Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (Moby Remix) Lyrics

See through me
See through me
Spin spin sugar

I'm everyone - I feel used,
I'm everyone - I need you,
I want perfection - I'm real need,
I've seen attention - See through me,

Call on me - Spin spin sugar
Crawl on me - Spin spin sugar
Stinks on me - Spin spin sugar
Twists for me - Spin spin sugar

I'm everyone - Hang your label on me,
I'm everyone - Paint it black and white and easy,
I'm everyone - Sticks in me,
I'm everyone - Sticks with me,
I've seen attention - See through me,
I want perfection - I'm real need,

Call on me - Spin spin sugar
Crawl on me - Spin spin sugar
Stinks on me - Spin spin sugar
Twists for me - Spin spin sugar

Call on me - Spin spin sugar
Crawl on me - Spin spin sugar
Stinks on me - Spin spin sugar
Twists for me - Spin spin sugar

(Spin spin sugar)

I love spin sugar it's been around

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Sneaker Pimps Spin Spin Sugar (Moby Remix) Comments
  1. 1997 NBA Finals

    2020 and im still still listening to it like it was the 90s

  2. NSDQ160th

    This 1 kicks ass better than the original.....

  3. Wade Monteith

    Wow great music 2020

  4. Chris Fusco

    Happy New Year

  5. Brad McNaughton

    1:30 That hook has me vibing ✨

  6. Rene Castro

    Club Roxy’s 1998 best year of my life!!!

  7. House Max

    Speed Garage, Underground House style.

  8. Dre Boogs

    Goosebumps @ 2:39...This era raised me into dance music.

  9. Tanya Katherine

    This song would always come on at my old job and it reminds me of walking through the place at closing in the summertime downtown lol good memories

  10. Terrence Tinsley

    The DOPEST rave track ever and the first one that totally blew my mind and started my expansion from the industrial scene into the rave scene.

  11. Sean King

    Is love to use that gloryhole,😆

  12. Gbob Zburner

    Oh shit! You know its the 90's, there is a little plastic white table thing on that rotting pizza that was made to keep the pizza box from caving in when the delivery guy stacked them.

  13. Ike Does Stuff

    Professional widow

  14. Melissa Renee

    Bought the single back when it was released.
    I know my neighbors probably hated me for playing this track to death back in the day.
    By far, the best remix of this song...

  15. Arolpro 007 c2

    RISE FM... :V

  16. Zengine

    sounds like a 2014 tune

    Robby Bobby Robby


  17. RL Rod

    Seriously one of the best remixes ever. Still spins my suga

  18. Joe Escobar

    Sugar! Spin spin sugar! Sugar's dope and it ain't no joke.

  19. Venia CZ

    9 fakin minutes

  20. mun day

    Wanted by unsolved mysteries: myntrose sun pimps wearing sneakers hoodlums HTOWN 97

  21. mun day

    This is love ❤️

  22. mun day

    I say no less more know

  23. mun day

    I was wearing those black latform shoes boots heels at the race at rave night at some 9 teen 'ninwty seven Anno domini a.D. at the Dance floor on BEST TAB'S TABBLETS CAPS UF SURFERS ROLLS

  24. mun day

    Attention everyone! Siren sounds to alert All EMPLOYEES! The Dashers are entering the lipstick saloon! LOOK FIERCE YET HUMBLY MODEST

  25. mun day

    I've seen aaaaatttteeention !!!!

  26. mun day

    I'm every one

  27. mun day


  28. mun day

    Paaaccckkked 🏠 Some nite raver night at some THANK YOU ^_^:-):'(

  29. mun day

    Leroy degrace spiinnners...not sure of the some raver dress to impress EVENING

  30. Gustavo Lira

    Wooow NYC i msss you, Limelight.

  31. RedRider BBGun

    Heard the remix in a club, back in 97, before I ever heard the original.
    Immediately went out and bought the c.d. single with the original and all the remixes on it.
    Totally hated the original, Lol....Armand really killed it.
    Guess I'm just not much of a Pimps fan.

  32. Silvers Davis

    "Im everyone, I feel used, I'm everyone, I need YOU!

  33. omar ruiz

    I found out about this song from ddr max on the ps2 ...yes that's right!!!

  34. Jeff Collom

    I rock this in my 92 eclipse turbo

  35. Michael Tillery

    Looking for the compilation cd this was on. Had a track that had sound boy this is for the sound boy in its lyrics. Driving me crazy because I can’t find it. HELP! lol

  36. Bill Lumburg

    Was there an alternate music video of this on liquid television that had people with pink mouse heads on?

    Bill Lumburg

    I found it, but it’s not quite like I remember.

  37. RRI 75

    Who's here November 2019😍😎👍🤜🤛

  38. Jade Nelson

    2019 still here

  39. DaveyTheDJ

    This song takes me back!!!🖒👌

  40. Hoggarth The Wise Smeagol

    She has one sexy mouth!

  41. jason Shores

    Bloody hell, I remember 97, I was 20 and all my friends were 21 so they would all go to the clubs and I couldn't, so I went to raves and house parties. Took a lot of Ecstasy and LSD and danced my ass off. Meet some amazing people, went to parties that I look back at and wonder how I am still alive, I miss those days and I would go back if I could. The world is shit now. Everyone is so divided, there's no hope left. Back in the '90s there was still the optimism that the world would get better, people would aspire to be more, to be better. Instead we have, in America at least, a reality television personality in the Whitehouse, Nazi's are making a comeback dressed up as nationalists, vanity is valued over sincerity. Let's just say fuck it and go back.

