Smith, Will - Lost & Found Lyrics

Original - A first form from which varieties arise
An authentic work of art as opposed to an imitation or reproduction

Why should I try to sound like ya'll sound
That's what's wrong with the rap game right now
Man, it's like a circus wit a bunch of clowns
Wit a bunch of clicks I'll probably rap circles around

I spit heatrock and I ain't talking rollin
Soon as the beat knock I'm crowd controlling
When I hear ya'll that a awful sound
I don't ride beats I take them off the ground
Land them somewhere show them the town
Even on foreign ground I let them know I'm around
I don't follow everybody when it's time to rap
At one time everybody thought the world was flat
Sounds like you that was my intention
I paid dues now dudes pay attention
I live for it even though the flicks is hittin'
Cribs sick you can see the booth from the kitchen
Speak on it cause I saw it happen
This is hip hop dawg
I ain't just rappin
Ya'll looking at a real MC
Man you couldn't check a mic for me


Why should I try to sound like ya'll sound
That's what's wrong wit the rap game right now
Why should I try to flow the way ya'll flow
Or do a show like ya'll show
Naw that ain't where my head at now
Ya'll in the hip hop lost and found
Man, that's wrong with the rap game right now
It's like a circus wit a bunch of clowns
Wit a bunch of clicks
I'll probably rap circles around

Let's talk about rhyme capability
Let's talk about hip hop versatility
Let's talk about taking the game beyond
Now how the hell we gon have a battle of wits
Trick you ain't armed
Let's talk about love for the game
I mean real love
Back before there was fame
I'm real wit it
I ain't claiming to reign
But when ya'll talk about rap
Ya'll gon start saying my name
For real though I ain't playin
Plenty of ya'll love a brotha just scared to say it
Yo the first ever rap grammy
Let's talk about the only reason yo ass went to Miami
(Yup) truck wit rims (check) throw back jersey (check)
champagne bottles (check) lot's of models (check)
Damn that's the list for 90 percent of ya'll videos and songs
Am I wrong


When you a slave to the biz
Wit no care for the cost of what you sayin to kids
Is when ya lyrics are a test of time
And your mom hear that your spirit is blessed divine
Is when you rhyme til your throat gets sore
But you don't even believe what you say no more
Is when you bleed heart into the mic
And the pain you sustain it can change a life
Is when you hide behind the freedom of speech
While sure you're free to do it
But what it mean to do it
Did you mean to do it
Did you need to do it
Did you take time to think about the seeds you ruined
FOUND Is ESCO, dead PREZ and them
FOUND Is Lauren Hill
FOUND Is Rakim
FOUND Can be you
If you felt the message and ask yourself this questioin


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Smith, Will Lost & Found Comments

    A timeless rap classic. Enlighten Will trying his best to lead the much needed Renaissance in rap music today.

  2. B-Bop Records

    It is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Ecordiolex -

    Nice guy and a better rapper than 50cent, or definitely just as good

  4. Henry Lyons

    A sword

  5. Henry Lyons

    Using your voice the way it should be usef

  6. UltimateReality

    I'm a hip hop fan and liked this album but I thought he should've made a real diss record at Eminem

  7. Ethaniel Clyne

    So relevant nowadays

  8. Luke Miller

    LOST & FOUND (2005) is my absolute favourite RAP ALBUM of all time!!! It's the masterpiece album by the excellent underrated WILL SMITH who is a fantastic rapper & his skills are at his absolute best here all over this CLASSIC album!!! Will never gets the credit or respect he so deserves for being one of the BIGGEST rappers of all time & for winning the FIRST ever rap award!!!! Will & Jazzy Jeff have done so much for Hip Hop, i mean they made rap global!!! Anyway Will Smith is not just a BRILLIANT actor he's also one of the greatest to ever bless the mic & if you have any doubt then listen to LOST & FOUND the album

  9. Luke Miller

    A HIP HOP CLASSIC ALBUM!!! Will Smith is a BRILLIANT RAPPER, He is a rap legend & one of the first REAL hip hop stars & award winner!!! Yes better than any wannabe gangster any day!!! Smith is a real man not a pussy who talks about killing to be tough

  10. DrywallG

    Hardest song will ever made.

  11. Sina Sedighi

    5th Greatest rapper of all time in my book

  12. Jøren Falk Pedersen

    Big Will went hard!!!!



