Snider, Dee - Become The Storm Lyrics

The rain is nothing to fear
When you become the storm

Suffering is to speak the truth as none are willing to hear
Working harder than before with nothing to show but tears
With only tarnished hands to help, it's the hurt that we must let go
Why are they forgiven for their sins and what they put us through

The rain is nothing to fear
When you become the storm

We are not here to suffer
But what we get through makes us tougher
We are not here to suffer
But what we get through makes us tougher

Suffer all the innocent who say that they don't belong
Give them the strength that they deserve, give them the ones who do no wrong
I know we were meant for more
Time to break down every single door
That keeps us trapped and torn
I know we are more than this
No more time to reminisce, it's war
And it's right outside our doors

The rain is nothing to fear
When you become the storm

We are not here to suffer
But what we get through makes us tougher
We are not here to suffer
But what we get through makes us tougher

Sometimes we suffer
That's how we get tougher
Sometimes we suffer
Sometimes, we get tougher

We are not here to suffer
But what we get through makes us tougher
We are not here to suffer
But what we get through makes us tougher
We are not here to suffer
But what we get through makes us tougher
Become the storm
We are not here to suffer
But what we get through makes us tougher
Become the storm!

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Snider, Dee Become The Storm Comments
  1. skrimdog

    Why the fuck am I just learning about this.

  2. Kim Whitney

    One of the few who stood up for rock n roll back in the day. Poor Tipergore didn't stand a chance. I think AL is still hiding behind her skirt as well. Dee is the man. 😎🤘

  3. Jadenator de Flos

    Dee, you fucking rock man!!! Since i was 5, im 40 and you are still rocking! Long live the legend!!

  4. Jay Johnson


  5. 瀧セージ

    Wait...isn't his voice getting more powerful than when he was singing in Twister Sisters?

    Sam m

    I think so yes

  6. Sam m

    Wow, great to hear some great metal in this day and age

  7. lucan valerius

    Why isn't there any lyrics for his songs?

  8. Haslizan Razak

    Thank god, song like this still exist

  9. D. A.

    Brutal track with a very powerful message!

  10. Jeffrey Dohnger

    Generic sounding for this guy.


    He still has it. Song is bad ass

  12. Dark Schneider

    My voice withstood the test of time.

  13. rockerxxx69

    what a cliche, fuck u

  14. Kitty Ceres


  15. Kitty Ceres

    I like the part where Dee was awesome .

  16. Chris Glaze

    Man Dee is still rocking hard! I didn't even know this came out, but I'm glad I do now! For him to still have a clear, loud, raspy rock voice through the years of touring is incredible and his positive lyrics and positive interviews continue to bring him credit. What an absolute rock king!

  17. 김용문

    우와 WoW

  18. Xander Meggs

    Here comes the Dee!!

  19. Braun Jackson

    I needed this

  20. Ani Mal

    Don't stop dee.

  21. Snack Time

    this video is dull, but holy hell is this song awesome

  22. GunsJager

    One of my favorite metal albums of 2019 \m/ Thank you Dee!!

  23. Riff85

    dee, héro of metal !!

  24. Painkiller95

    the guy is 64 and his voice is still powerful as fuck

  25. Provocunt !

    strong theory: Alice Cooper is just Dee Snider without makeup

  26. Thomas Paul

    i miss twisted sister

  27. Thomas Paul

    best rock song i ever herd thes year and im one of the best rock fans ever


    this is guy is 64!

  29. Michelle Neelie

    Love this! Just goes to show you, true badassery never gets old.

  30. Juventud2222

    I met Dee after a show he did in 'Rock Of Ages' on Broadway, he came outside and stood on the sidewalk and took photos with fans like the rest of the cast.

  31. Ederson Carlos da Silva

    E quando vc acha q o cara não consegue fazer melhor ainda!!!!ele aparece e destrói!!😈👏👏

  32. Angel Garcia

    Joder que bueno saludos desde España

  33. lovin every minute of it

    Lol....just posted he was a storm in this new music...see I know my rock and roll...I didn't use Joan Jett's name for nothing....I love ROCK and ROLL...

  34. Dezső Sárközi


  35. Interferencia Somnífera

    Still rock on!

  36. Papa Harambus I

    Check out Brendon smalls become the storm :3 but this is pretty smoothly cut together

  37. Roll With The TROLL!

    Ive been a HUGE fan since the put out Stay Hungry.. This new one is his BEST work, in my opinion.

  38. Josencius 73

    Benditas recomendaciones, esto es la polla * - *

  39. Røbbieperdida

    That's a great song, proud of Dee until the end 💪

  40. kris pana

    я фен

  41. jose lagos


  42. Praetor Iudex

    Keep rocking Dee! ❤️ from 🇫🇮

  43. Kairu Otaku

    Good to see Dee is still going!

