely bring Captain Howdy to the big-screen in the best way possible. Dee is pretty old now though, so they'd need to find someone else to play the title character.

  6. southendawg

    Rob zombie should do the remake of this movie with Dee back as Captain howdy

  7. southendawg

    Rob zombie should do the remake of this movie with Dee back as Captain howdy

  8. Madison Hernandez

    La mejor rola de este wey la neta....

  9. Michael H

    We opened for Widowmaker at L'Amours in NYC around the time this was happening...Dee is an incredible musician and even better gentleman. I salute you; sir...and thanks for all the great memories.

    Bubba Sawyer

    Was Dee ever really so down and out in the early 90s that he was seriously working for the post office? I can't help but think that's a bit of a bullshit narrative from Behind The Music...

  10. Gabriela Silva

    Smoking my e-cigarette and jamming to this song is the best damn method to lose myself to

  11. Jungle Julia

    Why isn’t this on iTunes?!!!

  12. Michael H

    A very underrated Horror film...spoke to Dee about this when we opened for Widowmaker years ago; a true professional, a better gentleman...thanks Dee, for all the great memories

  13. Kelley Gieger

    Oh how I've suffered through.. The wicked men can do..

  14. Eric Morton

    A true metal ICON right there. DEE is a monster and he sounded great on this track

  15. Rock Strongo

    Cross over

  16. Seth Prairie

    I'm 37 years and grew up with this magnificent man! I'm so glad I'm not alone.

    Kelley Gieger

    I've got my 9 year old loving Come Out and Play

  17. Seth Prairie

    Dee is a head of his time, humans are ridiculous creatures!

  18. Heather Dietrich

    So much cocaine was snorted while listening to this song and drinking hypnotic

  19. Adam Splittah

    I never realized she was the chick from Grandma's Boy

  20. Adam Splittah

    Wanna come to a party?

  21. Eric Adams

    Captain Howdy.. The original Hollywood internet catfish.. You're welcome Hollywood..

  22. Aj haley

    Bad ass intro. Perfect intro to the movie w the blood and needles. D is on key here

  23. Adam Splittah

    Can someone PLEASE find out who did the bass for this?

  24. Anthony Shaw

    come on dee strangeland pt 2 make it happen dude you rule

  25. The Joker

    I swear the bass player jammed on this his Rifts were just flawless

  26. jmrbug 96

    Captain Howdy: Hey wanna come to a party?

    Me: Nah, I don't want obnoxious piercings in my weiner...

    Rocky Henz

    I'm betting your boyfriend would love it!!!

    Bubba Sawyer

    You know you want the ampallang....

    Dean Jones

    Its called makeup #2 !!!

    Aaron Abrahamer

    @Bubba Sawyer Haha

  27. King Diamond

    Great song and also movie is great, i have this cd soundtrack!

  28. Wdf1987

    Ahead of it's time

  29. gbgeli

    Great Song

    Steven Mugavero

    Dee snider is.a long way from his SMF days.???????

  30. Marcus Kurtz

    can"t wait for the remake

  31. Marcus Kurtz

    i have this movie and the soundtrack on a burnt cd , love it , dee is a ledgend

  32. The Joker

    that bass line is awesome

  33. Victor Coleman

    Almost sounds like Tool.

  34. Chris Denslow

    Such a good song awesome work Dee. I loved the movie as a horror fan and am looking forward to the sequel if it ever comes hopefully

    Richard Burnish

    jmrbug 96 *Snider

    jmrbug 96

    CNA Wrestling My phone did auto correct and I didn't read it over.

    jmrbug 96

    I DEFINITELY know you're a fan.

    Richard Burnish

    Always been a fan myself

    Adam Splittah

    He said in Feb 2017 that he was still working on it, it was greenlit before this one even came out but hes had tons of issues with the sequel and said this time hes determined but "no promises because I said that last time"


    other z part more large film

  36. J KELL

    Jeff ruffner.....shut the fuck uppppppppp.....nobody wants ro hear your negative fucking opinion. ......JUST SHUT UP AND BE THE STUPID BITCH THAT YOU ARE.

  37. Bread Burner

    This movie has such a good soundtrack!


    probably the best movie soundtrack ever. I mean if you like metal and rock this is just amazing

    Andrew Heller

    c4a2s0h this, mortal kombat and spawn are the best movie soundtracks ever compiled

    jenna jackson

    Andrew Heller I have spawn, it was great!

