Sneaker Pimps - Bloodsport Lyrics

I want to be a kid again
Combed down hair and Sunday best
See me staying out bunking school
Knowing wrong from right just rules

I wish I'd never seen your face
"Better door than window" phase
I need an echo, not your praise
Straying from the point you nailed

My mother, my mother, my mother never told
My mother, my mother, my mother never told me
Love is just a bloodsport
Love is just a bloodsport

'Cause love is just a bloodsport
Love is just a bloodsport

Sex and love is not a game
A game is something you can win
Maybe something kind of fun
'Cause love is just a bloodsport, son

My mother, my mother, my mother never told
My mother, my mother, my mother never told me

Never told me
Never told me

'Cause love is just a bloodsport
Love is just a bloodsport
'Cause love is just a bloodsport
Love is just a bloodsport

'Cause love is just a bloodsport
Love is just a bloodsport
'Cause love is just a bloodsport
Love is just a bloodsport

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Sneaker Pimps Bloodsport Comments
  1. Hay Stack

    is this a video or a movie lol its awsome

  2. Michael Rose

    No Kelli?


    This was one of the greatest albums I ever purchased. The dark energy throughout is still very exciting for me!

  4. Mauricio Perdomo

    Can u fix quality sound at 2019 ? 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Jose Useche

    Medellín antes si era una cosa de locos y todavía lo es y lo seguirá siendo!! The love just a bloodsport 🔥🔥💥

  6. Lorena Porta

    Muy buena peli y bella mujer.saludo de argentina

  7. kaburlinski1

    I like it to

  8. Crystal Nibarger

    It's so weird that the girl's not in the group anymore however a song isn't that bad without her.

    H T

    Crystal Nibarger agree! It’s just a spot in the 90s I’ll never give up. There is no music like this around anymore.

  9. Fedka The Convict

    Who is the vocal?


    Chris Corner from IAMX and Sneaker Pimps

  10. /d/ZDW

    lol, it was Agent Smith from Matrix ? very bad quality of video. someone have better?

    Freggitt Legamint

    Even for 2012 this is fucking horrible.

  11. Natalia Acosta

    Me encanta.

  12. Isabella Gutierrez Ballesteros

    Me encato la pelicula al igual que las canciones

  13. Joshua Savannah

    Cant vibe this now. Lead singer is lame.

  14. CURTIS8516

    A one of the best dance songs ever made.

  15. Fernanda Dias


  16. Luz Silva

    This song is sensual, very sensual.

  17. Bossjaffrey

    Hard af

  18. Peter Healy

    Dull, Dull... Dull... without that certan lady!

  19. juan andres berrio jimenez

    is the soundtrack of the great colombian movie rosario tijeras and it is based on a real story from the 80's


    like what? where did you get that from?

  20. Ibrahim Ali

    I would like Them do remix all this stuff with Keli Ali. Its ok boys you'll still have the publishing rights but your song's are irrelevant without Keli. Sorry your a song writer not a lead singer. Lets see what Keli can do with this.

    Peter Healy

    @IsFreizaABoyOrGirl... .or you're too thick to see the obvious. These guys were talented dweebs - who threw the baby out of the bathwater because her talent and sexual chrisma made them look like wallpaper. So they got rid of her. Not her fault they're so dull and she was so magnetic.

    Storm photography

    IsFriezaABoyOrGirl I don't think he knows what he's on about either. Fucking Kelli Ali fan boy. Her solo stuff is absolute trash

  21. Isabeau Kellenbarger

    Can anybody tell me where to find the red dress thy girl is wearing

    Liz Escobar

    Isabeau Kellenbarger flora Martinez

    Mauricio Perdomo

    Medellín, Colombia

  22. Valerie Hade

    Candy helps



  24. Seekarr

    Good song, but they should have had their female singer sing it, she was fantastic.


    Seekarr Kelli Ali went on and did her own thing (shes releasing a new album this month)

    H T

    She was untouchable with her entire vibe in this band. Glad to see her doing her own thing ♥️

  25. Ruth Visset

    what movie is this video from?

    Orianna shippuden

    Ruth Visset rosario tijeras

  26. Gio Cino

    Aurais trop aimé vous voir en live à ce moment là !!!!!!!!!

  27. Vanesa Will

    unaaa chiiiiimb**** prendaloooooo

  28. Wilson23

    What a lame song. And it's after Becoming X album. Sad.

  29. Kurt-Brown Saint-Ram-Bone Mobile Audit Club

    Every drug takes a different chemical pathway. All recreational drugs are the slave path for the user addict. Some are worse. Insanity comes st 10 dollars a hit for the clutch in the video.

    A better video would be seeing a fdic rapist with a needle and stun gun getting his head cut off

  30. Marcus Böhm

    i still love this song ... after all this years its hot.

    Tommy Boy

    Thanks for the love

  31. Dan Underwood

    Man, it's been forever since I heard this song and I've never seen the vid. Good song.

    Tommy Boy

    Glad you still enjoy it

    Dan Underwood

    For sure, bro. Thanks for posting this.

