Smithereens, The - Someday Lyrics

Someday when the morning arrives again
I say you'll be somebody else by then
I've got time
Change your mind, things we said today
Don't you know where I go things we take away

Someday if the sunshine arrives once more
That day we'll be walking right out that door
It's so little known how you've grown, things we did today
There will come a time down the line, things we did today

Sometimes won't you think of me as a friend
Someday I'll be back on my feet again
Baby things take time down the line, things we said today
Baby don't you know like the water flows, things we said today

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Smithereens, The Someday Comments
  1. blown22

    Incredibly underrated 'Reens album!

  2. stkaris

    I miss Mike. No offense, but he made the Smithereens for me. I'm stunned he doesn't get more props as a bass titan!

    G F

    Me too.

  3. Jackenator1

    Have kind of adopted this as my own personal theme song for the past year or so while dealing with multiple life challenges. I love The 'Reens and God save them!