  14. Flat Stuff Earth

    flat earth is real

  15. Dro Briggz/AAG Axel

    Will has bars and hella acting skills.

  16. Luca Salerno

    It's amazing!!!

  17. Jarppa Karppa

    tfw when this song is still relevant.

  18. Erik Reyna

    Will smith 🔥🔥🔥
    This dude could still rap
    He goes all out and off on these rappers
    Great song

  19. I AM A big fan of cats


  20. Andrej Kovacik

    Wish Will Made More Music... #WW3M

  21. BCole Films

    Fresh Prince is still dope

  22. alice Cromwell

    and he didn't even have to cus and say vulgar things to make a good song. respect will smith. been a fan since I was a little one


    Why do people make a big deal about cussing but not about having hatred? It's just words...hatred can easily exist without cussing

  23. Romano onamoR

    Great song, a lot of truth in there too. When he started rapping, yes it was different, but it was great, and he still got shit from some people because it was different. But now most rap is the same lame stuff.

  24. Alex Lopez

    Fresh Prince! Nice!👍

  25. Tony Taco


  26. N-tox

    why did u cutted the song ?

  27. Matthieu Pickens

    0:36 - B.o.B needs to take notes

  28. Fionack

    Aaron says "hi"

  29. Keturah Miller

    wow, this is so hard! Real music!

  30. Freddy Banegas

    BIG WILL! Bring us real music with authentic messages.
    Songs that our Kids CAN listen, and should listen nowadays

  31. J the crippler

    thanks Will

  32. Tim Jax

    people dont really appreciate this album enough, it was fire

    Wobasta Ilipaf

    timjax991 it is* fire

  33. Breon Coachman

    Will is the real MVP

  34. Terry Malloy

    This song seems a scientific theory, which is being proved increasingly true as time goes on. Someone should tell the Will Smith to make a second part of the song: Lost And Still Lost.


    @Terry Malloy  Rap is Garbage today i wish FP made another ablum because this song is Speaking so much truth! even today! This album came out in 2005! and Rap still Sucks!

  35. heyimjed


  36. Nicole Barbieri


  37. Sagacity Walker

    I can't believe he shouted out dead prez

  38. Benjamin Crabbe

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccccccccccce will

  39. Dave Keays

    I luv the way he cuts ppl. "act like a gentleman ... don't act like you from a kennel man" or "how the hell we gonna have a battle of wits if you aint armed?"

  40. Shayne Martin

    Real talk, Will! 

  41. Joe Rossiter

    cutted? WTH is cutted?

  42. Dave Keays

    use the word "music" instead of "rap" and you have what I've been using as a mantra for my own music career. Note: my music career hasn't gone anywhere just yet, but keep your eyes open.

  43. Rahim Panda

    cutted.. ikr xD

  44. bug privott


  45. Dragon's Roar

    Illogic, Immortal technique, and Hasan salaam?

  46. Steve Cress

    2084 :D

  47. Yoshua Hampton

    2013 :D

  48. Daw Mat

    best song

  49. SkilsTo PayBils

    Will's been rapping since the 80's dude. First ever rap grammy was in something like 1992 as well

    Aladeen Alhayek

    Actually 1988 then second Grammy 1992

  50. Papa Purge

    Thumbs up for the fresh prince in 2013!

  51. BrownDynamite94

    2 April 2009 :D

  52. What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism?

    Owl City + Will Smith = BEST SONGS THAT MAKE SENSE!

  53. Lavache Beadsman

    People laugh at me when I say this, but I honestly believe that Lost and Found was the best rap album of the decade. This song was probably the best one on that record.

  54. TheHystericalMind

    damn i remember this song when cds where still cool

  55. Glenn

    he's been rapping since the late 80's actually. Although Will has been rapping longer than Royce, that still doesn't mean Royce's style couldn't have played a part in the way Will is rapping on this song. Will has employed ghostwriters in the past. ie: Nas for Big Willie Style. I'm leaning more towards Royce potentially ghostwriting this for Will. Not saying it's fact, but, that's my thought.

    Aladeen Alhayek

    actually Nas said Will is a real MC and writes his own rhymes, Nas just suggests a couple lines in big willie style and thats normal, but the way the industry works, even 1 or 2 lines they are included as co-songwriters, even the producers count as songwriters since the beat usually is produced before the songs which is why you see multiple song writers nowadays

  56. Jay Carn

    will has been rapping since 97 so if anything royce was influenced by him

  57. Van Thomas

    Let's talk about the only reason yo a** went to Miami truck with rims LeBron's throwback jerseys, LeBron's champagne bottles, LeBron's lots of models.

