Smiths, The - Asleep Lyrics

Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep
I'm tired and I
I want to go to bed

Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep
And then leave me alone
Don't try to wake me in the morning
'Cause I will be gone
Don't feel bad for me
I want you to know
Deep in the cell of my heart
I will feel so glad to go

Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep
I don't want to wake up
On my own anymore

Sing to me
Sing to me
I don't want to wake up
On my own anymore

Don't feel bad for me
I want you to know
Deep in the cell of my heart
I really want to go

There is another world
There is a better world
Well, there must be
Well, there must be
Well, there must be
Well, there must be

Bye bye
Bye bye

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Smiths, The Asleep Comments
  1. 1800-666-666

    _alone on christmas....._

  2. ヘザー

    There is another world, there is a better world.

    There must be.

    Oh there must be.

  3. Sergio Galici

    This is some legit edgy action going on here (song's awesome btw)

  4. Peter McFarlane

    Teens & twenties of today got medals etc for coming last, got entitled resources from hard working parents, never got hard 80s discipline & therefore, never built an immunity/coping mechanisms nor strategies to challenges. Just like immunity to illness, having never been exposed to it, you cannot cope. Then there is Snowflake & snow snort who are offended by everything & coke up at the weekend to escape the normality of life. THESE ASSHOLES WOULD HAVE BEEN FOOD IN CAVEMAN TIMES.!!!!!!!!! Be proud of everything Disney owns and programmed you to be & never break out...cos its just too hard!!!!!!!!! FANNIES!!!!!!!!!

  5. Adriən Evangelista

    Lydia, wherever you are, I still *love* you and think I always will.
    8 years today...

  6. It is I

    Everyone here is either here because of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, or because they wanted/wanted to die, or both. And it’s a special kind of comraderie.

  7. Manuela Schult

    I hope there's a better world...somewhere...

  8. Rock pe pâine

    This is my favorite lullaby.

  9. Brandyn Evans

    I wonder how many people offed themselves to this song. Probably hundreds

  10. FubukiSeba

    I know you don't give a shit about me anymore, but I think about you every day and night. I miss you. I really do. After all this time you still mean the world to me. I wish I could just hear your voice one more time.

  11. Natalie Ant

    I hate this world, I wish I had a friend like Morrissey, they re all fuckers..

  12. flxwercxrpse

    This is one of those songs that I instantly listen to a second of it and my eyes start tearing up

  13. Hervé Chouinard

    "I just hate
    The want."
    -One of two documents consisting of Colonel John Conrad's last written words prior to the events of Spec Ops : The Line

  14. mind_ eilish

    Dear Charlie.
    Thank you for the recommendation this song is gonna stay forever in my heart.
    Love always,

  15. mind_ eilish

    anyone else here because of the book ‘The perks of being a wallflower’

  16. Ruby Trueman

    I’ve always loved the smiths but never bothered for this song but now Charlie Sam and Patrick are in my life I like it

  17. Margarida Gomes

    Thank you Charlie
    i feel infinite

  18. Ankita Nair

    Idky but today I felt really sad again...I feel utterly lonely and sad and I want it to stop...I want to genuinely feel happy and carefree but idk how to...on some days I feel that I am overthinking things to a point where it becomes so unbearable that I feel like crying and screaming but I don't and I end up feeling so overwhelmed and it hurts ...sometimes I think that I am making myself sad and I hate myself for there something wrong with me...

  19. Jamie Hepburn

    Always gets me.
    Look after yourselves ❤️

  20. sing me to sleep i dont want to wake up anymore

    Living is such such a fucking pain I just want morrissey to sing me to sleep... and never wake up.
    Morrisseys voice is the only antidepressant I need
    The only thing keeping me alive is the thought that one dayI might get to meet johnny or morrissey. Oh what a terrible price to pay for loving someone.
    I hope there is a better world

  21. Mar Ta

    I love all of you, please don’t be sad

  22. Anon Ghost

    Sing me to sleep i'm tried of this life.

  23. Ema Lopez

    Who’s this Charlie everyone talks about hahah

    Juan José Astudillo

    the perks of being a wallflower

  24. vitória ;-;

    so eu que cai aqui por causa de dezessete mil sentidos?

  25. deadbeatgirl

    On September 1, 2018, I lost a friend to suicide. His death made a hole in my heart and soul. He had a sadness with him since he was born, he carried a burden that only he knows the weight...
    He loved this song and always asked me to listen to it, now I can't stop listening it crying thinking about him.
    Maycon Douglas, I want you to know that yes, you were enough, this cruel world that was not enough for you, I'm so sorry this world can not bring you the happiness you deserved. You were and are the purest human being I have ever known in my entire life. You deserved so much more than what this life could offer you.
    I will love you forever with all my possible strength.♡


    deadbeatgirl God bless you❤️

  26. merhaba ben brokoliyim

    yani olmak zorunda,hoşçakal

  27. Vanilla Ski

    Damn....where’s the remix wake yo arse up and stay woke right the power geez

  28. Brandon

    Who is Charlie and why is he//she so popular?? I’m here cos I love the smiths 😂😂

    Olly Wolli

    He is the maincharacter in the novel and movie "the perks of being a wallflower"

  29. Sana Memon

    Started reading the book,came across this. It’s good. Kinda soothing🙌🏻

  30. Lee Wainwright

    The greatest.

