Smokie - You Don't Care Lyrics

The day I went away was a day to remember
The call of freedom's voice sounded sweet in my ear
My head was in the clouds on that rainy September day

A tear was in your eye as I walked down the hallway
You didn't seem to move as I passed by your face
You know I'd tell a lie if I said didn't need you now

But you don't care, you don't care, you don't care anymore
Now you say that you don't want me home
What's the use of it all, now there's nothing worth mending
It was wrong now it can't be undone

Now here I stand alone, and I know I don't like it
My mind keeps going back to the times that we knew
But that was long ago, and I know you don't want me now

I wish that love was never ending
You'd be a fool to disagree
But now there's no use in pretending
Never ending
For me

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Smokie You Don't Care Comments
  1. LP–Class

    Красивую оригинальную песню сочинили сыграли и спели Терри и Алан

  2. Edward Yanchang

    i might need more smokie song videos...

  3. TheKalipse

    @MsDaria1990 But sounds,like here is singing Alan silson... :)

  4. Darieta Band

    This song was sung by Terry Uttley, I found it of booklet from this CD

  5. TheKalipse


  6. janimarie

    It sure doesn't sound like Chris Norman singing on here....?????? Just cause it is on that CD doesn't mean it is from the original group of smokie...

  7. That's Music

    Yes, is with Chris Norman.

  8. janimarie

    This isn't with Chris Norman, is it?

  9. DixielandEli

    Xaxa, that's what I've been thinking lately. Shining bright and makin' me smile like no one else could.

  10. pinolobu

    I've found all 3 of my favourites off that 1979 album - thank you thank you thank you!!!