  44. Isabelle Bräuer

    Ich bin dein van sing so weiter .Bin schon 9.

  45. m jb

    He stoll puttin out great tunes.

  46. Bangcat

    The man who demolished censorship against music when a bunch of politicians let their house wives try to pull the trigger.

    Be thankful the censor queens lost, for if they won that battle, they would've incited bloody war.

  47. Juliano B. A.


  48. Inter Loper

    Old age goals.

  49. T Bone

    Living legend

  50. Dee Fieds

    Ive been a fan from day one!! Dee your voice ignites my soul!!!!

  51. Жор

    Шнайдер красавела

  52. Lars-Inge Karlsson

    461 personer är inte värdiga. 461 persons are not worthy

  53. KillSwitchNY

    Great messages all throughout "For The Love Of Metal". Awesome 80's heavy metal resurgence. Although I actually like the album version better than this video one.

  54. Juan and done!

    Dee! Help south Texas flood!

  55. kurisu7885

    Damn, dude's still got it.

  56. Егор Бероев

    Молодец Ди.Верен стилю и традиции.Мелодичный коммерческий рокешник!!!🎯👌

  57. Charles Youngs

    Dee and ozzy should do a song ya know before its too late! Two greats! Love dee and his new shit good stuff pops!

  58. Apolo

    look like moises druida in the montain

  59. Samhaim1234

    Why this have 450 dislikes? Crazy people

  60. Juan and done!

    I need to cry on his shoulders

  61. Zack Garner

    Regardless of his age it's good to see someone pursuing what they've always wanted to do

  62. Toxichammertoe

    Man this reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s... GI Joe, C.O.P.S., Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Voltron, Exosquad, even X-Men! Alot of them had rocker themes for their opening music!!!!!

  63. Matt Irwin

    THIS IS FUCKING METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Tommy Hicks

    Pushion for the Million Awesome work Dee

  65. Hazem al-Attar

    Dee Snider is the metal storm, long live Dee 👊

  66. Michael Pace

    Welcome to MALTA Metal GOD xx

  67. jimmy byrd

    Wtf??? Didnt see this comin!! Solid sound, aggressive-this needs to be played loudly. Cant wait to hear the whole album.

  68. Father and sons Rc and gaming

    A true icon!!!!

  69. Sun Phoenix

    Dee and weed is what we need

  70. Stefan Walser

    still the sickest mother of all........thumbs up......

  71. Sean Steele

    Respect and cheers to this man for being a force born of himself and defending Metal and Hard Rock like he did and does. Stand up and be counted like Dee Mother Fucking Snider. I am, I'm me.

  72. De Stoffel

    lyrics would be awesome.. just saying

  73. Lori Emond

    Settings to

  74. Chris Bush

    This Rock's. Love it! \,,/ \../

  75. Soulcleave

    huh. i was expecting some old school rock, but this is some killer metal

  76. Dardan Rexhepi

    A great rockin’ metal song.

  77. Mark Burns

    Nice air guitar , Dee ;)

  78. Da Ve

    I want to hear The Beast re recorded and a better mix to go with it.🤘🤘Guitars are way too thin

  79. machopi

    Well, at least dude's still trying.

  80. Rick G

    Go Dee Go!

  81. Rob Hanhart

    958.537 views on 18-04-2019, Go for the 1.000.000 Dee!!

  82. WastedYouth

    Epic Album!

  83. Jacob Ari

    almost hit 1 million, I'm happily doing my part !!

  84. Erin Yasmin

    Sounds like BLACK VEIL BRIDES...hehe..

  85. Uncle Eddie

    Extremely underrated. 🤐

  86. Spidercat

    You are cool, old man.

  87. Bruno Carvalho

    THIS is Metal

  88. Shayne O'Neill

    Throwing a view in for our boy Dee. Almost there!

  89. Peter Gray

    The man is immense!! Hope I look as good at 64 as Dee does!

  90. AeWingnut

    I loaned out my copy of Strangeland never got it back


    Captain Howdy Mother Fuckers!!!

  91. Howard Horning III

    Liked Boooyaaaaaaaah

  92. stephen blakely

    Come on metalheads let's help Dee get 1mill views! This album's kicks ass!

  93. Magicaparanoia

    Stick it to the fucken man

  94. Magicaparanoia

    It’s crazy how little his voice has changed.

  95. Jamie Schaap

    Well just because you said “boys and girls” in your tweet. No kidding, you are amazing!!!!

  96. Carl Hose

    Dee rocks all the time. Seriously. Still relevant after all these years. What's Tipper doing these days?

  97. Jedi Ethan

    Were not gonna take it!!!

  98. Matt Morbid


  99. Marla Blaney

    i love the lyrics!