    Bubba Sawyer

    It is a good soundtrack and they probably had a very limited budget to go towards the soundtrack. They did well to get some songs from up and coming artists. The songs actually feature in the movie too unlike alot of others, Scream 3 for example in which the movie only features like 3 of the songs on the soundtrack. Well.....then you have things like the soundtrack to Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) where not a single song was actually featured in the movie. I always feel that the majority of the soundtrack should actually be in the movie.

  38. Jeff Ruffner

    If Dee snider could make music like this i don't see why he ever made garbage like "I want to rock", this movie was actually alright too........

    Becca Whitehead

    Hey, I like that song, glad you like this movie though =)


    Jeff Ruffner lol

    Not a Normie

    That song was not garbage

    Bubba Sawyer

    I Wanna Rock is pure cheese, but back in the 70s and 80s every rock band had to make a compromise and make 2 or 3 songs on the album that the record producers pretty much insist on, songs that have a catchy/poppy sound for radio play. Stay Hungry also has the song Captain Howdy which couldn't possibly be any less radio friendly.

  39. jessy9984

    Maybe you guys can help me! I saw an amazing creepy video about Japanese art set to this song, very disturbing. LOVE it, and now can't find it...its been a few years....anyone know what I mean?

    Angel Noose

    Sounds interesting. But I have no clue.


    Twisted sister meets tool


    Fuck Yeah 🤘🏼😈🤘🏼

    Michael H

    this was Dee's REAL swan song project; Widowmaker...we opened for them around this time at L'Amour's in NYC. They make TS sound like a garage band. Dee Snider is highly underrated as a musician/songwriter/vocalist. He's a cool as hell guy also...thanks bro, for all the awesome memories

  41. Greatbehemoth

    I heard they're going to remake this movie with Dee Snider

    Lonesome Crow

    +Greatbehemoth If that is true ... I'll cum in the movie.

    Adam Splittah

    Hes been saying that since before the first one came out but hes had alot of issues finishing it and came out last Feb saying he really wants to finish it but that hes said that before and has no promises

    Adam Splittah

    Its officially in production, its called Strangeland: Disciple

  42. Akandofaul

    Ugh why is this not on itunes -.-

  43. Louis Valenz Entertainment

    Then the pre chorus kicks in sounds like Twisted sister.

  44. Louis Valenz Entertainment

    Dee Snider was so awesome on this song. Beginning sounds like you're listening to a Tool song.

    Lonesome Crow

    +Louis Valenz Cinema Reviews No this doesn't sound like tool ... tool sounds like Dee Snider.

    jaa jaadiman

    eulogy is the tool track

    Exit Wound

    Maynard isn't the only musical genius...

    Marc Harvey

    Sounds more like APC to me brah

  45. James Barrigan

    Damn, I need to get this movie I never can seem to find it. My favorite line, and the one I can relate to the most, "Oh how I've suffered through the wicked man can do..."

  46. Mr. Nerve Damage

    Wow... a buddy of mine just pointed out how this song is a complete rip of Tool's song "Eulogy"... the way that the intro sounds... the way that the guitar comes in "chopping"... even down to the vocal effects used, haha. Not sure who wrote/produced this song (even though Dee's name is attached to it), but I doubt it's all merely a coincidence, haha.

    Mr. Nerve Damage

    not an exact replica but obviously extremely inspired by. The structure of the actual notes don't really match up... and the songs are in different keys, but the vibe is similar enough. The vocal effects aren't the same, but they are similar... both of the effects used have a "radio" type style to them, but Dee's effect is more fluttery... like a high ratio phaser effect. Both songs remove the vocal effects (for the most part) on the choruses.

  47. EduArDxxXxx NuStiTcH

    fuck love song

  48. michael rios

    We must all go through a rite of passage. It must be physical. It must be painful and it must leave a mark

    star burnette

    +michael rios  I thought it was, ''it must leave a bar''?

    michael rios

    +star burnette No, its mark

  49. Jesse G

    I loved this soundtrack growing up.

    Leroy Gallagher

    @Jesse G this brings me back :)

    Teri Wright

    One of my favorite Dee Snyder songs besides love is for suckers.

    Aj haley

    Sick soundtrack. But every time I want to play the coal chamber tune all they have on here is the album version from their chamber music. The strange land version was far superior

  50. Ouroborus

    I have a challenge for MR. Dee Snider. The prolific  and legendary PMRC hearings! He needs to bring it all full circle. Write the unwriteable song DEE WRITE IT or you already have it! Break this shit wide open once and for all NO FEAR! humanity will never fall and I will never let it! I AM the  KING OF THE FOOLS! I AM! BElieveTHAT! I AM! your sorrow, your pain your angst your new beginning anarchy to it's purest form! WE govern ourselves forever more!