  32. Edward Gordon

    Baskets brought me here

  33. Clayton greenwell

    who put this together? I know its from a movie but I wonder who realized it was great for the song. great editing on their part

    Isabeau Kellenbarger

    Clayton greenwell what movie


    Colombian movie called Rosario Tijeras, you can watch it on youtube, or even buy it. It is about an assassin and escort girl from Medellin-Colombia in the 80's. Great movie!! very realistic and explicit.

    Luis Estrada

    Clayton greenwell Rosario Tijeras is the movie and the song comes out in the club scene seen at the beginning of the video and u can watch this on YT or Netflix if its still there i saw it on Netflix

  34. Öylesine Böylesine

    Bedava lsd kafası.

  35. Sharon De Marcelo

    Love the song!💜🎶

  36. Jose Heredia

    This video and song rules

  37. Alberto Patino

    Excelente te doy un 10. Tanto tiempo buscando estas escenas en esta canción.... Para revivir aquellos momentos que ya por circustancias de la vida nunca más se darán o volverán. ....

  38. Hot2beLatin Barrett

    drugs sucks


    Rudy Barrett its called moderation and self control. keep yourself to a pattern of use and you can enjoy them while not allowing them to rule you.


    this of course works only if you are psychologically stable. Best to start down a path of enlightenment before using them to make sure your inner "demons" are taken care of.

  39. Hannah Bara

    love the song... sneaker pimps are the best ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  40. sully katie

    thats not love, thats sex

    nesox lewelder

    No, that is murder. With this song it's lovely.

  41. babygurl boyd

    Is this the official video?

    Daniel Angarita

    No, these are images of a great Colombian Movie, “Rosario Tijeras“

    Jose Heredia

    Daniel Angarita. awesome 🎥

  42. Alain Dsouza

    still dont know what the colors mean in this song.

  43. Marco Bermeo Álvarez

    Flora Martínez, una muy buena interpretación en "Rosario Tijeras"

  44. ღ Shook ღ

    Fuuuuck, I love this song.

    Sunday Vandall

    +вℓαςк fαиgιяℓ =)..and what else?

  45. Alpaca Male

    No wonder Kaká went to shit, always sniffing cocaine

    Roberto Pérez

    jajajajaja great joke

  46. 51MontyPython

    This is kinda dark.

    Vivian Shadiva

    I think its just their music vid, not scenes from a film.


    @Lili Romero

    Ly Be

    Those are scenes from the movie "Rosario Tijeras"

    1M2 MWM

    is a colombian movie.... Rosario tijeras is the name of it ....


    Flora Martínez is stunningly beautiful.

  47. Raul Veloz Valdez

    Rosario Tijeras, encarna un segmento de la sociedad en decadencia de Medellin en los años 80's, cuando seres intracendentes viven y mueren sin trascendencia alguna por el vicio y el sicariato.


    todos son intrascendentes

  48. Francis Kralovec

    Oh yeah baby... cocaine out of a wallet... Welcome back to 1991. ThUUUUUUMbs up. MMMMMMMMM.. Cocaine.

  49. fidel guevara

    flora martinez lo mejor de lo mejorcito de colombia

    Thierry Gautier


  50. Tina Ho

    Such a sexy song. I play this all the time in my car. Although I still like Kelli Ali's singing better.

  51. Tristan Woodson

    Good song to have sex to. I have tried it, works good. :) 

    William Love

    @Andrew Williams Probably not something to be proud of...



    Jose Heredia

    ben woods it does work my woman was crazy while this song was playing lmao

    Jose Heredia

    @***** you tell them ma'am

  52. Nayeli Love

    What movie

    JuJu VmDesign

    Rosiaro Tijeras

  53. Tatiana Ramírez

    Rosario Tijeras, Solo talento Colombiano ♥

  54. Jhonatan Villarreal


  55. orangevideo

    Fantastic track......pedestrian video

  56. barbara2219

    I m from poland end this is my favorite film , i love this film .

  57. barbara2219

    Rosario Tijeras

  58. barbara2219

    rewelacja , kocham tą piosenke .

  59. paulina Arango

    Rosario Tijeras, it's a colombian movie.

  60. Steven Victores

    When I was 15 this and Six Underground where played constantly on the radio. As far as I know their are no more radio stations that play this style of music. I live in miami and the stations are 25% hip hop 50% Salsa and 25 percent easy listening. with only one classic rock station, and no experimental electronic music, just techno trance trash.


    Same here, I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the radio stations here play nothing
    but top 40 crap. And never get any original bands come here either. Just middle of
    the road shit! I also like Chris Corner's solo stuff IAMX.


    It's sad. I remember in Elementary thru High school here in Central Florida we had awesome Trance n Breakbeats. Up until 2010 there was the Saturday Night Dance Party on XL106.7 where they played awesome old school hits.

    Freggitt Legamint

    Radio died after TRL.

  61. Darth Toon

    my mother never told me


    Me too.

  63. Alvaro Corleone

    I love this song ♥♥

  64. Akadiane

    The movie is "Rosario Tijeras"

  65. stacy princess

    at 2:18, isn't that the "Frankie Goes To Hollywood" guy?