  31. Jem Jem

    اليودليييه 😔

  32. Jem Jem

    صديقتي اليودلية 😔😔😔😔😔

  33. Vj Avzone

    Life is fkd man !

  34. lilpunk31

    Im sorry the music maybe good but charlieisa weirdo...
    And he is in the mental state of a 5 year old

  35. Mr. Hodor Targaryen Jingles

    Saddest song of them

  36. inadequate yules

    i really...want to go.

  37. Lizzy L

    There is another world
    There is a better world
    Well, there must be

  38. Lizzy L

    this song takes me far away

  39. Lizzy L

    This song. Makes me think of a different time. Love this song.

  40. Gracela Aprianata

    Dear,Daniel James H

    i still love u,even though you never love me back.

  41. Mumkey Jones

    Goodnight, and goodbye.

  42. Mark from New York

    in 1993 my brother killed him self, i played this song at his funereal

  43. 1800-666-666

    _always thinking of her, and now shes gone after seven years........._


    are you okay? is this a reference i don't get?

  44. SirLoineStake Games

    This song holds such pain for me. It was the last song posted on Facebook my my former flatmate and good friend. That evening, he took his own life. The shock of that, getting that phonecall, it still hurts me more than I ever truly realise. I cannot ever disassociate this song from him and that moment.
    Earlier this year, the Netflix show Sex Education featured the song and as soon as I heard it I felt such deep emotions and I couldn't hold it back. I literally cannot listen to it anymore. I came here hoping to try and make it better but I had to pause it straight away, and I felt I had to type this to almost get a sense of closure. I never got over it.

    It was 8 years ago yesterday. I miss you, and I am sorry I could not do more for you.

  45. Joseph Stalin

    Dear ,Jackson

    I hope this song brought you a tiny bit of happiness in your final minutes. On that day I cried and I cried but I couldn’t bring you back and I knew that. I wish I could have done more but I couldn’t, it happens but we need to move on, but I still miss you. During these times as it takes a while to get over you I will not cry of sorrow I will cry because you where so great as a friend, you are off to another land and I will meet you again one day. You where my best friend and my favorite dog.

    Rest In Peace sweet doggo

  46. TheSecretPcode

    When you think the sweet release of death is the only way out, just force yourself out of your bed, go to your local park and eat an ice-cream, hear the birds chirping and the wind passing through the leaves in the trees, and let yourself be absorbed by that moment, and, just like that, even its for just one second you will have a relief on that numbing but yet saddening feeling you carry with you at all times.
    Although I'm still a teen like many of you, I can give you one advice, inercia for people who have depressive tendencies, is a sure fire away to get into a depression real quick, so if you're in a good spot right now in your mental health, don't let yourself be consumed by this ghost that hovers over so many of us.
    Also, Love your neighbor and allow yourself to feel like your deserving of the love of others, because you are!

  47. Aye Eight

    a year later, all I think about listening to this, is you Atheer

  48. Tatenda Kutadza

    I know this is probably getting old and annoying, but I'm still going to say it. Thanks for the recommendation Charlie

  49. TheBeatCollector

    I was there - stay off the drugs, you pay in the long run! Be kind to yourself - a 48 yr old man that got passed it!

  50. Vicky Ramírez

    Dear Charlie & The Smiths,

    All I want to say, is that I love this song since I started reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I was a 17 year-old with lots of insecurities and doubts, and this song is what kept me feeling like if someone understood what I was going through because I felt I couldn't tell anyone about my feelings. I isolated myself in school and ended up alone like the person who caused that in me wanted me to be, and this song was what made me fall asleep, waiting for another terrible day to begin...

    I am 21 now, and I can say things get so much better when you learn from your mistakes, you got to fall in order to grow wiser and stronger, now I know what kind of people I can keep in my life and what kind of people I should stay away from, it was hard for my 17 year-oldself to understand that, and she felt everything was crumbbling around her, but things get better... And I can say I am very proud of the person I am now and the way I changed. I regard this song with so much happiness because it reminds me of how much I've grown in these 5 years :3

    Thank your The Smiths and thank you Charlie, for being there for me when I didn't let anyone else to be by my side, love you always,

    A friend :)

    New Babies

    Thanks for your story

  51. Karma Karma

    Ok i introduced this song to myself. No one cares about charlie or even my comment. Just listen to the damn song.

  52. Iirem kiiper

    I am looking for songs in the tape

  53. Anjuu

    Só quem viu as vantagens de ser invisível sabe em q cena toca essa msc hahahaha

  54. Carolina De Loera

    Thanks Charlie... 🍁

  55. Henrique Lucas

    Quando eu venho até aqui é por que estou muuuito na merda.