  58. dreamihad

    Respect to Will Smith and LL Cool J for inovating in this , they weren't the first, but they turned this from something out in the parks , into something known worldwide .

  59. Ulisestkd

    Guys like Will Smith are the ones that people should be listening to...

  60. omarfriday

    i like will smith from Egypt :D

  61. xXrealmzXx

    O.o you obviously never heard a Mood Muzik album, or Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Tech, Mos Def, Sean Price, Black Thought, or Rakim. Will Smith is a Legend, but he isn't the ONLY rapper that makes sense. You're just listening to the wrong people. XD

    Aladeen Alhayek

    Will even mentioned Nas(Esco), Derad Prez, Lauryn Hill, and Rakim in this song(found is esco, dead prez and em, found is Lauryn Hill, found is Rakim

    Aladeen Alhayek

    and besides Lupe Fiasco didn't rise to fame until a year after this song was released

  62. Lana Lyric


  63. curruptedbob13

    and the 4 dislikes are the guys sucking lil waynes dick... Just face it, Will Smith is an ORIGINAL rapper, he is amazing. hes not saying RADNOM shit and getting cheered for. he is REAL. and hes old school but he still murders it :) and i love eminem but after hearing will smith and really listening to his lyrics in this album Im looking at eminem differently... i still love him, but Will is just so... real, ya know?

  64. Solomon Mozart

    Will Smith got bars, yo! I purchased this album twice... Once, then it broke; then twice. And I might have to buy it again. Word.

  65. WeaponXJuno

    Why would you change it from the original version when he clearly states the definition in the intro of the song.

  66. Cody demonic

    you got eminem and well sadly thats it

  67. SWSW


  68. Aladeen Alhayek

    Will Smith started out his career as a successful rapper, in fact he and DJ Jazzy Jeff won the very first rap grammy, he is also a multi-platinium artist too :) It's his rap career that launched his acting career.

  69. Hussi Fedz

    2055!!! :D

  70. Tiny Sumo

    this is like porn to my ears.

  71. DreadWulf Zetta

    best song on the album. who's ready for the next album this year?

  72. Meredith Topping

    i jammed to this when I was in the 4th grade & thought i was a bad ass... smh

  73. Gracie Wozits

    The three people that disliked this must be deaf.

  74. antrite08

    Let's talk about Rhyme capability let's talk about hip hop versitility let's talk about taking the game beyond cmon how we gone have a battle of wits trick you ain't armed! lets talk about Love for the game i mean real love back before there was fame! FP is the Truth! it''s been seven years since this album came out and hip hop is still in the Lost and Found!

  75. Gracie Wozits

    soooo true!!!! :P

  76. RichySKing

    Clearly you don't have a wide knowledge of hip hop if you actually believe Will Smith is "The only rapper that makes sense." Seriously.

  77. maipigenDK

    Plenty of y'all love a brother, just scared to say it. Nicely put Will;D I LOVE this song!

  78. Teleskamena

    Back when rap was good :(
    No dirty mouthing, stereotypes -Black's- (No racism intended)

  79. Breno Andrade


  80. Glenn

    he was either influenced by Royce or he ghostwrote it cause this sounds like Royce on here. Will even has a quote from "boom" on this.

  81. Ronald Lara

    el mejor

  82. Ronald Lara

    wo wo wo wowowooooooooooooooooooooooooowoowowowowowowowo

  83. 7kHenko

    i know the lyrics already! <3

  84. DJ Ray

    Haven't listened to this in years. Will Smith is a true rapper, with real lyrics

  85. Michael Waite


  86. Frank Decenzo

    Hes good at everything he does

  87. CHEF KEN

    3 people work in a circus with a buch of clowns

  88. aster34b

    @NaziZombieLover1 he says "ass" once btw

  89. nikerae69

    I LOVE WILL AND I AINT SCARED TO SAY IT!!!! ;0} lady kymberli

  90. sachureedas

    Awsome man. so much impact

  91. John Fotus

    Will Smith is great at everything he does. lol

  92. DeeTruth4u2c


  93. belcijan15second

    On it!. Got any weapons, this might get ugly.

  94. belcijan15second

    Yes it is at least small so I guess I am overreacting, but if it gets any bigger I will do that.