  51. Bradd Wesley

    Sem palavras isso é que é música.

  52. Heather Fiege

    One of my favorite movies! Dee Snider rocked Capt. Howdy!

  53. sawituptx

    Awesome movie! I LOVE this song as well!

  54. nichole Mcdonald

    the best of the best 

  55. Krystal Harwood

    @ImCassiel it's In Conclusion

  56. hilda beaverhausen

    One of the best horror movies EVER!!!!


    hilda beaverhausen i have it on

    King Diamond

    hilda beaverhausen thriller this is. Should reconize genres, special if like movies?

    Aj haley

    Hands down bro....hands down

    Asrael Ornelasgonzales

    THE BEST THEME EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Aaron Thomas

    Best Romantic Comedy EVER!
       Try not to speak.......

    Aaron Abrahamer

    I wish the world would end already.

  58. terry everhart

    best fuckin song ever!!

  59. pkj77

    Fucking Love Dee Snider

  60. kimberly brock

    Best song ever written.

  61. kimberly brock

    Dee Snider is so fucking bad ass!! No one can compare to his greatness!!

  62. Jamie Martin

    One of tha tightest songs I've ever heard...Never gets old...I play this shit over and over...

    John Riley

    Listen to tool eulogy

  63. Raynal Reyes

    love this song!

  64. Angel Noose

    P.S. Don't listen before sleep, nightmares will occur

  65. Robert Simpkins

    You Wanna Come to a Party?

  66. jon weber

    I fucking love this song /movie. Damn auto correct

  67. jon weber

    I ducking love this song and movie

  68. Bradd Wesley

    eeeeessa musica é mto louca uuuaaaauuuuu...
    eita pra carai to indoidando aqui em casa.

  69. arnold gonzalez

    this sounds alot like Eulogy off of TOOL's Aenima album

  70. Danny Schoolcraft

    This is almost an exact rip off of Tool's Eulogy

  71. Joey Petrone

    This song represents the movie so closely

  72. moJomittens

    Sounds like something Tool would write at the beginning

  73. Chase Pierce

    hell ya it is I love how sadistic it is :D

  74. idl4587

    remember when i first saw this movie back in 1999

  75. kiara granados

    i LOVE this song!!!!!

  76. Kenneth Brannon

    This has got to be one of the greatest unrecognized songs of all time. Only shows up on one album, the soundtrack for the fucking movie. The perfect song to fallow this one in your play-list is Helmut Unsung. Dee you need to come out and make an album with this sound man damn.

  77. Kendal Langston

    Fuckin epic

  78. Miranda Mitchell

    Lol I just watched this movie for the first time ever! IT WAS AWESOME~!!!

  79. Daniel Harris

    Song will always be awesome.

  80. webbertools

    A true rocker's voice!!

  81. Gocal cabral


  82. jose ortegon jr

    Great phuckin movie

    Dave Cerpovicz


  83. antoninardi

    I never thought dee snider would an inspiration to work out.

  84. Kemal Tahir

    i was digging this fuckin awesome also ... man this is great

  85. crystalsky22

    Is a great movie and song!

  86. TheReal MikeySkitzo

    has a little sevendust sound in the beginning i love this soundtrack and the movie a horror classic

  87. Nicholette Anger

    dee snider is one of my favorit performer. love his music

  88. S Mas

    Yup, SOBER!

  89. moJomittens

    reminds me of an old Tool song lol

    robert bronecke

    moJomittens ahhhh way before tool man, sorry to tell you

    Mike Murphy

    This came out in '98. Tool "Eulogy" '96:

  90. Robert Meaker

    base a great movie off a great song and this is what you get

  91. dale holland

    love this shit

  92. Morgasmic Needles

    this is fucking amazing <3

  93. suckmymonkey22

    i fucking love deee snider <3

  94. Ashly R.

    Love the album and movie! \m/\m/

  95. Gadiro

    the movie's soundtrack is great! but some scenes are so funny and ridicolous ahahah ;) dee snider is coolest with this pierced and tattooed look XD

  96. Dustin Martin

    This is the best song out of the whole soundtrack.

  97. Ken Pruitt

    I just got through watching Strangeland on Netflix. It's been over 10 years since I've seen it, and it's still as awesome now as it was then. Actually, more so to me because back then I couldn't really understand what was going on.

    Dee Snider is awesome!!! He wants to do a sequel to this, but people in Hollywood keep fucking him over.

  98. George Sion

    pain is pleasure and pleasure is pain.