  56. g u i

    vazio existencial

  57. Tamires Silva

    I feel so glad to go...

  58. CNVideos

    And it ends with Auld Lang Syne, which in Chinese society is considered a song of death and funerals.

  59. OhMotiion 456

    I’ve heard this song before and I can’t remember where from. Specifically the piano part and it’s not from perks of being a wallflower

  60. exovipL

    Im listening to this again. Maybe to find comfort? That dying is so much better? I hope it gets better, but idk i hope they play this at my funeral

  61. Aline Navegantes

    I recently lost the most important person in my life, my grandma was my everything. During my last days at the hospital, she started to ask me to sing to her... She never really liked to listen to music, so I wasn't expecting to hear that from her. I had to leave her in her last days because I lived in another state, and had to finish my MA. She kept calling my name after I left, for days... Until she stopped eating and her heart slowly stopped beating. Now after all the suffering, she is finally asleep. And I listen to this song and it feels like she is singing it to me. I feel like I am now completely alone in our fucked up world. I really hope there is another world, a better world...

    Dead Bruh

    Goddamn this was agonizing to read, I'm so sorry u had to go through that. RIP ur grandma. I hope u feel better now tho :)) I lost my grandmother too and it was awful so I understand

    Aline Navegantes

    @Dead Bruh thanks for your comment. It still hurts a lot. But now I'm about to start a work where I can impact people and make their lives better. I think my grandma would be so proud of me, that's what keeps me going.

  62. Anastasia

    this song is such a triggerer for me. however I can't help but listen sometimes

  63. Eleni Karnava

    can i die to this song

  64. Khoiruman Azam

    This is a cry to god

  65. CKD D

    Love ya boot!

  66. Isa

    Ok, who tf is Charlie?

  67. Irmak Yılmaz

    there is an other world
    there is a better world
    well, must be
    well, must be...

  68. Irmak Yılmaz

    deep in the cell of my heart, i really want to go

    Tony England

    Me too, Irmak, I don't belong here.

  69. Mika

    Love always,

  70. Grand Master Yoda Jones

    Another night in bros

  71. Irmak Yılmaz

    deep in the cell of my heart, i'll feel so glad to go

  72. Irmak Yılmaz

    and then leave me alone

  73. Kaia942

    Not the happiness of dying, but the sadness of living.

  74. Girlfriend in a Coma

    i desperately need someone to hug me but there’s no one around

    Tim Jarvis

    There has to be someone you can hug

  75. Alermix

    Im reading the book so this comment section could be dangerous...

  76. APerson InLife

    My funeral song

  77. cicoria

    Quando riascolto questa canzone penso sempre a come cazzo abbiamo fatto ad arrivare alla penosa musica di oggi

    Dead Lobotomized Human

    Già :/

  78. Jasmine skye

    This song is impossibly sad. If someone I knew wrote this, I would be extremely concerned.

  79. HELL BOY

    Mom would be sad...

  80. boo birdz

    well, charlie thanks!!

  81. Town Down

    This song made me feel like im gald to living in this world. This is one of the reasons that im still to living in this world.

  82. rina pandya

    The perks of falling asleep

  83. DrewOP88

    I listen to this song almost everyday...reminds me of the days an person i wish i could have back.

  84. Rich Mac

    I think this song and I'll try anything once by the Strokes invoke heartbreak from my past. Although sad times I wouldn't change a thing
    Peace Love Empathy xRx

  85. Ana Putkaradze

    Sing me to sleep.

  86. Irmak Yılmaz

    don't try to wake me in the morning cuz i will be gone

  87. Irmak Yılmaz

    i'm tired and i want to go to bed

  88. Facial Recognition Error

    Doomer's eternal rest

  89. Irmak Yılmaz

    sing me to sleep

  90. Desirée Ballarati

    I'm a super fan of The Cure and The Smiths (but I love Robert Smith more) \(ϋ)/♩

    *Morrisey has deleted your comment*

  91. Cliff Hanley

    Who is this Charlie character?

    Nycholas GR

    Cliff Hanley I want to know to

    Carol Murta

    It’s from a book named The Perks of Being a Wallflower. And this music is mentioned as Charlie’s favorite a few times

    Cliff Hanley

    @Carol Murta  Thanks.

  92. wala

    This song makes me feel more precise and tells me that I am sad, because it frustrates me how I’m here waiting to be wanted or perhaps just to be needed

  93. TB Zeny

    Love always

  94. Irmak Yılmaz

    and then leave me alone

  95. Literaria

    Alguém em 2009 do Brasil? Referência ao momento político e música, totalmente intencional.

  96. Brendelien Ellioth

    My daughter wrote this lyrics on march the fifth in 2015. I found this in 2018 on her laptop. And on June the thirteenth 2015 she died. I Gus she was depressed by writing this and listening to this song. She died off an aneurysm.

  97. Alexia Esquirol

    "Hostígame en la sangre, que cada cosa cruel sea tú que vuelves"

  98. Juan José Astudillo

    I'm tired and I wanna go to sleep