Smokey Robinson - Wedding Song Lyrics

What once was a dream
Will now become
Two hearts
Will now be one, hey

Were gonna write the book on happiness
Pages that time cannot erase
Starting here and now, oh...
Starting here and now, oh...
From this time and place

Oh, what a beautiful day
To take a vow
Pray that the things that we say
Will last from now on
I do take you for mine

Were gonna lock our lives together now
Unshakable, unbreakable embrace
Starting here and now
Starting here and now
Starting here and now
From this time and place

What love has joined together
Only love can put asunder
And we are
What love has joined together

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Smokey Robinson Wedding Song Comments
  1. Prophet Lola Marie

    Our song ❤️

  2. Antoine Pine

    Really 1 oF thE mosT

  3. 1realonealwayz Sweetlikehoney

    Where gonna write the of love🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎵my fav song when I get married ❤❤❤💟💟💋💋

  4. James Kalaveras


  5. Richard Julius

    My Holleys...Coute/Lynn/Yvonne/Paule/Ro

  6. Imani M

    Hearing this beautiful song today for the first time! So beautiful! I love Smokey! 💞🎶 This is what r&b is supposed to be about.

    Charles Curry

    It's off the "quiet storm" album. You should check it out.

  7. Nisey Davis

    Wow , this smokey track is my heart to a special WOMAN!... JUST BEAUTIFUL

  8. Mattie Mears

    My wedding song 2016

  9. christina Castillo

    Ccchhhooowww I love You Ruben

  10. christina Castillo

    Im going to make it my wedding song Ruben & Christina Lopez

  11. christina Castillo

    One of my favorite classics I love ALL Smokey Robinsons he is a legend beyond music ....

  12. Lanier White

    my wedding song

  13. Joseph Dominguez

    A dream song

  14. rollerchickable


  15. Mark Martinez

    I am the pipe layer

    Divad Cur

    Mark Martinez you got problems man !!!

  16. Mark Martinez

    Played this at all 3 of my weddings. Hopefully #4 will be the last


    @turtlepuff1 🤣 might need a new song (just kidding) love your comment 💯

    Rico Dameron

    Dam. Lol 😆

  17. Gee Lok

    Nine years with mine, 8 years incarcerated, I love you my penguin Vanessa

  18. Ruth Blanding

    This was the song for played for at my wedding reception on 12/05/15

  19. Dodge-Mopar-Man

    This Song Was Done For Jermaine and Hazel Jackson at Their Wedding.

    Lanier White

    yes it was

  20. darealsoserious

    beautiful music!!!

  21. Bertiex3

    My new husband and I had this beautiful song as our first dance song. 03/11/17

  22. Darnell Davis

    this is one of many great song writers...we all are bless to be a culture with love

  23. Richard Chacon

    I'm gonna play this at my wedding😃

    Cairo Collins

    Richard Chacon played it at my wedding on Oct 16, 1999. Perfect song for a perfect day to marry a perfect woman.

  24. gengar_ate_me

    sick ass jam

    James Wood

    To zector, fuck you, you fuckin faggot, eat dog shit and die you worthless piece of shit.

    Beth Jeter

    u jealous ass

    James Wood

    @Beth Jeter are you referring to me, james or zector

    Rev. Faith E. Cobb

    I was just looking at the messages as I know that this is a beautiful song that I will either play at my wedding or reception; I will also recommend it to others. However, I have been on this earth for a long time and I can tell you that Zector meant it was a very good jam. That is likely why he did not respond to the insults. Words we sometimes use in music is "slay" when an artist does great. I do remember the time when the word "sick" means good. Because he said "jam" lets you know it is a compliment because no one calls a bad song a jam. I am sorry for everyone who responded negatively to your compliment, Zector. It is a great Jam and he slayed the lyrics while the song was smooth as butter.

  25. Emelda Lawson

    A Lovely Dream! Deferred, So Sad!

