Smithereens, The - She's Got A Way Lyrics

My girl, she's extraordinary
My girl, she's different from the rest
She is truth combined with fiction
A lovely contradiction
But you'll only see the part of her she wants you to see

Yes, you'd understand if you knew her like I do
I just do what I can to keep up on her points of view
And laugh to myself when it's over my head
Yes, she's got a way all her own

Sometimes she baffles and confounds me
I'm fine when she wraps her arms around me
When I finally figured out I'll never figure her out
That's when I begin to understand just what she's all about

Yes, you'd understand if you knew her like I do
I just do what I can to keep up on her points of view
And laugh to myself when it's over my head
Yes, she's got a way all her own

She smiles and the questions disappear
She cries and only God knows why she's here

Yes, you'd understand if you knew her like I do
I just do what I can to keep up on her points of view
And laugh to myself when it's over my head
'cause she's got a way all her own

Yes, she's got a way all her own
She's got a way all her own

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Smithereens, The She's Got A Way Comments
  1. BurningtunaDC

    In a perfect world this song is a big hit. I have spent the past few hours listening to Smithereens tunes and thinking of Pat as I just saw what's left of the band this past Friday in Virginia. It's been a bit over a year and I still can't believe he's gone. While taking a break from shooting his film King Leisure S.O.B. we went into NYC to go drinking. First stop was Kenny's Castaways which the band played very often in their early days and was a shrine to the "Reens up until it's closure a few years back. In between drinks we stepped outside for a smoke. We started doing the raps for the film which I wrote on the street corner in the Village. It was pretty funny. Then he introduced me to Manitoba's owned by Handsome Dick who was the singer for NYC's Dictators. He introduced me to Jimmy Gestapo from Murphy's Law and instantly it was like we we'd been friends for years. It was like that scene in Goodfellas "Hey're gonna like this guy...he's one of us..." Thanks and RIP my king.

  2. Jose J

    I agree it sounds like the Lemonheads another great underated singer songwriter like Pat who is so overlooked .but the Lemonheads did not have the Smithereens great vocal harmonies and great players which all the Smithereens are! this song should of been a huge hit in the late 1990's that is when music died and no good music after that era!

  3. Kevin Scott

    Awesome song!!

  4. Tonya Johnson


    wayback playback

    Do you notice the similarities between this and The Byrds song of the same title?

  5. Rafael Ramone

    R.I.P. Pat DiNizio ='(

  6. john gonzalez

    Rock in Peace, my brother!!!

  7. Paige Eggleston

    Thanks for the music, Pat. You will be missed in this world.

  8. Mason Resnick

    Pat and I bonded over this song at a friend's living room concert when I mentioned to him during the break that it sounded like he was describing my daughter. "That's great," he said. "I actually wrote it about my daughter!" It turns out our daughters were a year apart, and were similarly challenging. We ended up chatting over a beer about the challenges of parenthood. I'll never forget his generosity with his time and the warm connection we made during those few minutes.

    RIP, Pat.

    Mr. Soul '69

    You were blessed to share that with Pat. His passing -and this song- reminds me to love and cherish those who I love and cherish.
    R.I.P. Pat DeNizio. A great songwriter. And by all accounts (I never met him) a fine person.

  9. Eligrl77

    RIP Pat

  10. Elbert Inacio

    Conheci essa música através do filme "Meninos Não Choram", amo-a com toda minha força!

  11. michael taylor

    great song!

  12. frank parise

    As a father of an autistic son...Pat Dinizio has captured my thoughts/feelings in a song. Thank you Pat !

  13. Jeff Willis

    Met Pat like 10yrs ago at Sam Ash on Rt 4 in NJ when he was buying picks. My brothers and I were buying a 16 track studio and heard he was there. While he was trying out the picks I stood in front of him and asked him if he knew how to play that song 'Drown In My Own Tears'. He treated me and my brothers as if we were his best friends! We all knew his stuff. I was so nervous because Pat Dinizio is one of the 5 most prolific songwriters in R&R history! Thanks Pat!!! And btw this song is awesome! Wish I wrote it!


    Jeff Willis
    RIP Pat...
    He was an extraordinarily sweet and personable guy.
    His music will be with us forever.

  14. SimMaster

    sounds like Lemonheads

    W. G.

    SimMaster - NO. The Lemonheads sound like them.


    Thank you!

  15. Bill Clines

    wow, this song is great, only 11K P L E A S E !!!

  16. john tearney

    my late wife's fave 'reens tune. these guys should be hall of famers

  17. johnnykov

    I think he wrote it about his young growing daughter because he got to see her infrequently as the mom lived in Chicago...

  18. SomethingReal1119

    I love the lyrics in this tune. They sound so heartfelt and sweet.... Pat must've been madly in love when he wrote these very REAL words. Wonderful tune!

    john gonzalez

    I've heard its about his daughter, the greatest, purest love a man can feel.

  19. jbolio888

    great obscure Smithereens tune

  20. kgillum

    @KOSMICKEN09 They've got a brand new record out now. It's really good, you should check it out. Look for the song "Sorry" on youtube.

  21. Ken Vail

    these guys are way overdue to make an lp of all new material, not just cover songs..