Sneaker Pimps - In The Blue Lyrics

This insomnia's breaking my heart

Oh night, bright light
Oh my angel where are you, tonight?
My heart bleeds red
No-one here but the roach...
In my head (in my head)
In my head (in my head)
In my head (in my head)

Distant roar of a motor bike
Speeding to a different place
I wonder what dieings like
God help me
God help me
God help me, I think I'm drowning in this taste

Now I'm out of cigarettes
The sky looks ugly and I get soaking wet
The lookless faces look like my fears
Flood the world
Flood the world
Flood the world with my tears

So come on baby, tell me I'm wrong
Give me your fairy tales about those lucky freaks
I tell you lady, it won't be long
I think I've had more than the doctor said to take

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Sneaker Pimps In The Blue Comments
  1. Dev Aasheesh

    Why aren't the views in the millions for this gem? C'mon ppl..push it out there, let's bring back the good with a more than ever.

  2. Nat Asmai

    Kelli Ali - what an enigmatic, haunting, melodically malevolent voice she has...her tempo and timing are flawlessly brilliant - I hope she's still performing...

  3. 5burowz

    They really made some dope music back in the day

  4. ElevatorMusicChannel

    Bad @r$e

  5. Ether

    How do his lyrics capture the plight of a single, religious woman so well? It's as if he is one... weird.

  6. Kaevisti00

    Kelli needs to keep doing what she's been doing since "Rocking Horse" came out. That's what she needs to do. That new sound of hers is f*cking badass.

    Miles Tang

    Kaevisti00 her Band of Angels album was sick -- a return to her roots in a way. And her new one, Ghostrider, seems experimental but still within her realm. It's a good time to be a fan.

  7. Marla Reyna

    but they still sound fuking awesome

  8. Marla Reyna

    ya kelli needs to come bACK

  9. yuriko189

    LOVE the bass in this song

  10. charmed1ify

    i love sneaker pimps with kelli...the sound had a more relaxed and chilled out sound to it!!!!

  11. kiloxray1

    best trip hop band ever................

  12. soundping

    This track came from "Roll On (Single)" from SP.

    I'm not seeing anymore info about this track.
    Roll On (Single) track list.
    01 - Sneaker Pimps - Roll On
    02 - Sneaker Pimps - Johnny
    03 - Sneaker Pimps - In The Blue
    04 - Sneaker Pimps - Roll On (Line Of Flight Mix)