Smith, Will - Party Starter Lyrics

Git on the floor!!!!! Whoa! I'm the Party Starter,
You might have a good time but we party harder
So, tell the DJ to play my song
& we could dance all night to the early mornin'

Oh! I'm the Party Starter,
You might have a good time but we party harder
So, tell the DJ to play my song
& we could dance all night to the early mornin'
Dance, an aphrodisiac
Women gyrating, simulating sensual acts
To stimulating musical tracks
I thought I was just gon' come out tonight & get a brew & relax
But no! Uh uh, when you're the party starter
It's like you're on call, you're what the doctor ordered
It's like you gotta block the border to the door
& shock em when it's boring....
Ughh, it's the groovicide bomber, mic in my vest
Tight, strapped to my chest
Like, I'ma run up in the party hollerin'
& be like "Ohhh!", fulfillin' my callin'
Big! (Big), Will! (Will), that's my name, whoop!
Writin' rhymes, that's my game, whoop!
Ask me again and I'll tell you the same, whoop!
Just write ya number down right next to ya name, girl


He was raised in the days when the roof was raised
Every rap occasion, new & amazing
The back of the stage amazed and gazin'
Prayin for the day they would one day praise him
Studied the ways of the game & made it
Came through the maze & the haze & played it perfect
Days any person hated & cursed him, he was unfazed
He waited, it was worth it, he never retaliated
He saved it, slavin', on the road blazin'
Days when he was low, nothin' could raise him
He came to the show & somethin' uncaged in him
Like the pope, but its party crusade, I'm like braids that's never gon'
fade (ya heard)
I'm like, 23's on an Escalade, throw me into the rave
like you threw a grenade - BOOM!!

[CHORUS (2x)]

I call for the days of the unadulterated
When the artistry was cultivated
You know, back when rap was smart and multilayered
We could rap without A&Rs& ultimatums (damn)
Now today I could say I long for the days when the party was all about
I was a mini-party starter then
My mind bends when I call my pen
The big question should I run the mind a vittle
Food for thought or dumb the rhyme a little
But Will "if you come to high that'll alienate folks & they won't buy
Look, people getting trapped in the track
& they be clappin', even when the rappin' is wack
Yo, what happened, when did we get happy wit that?
He's old-fashioned (yup), but let's be happy he's back
(Ya heard me!)

[CHORUS (2x)]

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Smith, Will Party Starter Comments
  1. Sanne G

    Very underestimated song! The beat is sick and as always Will is just sublime!

  2. YunerAhmedoffVEVO

    2020 ❤️

  3. savi_gi

    Who's still listening in 2045.. This song is so shway

  4. Vinny DeVille

    Sounds like if ya uncle had too much free time on his hands

  5. Gazi Spahiu

    2020 anyone ✌️

  6. TULys

    Bruh 10 year later, who still alive?

  7. Shourya Mehta

    2020 anyone?????? 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌💥💥💥💥💥💥

  8. Wronson

    who's from 2020

  9. Dr Dre 3009

    anyone 31-12-19 ???

  10. Oppo A3s

    Sound like dmx

  11. Salma yousry

    2020 ??

  12. James Bynum 3rd

    December 2019 throw your hands up

  13. Shravan Kumar

    Deadshot can rap?

  14. Frank Scott

    When i first heard this i never thought that this was will smith

  15. Sandra Ribeiro

    Will quem.dera conhecer a sua pessoa . Mais tenho certeza do no sonho kkkk

  16. JeHeretic

    Good job Will! not one curse word! Classic!

  17. adam elvis

    Very nice to listen in 2019

  18. hassan alsharif

    doesnt suit lil willie at all

  19. 19eren91

    it is ludacris


    Remix is 1mil times better go hear it

  21. Ch Kunal Raj

    Era when music was more important than flashing fake a** and b***s 😏😏

  22. KayThe Kray XVI

    Will so underrated as a rapper!!! I've always loved this dude!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  23. Petr Konl

    repchik an excellent, will Smith respect, the actor and priest the best, greetings from Russia.

  24. lakim100

    Bruh.. the fact that he has 4 verses 😂😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️

  25. Alexandr Ponic

    i still listen )

  26. තරිඳු ගුණවර්ධන

    One of the best lyrics ever made it to a rap song <3

  27. Os Louco de Boninal

    Muito loukooooo


    Will has that good energy which is contagious. It makes everyone feel good.

  29. jackass kara

    Year 2019 amazing song

  30. Дмитрий Пышко

    Реально качает. Кайфую.

  31. Chris Brigham

    I wish Will and Jeff would get together and drop a new DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince album. Something special for us original famz!