  26. Beth Jeter

    you are still my favorite. You still got it.

    Imani M

    Yes he does still have it!

  27. James Dixon Jr.

    The greatest song writer

  28. Larry Gray

    The man is a musical instruments that will never be duplicated he is a true poet .I'm glad I grew up listening to his music and all of the Motown greats.

  29. Linda Costa

    Simply lovely song!  I love it!!!!!

  30. Floyd Mason II


  31. Angel Marie

    Lovey song!


    Life Time Of Love From The Beginning !!!!! 8/31/14

  33. Mr Casper

    remember The Humming Song lost for words? cant be found on here..

    Alex Williams

    Beautiful Song and I hope one day I get a Beautiful woman in my life forever

  34. Floyd Mason II


  35. Katharine Newby

    I've always love, love, love this!!!!!....This would be my wedding song....#justmypersonalthought

  36. yesimyolie1

    10/18/80 This was our wedding song. 11/22/13 divorce will be final. This song still tears me up.

    Rev. Faith E. Cobb

    So sorry that divorce happened.

    Leonard Charles

    It's a really nice song... un-traditional but beautifully sung;the lyrics of a songwriter /artist and poet in the truest sense.

  37. llmabry

    Smokey sang this song for Jermaine and Hazel Jackson for their wedding.

  38. llmabry

    Thank you, I"ve been looking for this song for years.

  39. eharrisist

    This song made me want to get married.....Thank God I came to my senses!!! But Smokey is the only one that made me feel that way!

  40. Janice Watlington

    Can't get any better than this. Sing on Smokey, sing on.

  41. Freddie Marquez

    told myself when i was 15 that the day i got married i was going to play this song. and i ddi on a casette. had to go back run back 2 miles to get it but NEVER would have took my vow's without it.

  42. LadyP4u2

    28 yrs ago when I married, some said it wouldn't last 6 months. Little did they know we had what they didn't. Respect, love, devotion, and of course God as our head. We made an agreement in the begining of our marriage, and that was to never go to bed angry. We were also friends, and put our cards on the table. So for those who are just starting, try it. Thanks Smokey!

  43. Ydubbs81

    Or, if you were older ;)

  44. Ydubbs81

    Don't forget my boy, Luther

  45. micheal Naranjo

    fuckin firme ass rolla

  46. DezWW777

    We're playing this at our wedding. I love Smokey Robinson for so many reasons.

  47. David n Theresa Hernandez

    david ~theresa 8~9~09 i love u so much NENA!!!!!

  48. David n Theresa Hernandez

    i love you ms t!!!!! this one is 4 you

  49. wayne taylor

    i remember the good times from wayne taylor ( wayne-o) mr. blue i still love you all smokey,barry,tamala,marv,bobby roger,jimmy johnson, claudette. hope we see eachother again. MR. BLUE

  50. danny mendez

    Bad ass jam.

  51. Cher Bear

    does anyone kno the name of this song??

    Rico Dameron

    Cher Bear it's called the wedding song

  52. Donna Marquez

    Smokey is my mom's absolute favorite! What a voice!

  53. Donna Marquez

    Beautiful, dreamy song Smokey!

  54. liliana11967

    Awesome song

  55. Jesse Rivera

    this song reminds me of when i was 16. its my fav song off his quit storm album.

  56. Wesley Jacobs

    I'm not familiar with this one!!! Nice song though!!!! I'll have to listen to it a few, & see what I can do with it. & thanks for compliment!!! May the universe always hold you in its positive embrace!!!!

  57. Robert Olivares jr


  58. annette perry

    smokey sang this song for jermain jackson wedding to hazel gordy thats how far back i go.

  59. PJDooWop

    Niiice.. new to me... What a good tune.

  60. dcproject2000

    Nice, Thanks oldschoolen1

  61. djdeitch

    You can`t beat a slice of Smokey,.ktf.

  62. Mijaz Oldiez