    Robby Bobby Robby

    The UK's taken a swing to the right too. Not good times but I have faith that good times will ultimately rule!

  42. jay izquierdo

    cant find my vicks inhaler

  43. Gina2190

    Nathan way / tascos warehouse London 1992/3 ....lazerdrome too ..... 💕

  44. DonalD MagneSS

    You tube and NSA shut the fuck up about space and storage shit ripped off art of mine now i will get rid of people that are taking up too much time money space....and when they are fucking gone all around you can try and stop gravity as the weapon fuck with me and i will send a gravity pike right up your ass ...

  45. Sidney Ribeiro

    Double Face... 1997!

  46. Deanne

    Goldie oldie man!!! Thank you SO MUCH for posting.....I'd forgotten about this AMAZING song!!!

  47. Innaman Joubert

    Like the Irish would say what a feckin good track.

  48. azz666

    extremely 90s

  49. Sylent Menace

    Im everyone put a label on me im everyone painted black and white and easy!....lyrics!

  50. Jessica DarknessTwin

    Love the 90's grew up in the 90's

  51. james ray

    When the beans are extra dirty and you gotta have that pepto milkshake on the ready

  52. Laurence Fegan

    At last...a song about a candy floss machine...

  53. Matt Blaze Raven-Flame

    Why am I the only 12 year old here? XD
    13 now

  54. Vision33r

    Lucky for me I got to see Armand Van Helden a few times in person playing this song back in the 90s. I just wish the 90s that left me, it was such a different time. People mind their own business and enjoy music and culture. Today, there's so much hate and eating is a recreational hobby and not clubbing or going to raves like the 90s.

  55. imreallytired

    This song is obviously inspired by drug inducing vibes alot of that New York scene

  56. alessandro violi

    Excellent leaking!!!!

  57. Freddie Can't Dance

    Rise FM brought me here..

  58. Akinkunmi Cook

    Still fresh! Armand the god yo!

  59. Rosanne Rosanne

    I was at a strip club once in 1999 and saw this coked up chick dancing to this song and it’s ruined it for me ever since. And this video isn’t helping. Those fangs!! That unsanitary mirror licking! I’m out.

  60. Emily Burdick

    This video is kind of creepy

  61. Mirella Skylab

    PQP como.procurei essa música 😍😍😍

  62. Alan Partridge

    When pills were pills 💊

  63. Robert Villarreal

    Sneaker Pimps - maybe you can Help HOU Inventory Response Manhattan Emergency

    Robert Villarreal

    HOU-Trumps Trucks Canal Maybe The Answer

    Robert Villarreal

    We need our NPIC Here , Welfare 225th 57th then maybe Trump and Manhattan can have their Kings&Queens Here Permanent

    Robert Villarreal

    Isn't this video something Jaurez Curve DFW Sling JFK-Precinct

  64. Celso Castillo


  65. Sophia Marie

    Published in 2008 been around since early 90's - 2000

  66. Sean Watson

    Im still coked up!

  67. Milton Lemus


  68. MsAgnostica Goes Quantum


  69. Mike Spiegelhalder

    Oh im a Öls men i vorginge y

  70. Lenny

    Give me a pill !

  71. Tyler Aryu

    Armand van Helden is a great DJ.

  72. Muhamet Ukperaj

    AMAZING! 90's Florida scene Original

  73. rabXS

    I didn't like Armands professional widow remix but this, THIS magnificent creation, oh my gosh....!! This is pure brilliance ; the beat and the vocals are magnificent. Brilliant video for this CheekyG2...! A*

  74. TheChill4u

    DDR Extreme 2 Brought Me Here!!!

  75. c d

    Light Bar, Wolverhampton 1997 🥰🤸💃🕺👯

  76. c d

    Omg year 11 memories! GCSE mock exams 1997 😫


    so does this mean you gotta hit this?

    c d

    @CHI CHI JHAMES Don't know what you mean 🤷

  77. Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More

    Love to see a modern remix of this version


    No way in hell no thanks. You could never better this...!!!

  78. Daniel Garcia

    #Spotify The United States of America does not have girls like Elin.
    *points up*

  79. Daniel Garcia

    God.This brings me right back to moment that my friend Elin shared this with me. Fucking Amal was a good movie.

  80. Daniel Garcia


  81. Golden Glove

    the base on this mix is amazing especially blaring out from Warsaw ballroom lol..,the walls trembled

  82. Виктор Федоров


  83. Виктор Федоров


  84. John Ortiz

    Chun li

  85. John Ortiz

    Drop what benz off . perra running me dry

  86. John Ortiz

    Chun li

  87. Classified

    The Dark Garage Mix....... Hrmmmm.

  88. cq33xx

    So Armand basically took a good song and ruined it irreversibly?

  89. ajcub225

    The original Club 96

  90. Pattonmacarnold Tacoma

    I think this gave me a brain tumor thanks.l


    2019 anyone????. . Still spinning my sugars !!

    Jason Wood

    Almost 2020 !

  92. smartpixlp

    The nineties rave scene -what a journey!

  93. Warren davies

    Seen them live fucking amazing followed by finley quaye wow early 2000

  94. Sue Feasey

    Love sneaker pimps

  95. Chelle Tate

    Love this shit!

  96. Tina

    Man, I raved SOO hard to this song and happy to find it again. THANK YOU!!!

  97. Li Sa

    2019 anyone?..