  32. Abhishek

    my man ❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  33. Daniel Alvarado

    Shoot this bangs harder then the mumblers lol ewwwwww

  34. Vagner baiano


  35. Vagner baiano


  36. HK Kilo

    Wow 😁

  37. Suyash J

    I want Will Smith to rap more, act less

  38. Вера Наумова


  39. Rudraksh Sharma

    (☆▽☆)will smith(✷‿✷)

  40. Evodie EBOULABEKA

    Listen at 1.25 speed and have fun !

  41. MR. PANDA

    Концовка с гопаком вообще бомба

  42. Alvin Yakitori


  43. 謝逸筑

    Make the dream come true

  44. Andy Irving

    Anyone know where to get the green jacket from this video?

  45. Rav T

    will still be lit in 2020. calling it! pun fuken intended!

  46. shehab shalabi

    I'm gonna watch fresh prince of bel air 🙃

  47. Mohamned Ramadan

    Still on fire until now 🔥🔥

  48. mayafurlan furlan

    Will Smith yhuuuu

  49. Анатолий Яхнов

    Пиздатый припев

  50. podpolnyi

    Hi 2019

  51. master wong

    We need this, some things need a back step

  52. Blanca Reséndiz

    2019 Will Smith 🤯🤩🤩😍😍

  53. Megren

    better from all Mumble kids on 2019

  54. Selady Charles


  55. Wendy Zoquiel

    En serio ningún comentario en español si hubiese entendido un poquito pero no no entendí Nada 😭😭😭c ve bueno pero no capish 😭😭😭🤣🤣pero no quita que amo Aese negro Will Smith 😍😍😍Att República Dominicana 😘

  56. Ree Riya

    S I'm listening.

  57. Иван Ришко

    Крутий Чувак Віл...йоу.

  58. yenry z

    No se pero si cierro los ojos escucho a ludacris...

  59. Jae Byrd Wells

    Haven't heard this song in awhile. I actually forgot about it. Love the camera angles and cgi. Remembered why I liked Will's music

  60. Edson Carneiro

    Gostei muito do estilo do som estrumentao lembra as de antigas

  61. lorenzo el mil uso

    Que bueno que es mejor con las movies 😂

  62. Janay Thompson

    This song is relevant for today's music.

  63. Rajveer

    Work hard party hard 😎

  64. captain Jack Sparrow

    better than eminem

  65. Kingwest Amiagbonyi

    Will is one of my favourite artist.

  66. Алексей Левушкин

    «Good job!» (В русской версии — «Молодцом!»)

  67. Randa Frap

    Get in the floor 2019 yes

  68. Mohamed AlQuwedi

    3-10-2019 big like here ❤️🌹😍💋

  69. Mutluhan Duran

    Party starterrrrrrrrr

  70. Deepak yadav

    Happy birthday smithy

  71. Memo Boffil


  72. Федя Федяшкин

    2019 from Russia with love ;)

  73. Elies Snow


  74. Alfiya Kochetova


  75. ABOoO SaLeM

    I'm froOoM YeMeN
    we LoOoVe you WiLL

  76. Scott Denney

    Who still listening now

  77. Soutik Das

    Hi, will I love you since from M.I.B to Aladdin, Raj from (Bhubaneswar), India

  78. Nerwa Askari a

    Петь излишне, снимай кино это больше твоё

  79. Sam Lee Jr

    September 2019

  80. Fatih Yücel

    2020 anyone

  81. grace lacy

    am i the only one who herd ludicris's only freestyle and thought the last line was about this song?


    Who is still listening for this old legend till now at 2019 ?

  83. Irfan Shah

    Please don't mind me, i'm here to calm myself.
    Bad Boys 3 For Life trailer was fire.

  84. ハウスクマ

    Why he didn't make more songs. His rap is damn good

  85. Igor Samuilov

    Better than Jaden)

  86. domni

    Мда... До чего же скатился нынешний рэп. Раньше было лучше. Хай из 2k19-ого! ;-)

  87. Hicham Zihrab

    من المغرب from morocco

  88. M A K A V E L I

    Still Buming Like It Came Out Yesterday 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  89. Big D

    Собрался на работу, и песня из детсьва заиграла, теперь настроение на весь день ОООУ ПАТИ СТАТЕР ОУУ

  90. Bevey Dillon

    Go Will, yes!

  91. DJ Vuccii

    Most underrated Rapper..

  92. Knight of Ren

    Augest 25th, 2019. 2:24 am and I'm being reminded of my 5th grade jam. I expect to come back in another 12 years or so to this comment lol.

  93. Crazy CousinKA

    Will could teach some people how to actually right good songs

  94. Chris Collins

    Who still listening in 2019

  95. Marbel Rose C. Vargas