Smokey Robinson - Baby That's Backatcha Lyrics

I put a song in your heart, so you say
Sing it out, let the world know what it's all about
If I make it possible for the impossible
To happen for you like you say, hey

Baby, that's backatcha
Baby, that's the same thing you do for me
Baby, that's backatcha
Oh, baby, that's tit for tat
I'm givin' you this for that

You're flyin' high with your head in the clouds
Trouble comes along to bust your bubble
It's not incredible when I make it credible
Things seem much better for you

Baby, that's backatcha
Baby, that's the same thing you do for me
Baby, that's backatcha
Oh, baby, that's tit for tat
I'm givin' you this for that

Baby, that's backatcha...

[?] and so, oh, baby, yeah
What it is exactly, you don't know what it is
So when you feel it, don't try to conceal it, no
Just let it happen for you

Baby, that's backatcha...

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Smokey Robinson Baby That's Backatcha Comments
  1. kelvin blankenship

    I've met jazz musicians who describe Smokey as like a woodwind instrument he uses his voice like an instrument.

  2. Lovepeaceandsoulfull right on

    I’m not sure how I forgot this song!!!!!! My folks played this a lot when I was a little girl and I think I actually had a crush on him just how this song made me feel. He’s a very handsome man of course, but for whatever reason this song turned me on!!!😝

  3. Jamar Rodgers


  4. frick poo

    Can ya dig it? Right on!!!!!!

  5. Donna Bennett

    2019 still a real classic.

  6. fluid wings

    Master at work.

  7. Mel Jr

    Ride to this

  8. Mel Jr

    I know nice song

  9. Brandon Smith

    So when you feel don't try to conceal it

  10. Andrew C

    Heard this in a McDonald’s late at night and I was transported to a greater universe


    aww one of my very favorite

  12. Asha Williams

    The King of Music


    You given me tit4tat I'm given you this 4that

  14. Everett Nava

    love Smokey. Robinson music

  15. Mary Hurtado

    You know what this was a album that was so tough I love Smokey Robinson he's one of the top of the line on my list this album had Quiet Storm Agony and the Ecstasy and baby that's back at you I love those lyrics if you know what I mean I call him Smokey baby because this man is just aging so gracefully I can't believe that he was in Las Vegas two years ago this man's voice is just like pure gold sometimes when you come back that old your voice is not the same but Smokey Robinson has been awesome his whole life and still will be baby that's back at you that's the same thing you do to me I'm giving you this and that God bless🎵🎵♥️🎶🎤

  16. Mauree Marie

    Oh baby that’s tit for tat.... I’m giving you this for that 🎤🔥🔥🔥

  17. Roosevelt McCarter

    From The LP "A Quiet Storm."

  18. Sandy Mendoza

    Smokey Robinson must be in Love. All songs are so Romantic

  19. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1975 {March 8th} Smokey Robinson performed "Baby That's Backatcha" on the Dick Clark ABC-TV Saturday-afternoon program 'American Bandstand'...
    The following month on April 19th the song entered Billboard's Top 100 chart at position #89, nine weeks later it would peak at #26 {for 1 week} and it spent eleven weeks on the Top 100...
    And on May 18th, 1975 it reached #1 {for 1 week} on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart...
    Between 1973 and 2010 the Detroit native had, as a solo artist, forty-eight records on the Hot R&B Singles chart; fifteen made the Top 10 with two* reaching #1; besides the above "Baby That's Backatcha", his other #1 record was "Being With You" for 5 weeks on March 29th, 1981...
    William 'Smokey' Robinson Jr. celebrated his 78th birthday last month on February 19th {2018}...
    * He just missed having a third #1 record when "Just To See Her" peaked at #2 {for 1 week} in 1987, and the record that kept it out of the top spot was "Always" by Atlantic Starr...
    A Personal Note: His forty-eighth and last charted record was "Love Bath", and it has to be his sexy record by far, and of course it's on You Tube...

  20. milton112


  21. Chelsey Martinez

    Love love love the Oldies all day Everyday this the Shit 💯🎭



  23. Steph Ward

    If s person born in 89 and possibly 1999 don't know Smokey's legacy idk what to tell you . #YoureJustLost #sorrynotsorry

    Jamar Rodgers

    So tardy on what tru music & artistry is..I agree

  24. Philip Bourne

    Stepping on toes and Slammin Cadillac doors.

  25. Twila Rhoades

    Another first 5th grade albums quiet storm. Circal star theater first concert. Tower of power smoky Robinson. Pointer sisters,,, back in the days.

  26. Marilyn Hardrick

    Back at you Smokey


    man this is true music at its finest. ...smokey is the best .5star player

  28. robin s

    smokey song writing skills are some of the best they don't write songs like this anymore can't help be be in a good mood when this is playing

  29. Cynthia La Nini Diaz

    dam it!! chowwwwwww! baby that's backatacha🎶🎵💋💋

    Daniel Gates

    Rite they dont make music like this one l play old's evey day ✌

  30. karma caramel

    2:20 them notes 💥i try to ooooooooo o baby yea what it is exactly u don't know what it is

  31. Juanita Brown

    this" one for my drive bye friendships, we don't need them in our life!! luv 💕Somkie💋

  32. RockDogginthehouse

    One of his best album love every song

  33. annie hamilto

    love smokey

  34. Sheila Palmer

    this is my jam

  35. Melissa Brown

    I love the flute and bongos on this one.

  36. Melecio Ramos

    The CD I Bought Brought Me Here!!! Quiet Storm...Baby Thats Back

  37. Jo Thompson

    Sing it Smokey

  38. Robert Thompson

    I totally love this!

    Gina Brown

    +Robert Thompson Me too!

  39. doc2skate

    This song is only about 4 minutes, but doesn't it seem longer?


    i need 4 more minutes yes I agree with u, its 2 short

  40. MsChicago63

    Jam, Jam Jam from my early teens!!!! When MUSIC was REAL.

    Brandon Smith

    Only music I'll listen to

  41. Charles Marcus

    I like this Old School Joint from William Smokey Robinson that came out back in May 1975 when it hit the  radio stations, he recorded this song & album back in 1974 & , the album 'A Quiet Storm' came out March 1975.

  42. lisa smith

    smoky said he's giving you tit for tat. like the old folks used to say.

    enlightened child

    lisa smith hi Lisa ... I know this is an “OLD” response, but actually he said, “...that’s tit for tat, I’m giving you this for that.” LOL 😊 But you’re right... that’s what the old folks used to say 😊

  43. lisa smith

    the flute: so awesome and underrated.

    Cris Maracana

    That's Fred Smith on the flute solo and James "Alibe" Sledge on congas and percussion

  44. Lorraine Davidson

    I can listen to this jam over and over love it baby's that backatcha

    G Jones

    i do listen to it over n over

  45. Lorraine Davidson

    U noz i love it,babe that's backatcha,love it

  46. Ruth Williams

    If only we could turn back the clock for one day. Tis sweet!!!

  47. TheAudivisioner

    One of my favorite Smokey hits.

  48. thediva3BC

    no. "Right Back At You" was around for a long time. I've heard the Marx Brothers say it. Some time in the 60s it was reduced to "backatcha"

  49. robin2012ism

    It *is* unbelievable

  50. riderfantomas

    this song is Unbelievable....!!!!

  51. Tandiweh

    Is this where the slang, "backatcha" comes from?

  52. kaczorek73

    My favourite song of all time!