Smith, Will - I Wish I Made That / Swagga Lyrics

Yo, ain't no better man for this hype track
Just the veteran taking the mic back
David Letterman even said he like that track man
Even though he ain't a rap fan
Black radio, they won't play though
Ever since "Summertime" they ain't liked none of mine
Even though the fans went out & bought enough
I guess they think Will ain't hard enough
Maybe I should just have a shoot out
Run up in the bank, bustin', grabbin' all the loot out
Whoop somebody ass, taking my boot out
Right on TV so ya'll can see me
Just ignorant, attacking, actin' rough
I mean, then will I be black enough
Oh wait maybe I'll jack a truck
Full of cigarettes, guns & drugs & stuff

[Chorus - (2x)]
Get back
I wish I would of made that
Lean back
I wish I would of made that
I wish I woulda told the girls to 'drop it like it hot'
Summer, Summer, Summertime
Seem like all I got

I always envied how ya'll rock wit Dre & the Chronic
The way that Tupac, Biggie, 50 and Jigga got it
A lot like L.L., Chuck D, Slick & Dougie
I think ya'll love me, but ya'll place other rappers above me
& I don't know if you feel my flow
& be at my show & you'll see where I should go
On the charts of rhyme arts & thoughts in rap form
Damnit, I expanded the platform
Damnit, this Cat's on a rap song
Yeah, it ain't no braids or plats on
Ain't on stage wit no gats on
You know I'm afraid, getting' my act on
It might have stunted my growth
But I wanted them both
& I hope that it would be less tougher
You do two things & then they both gonna suffer
I chose to act & it broke my heart not to rap
Prodigal son, clever, better than ever, back


[Intro - Chorus]
I got my swagga back
I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back
I got, I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back
Yo, do you see that lil' bop in my step
Do you see the little drop to the left, huh, yo...
Baseball cap, Timbs when I walk
Do you see that lil' grin when I talk, huh, yo
Do you see me sorta glide when I slide
See lean to the side in my ride, huh, yo...
Do you see it's no ice on my wrist
Fish still bite just like this... right, right
Do you know what it mean when you see a dude's chick on TV gleamin', huh?
Know what it mean to be on the scene & in the audience "Ali", beamin', yo!
I must have a 'S' on my chest, I recovered from the Wild, Wild West, yes!
Yo, I been up the creek without a paddle
Now I'm back on the saddle,
I got my swagga back

I got my swagga back
I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back
I got my swagga back
I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back
I got my swagga back
I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back
I got my swagga back

All you see that you see when you seeing me, you ain't seeing all to be seen
Cause there's more for you to see than when you see me on the scene in my
media machine
I mean madness, sickness, sadness, swaggerless back in the day
Fat, ugly chicks in New York on the radio, saying I'm gay
I had a bonafide downside frown with the swagga not around in my life
Bank account found minimal amounts when countin' cause of my now ex-wife
I had the boar-thick wall & all that, endure pitfalls & all that, fallin'
callin' for help
With no call back, where was ya'll at, gimme the ball back
I got my swagga back


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Smith, Will I Wish I Made That / Swagga Comments
  1. 류희춘

    Korea k pop label ceo JYP made this song

  2. Daaniieelsaant Sz

    2019 algum Brasileiro?

  3. Wyte Night

    The funny thing is that on the Fresh Prince Will always teased Carlton for not being "black enough."

  4. Wyte Night

    Fat ugly chicks in New York on the radio sayin' I'm gay

  5. BongMcKushington

    Love or hate Will Smith as a rapper but this album is amazing

  6. Li Lia

    i just found out that JYP produced this song so here i am listening kkkkk

  7. Erik Reyna

    This song is fresh to def

  8. SpaceAge lF22

    probably the best song on the album

  9. Billy Golden

    Lmao I remember listening to this on the way to 2nd grade...

  10. Sisilessthan3

    Lol JYP brought me here he should work with more American artists

  11. Monkey D. Luffy

    I only found out JYP produced this track after Healing Camp, so crazy

  12. Michael

    we want more of his music

  13. liltaetae45able

    this is real hip  hop bring this type of hip hop back

  14. Dawn Diva

    Who the Hell is JYP??

    Đào Yến Ngọc

    a composer and a producer. any questions?

    Sanjin Kulenovic

    What is JYP an acronym for?

    Li Lia

    @Sanjin Kulenovic
    JYP = Jin Young Park the producer's name

    Aladeen Alhayek

    JYP is the founder and producer of one of K-Pop's three biggest record labels in South Korea

  15. XsukwaX

    I'm only here for JYP... <3 

  16. Kevin Cambo


  17. 하이

    Please can someone tell me what's with JYP and Will Smith, is JYP really compose this song? 


    하이 yes

    Aladeen Alhayek

    JYP Co Produced this song

  18. Candice Assoun

    best song ever I love will smith
    <3 <3<3

  19. Jacob Carson

    I like how he insults the popular rap scene without saying a single cuss word lol

  20. omfgwtf1232

    Fun starts at 2:16

  21. James Furfaro

    or any time frame.

  22. Will Deonne Creative


  23. BassGod

    i agree man, will kills this track and lyrically i think he will kill any rapper in this time frame.

  24. Tolboe

    Do you have a link?

  25. John Spez

    That should be an interesting album....

  26. Elijah Smith

    Ok! I'll be looking forward to that!!! ^_^

  27. Libertarian Prince

    The news came out April 19, 2011 his producer said Will Smith is in the making of a new album it's in the works still when it will come don't know but we will see because the people set to be on it Chris Brown,T.I.,Game, 50 cent we will see when it comes out.

  28. Elijah Smith

    Really?! when did he announce this?

  29. Libertarian Prince

    Some of ya'll fans ain't got no sense you forgot Will Smith is from Philly don't forget that whether you like him or not He is one the Greatest in Rap some of ya'll play like he do movies wonder if some of ya'll step in the Rap ring with him or LL Cool J,MC Lyte,Oueen Latifah,50 cent,Master P,Eminem,Andre 3000 you talk like a cornball well they do movies but these people are nice on the Mic.

  30. Libertarian Prince

    He was talking about making another Rap album for real.

  31. Elijah Smith

    This was his last album....

  32. ono jessica

    Park Jin young bring me here ♥

  33. Ben Glass

    He one of the greatest of all time. Like it or not!!!!!

  34. antrite08

    yeah like he said in here he comes it's hard to break free from a garanteed 20 mill lol but his heart is always with hip hop!

  35. curruptedbob13

    think its cuz hes an actor, and a very succecful person in the television world :o but hes also an original rapper for philly?

  36. blogfirstlast

    I am suprised at how great Lost and Found was. He really showed the Hard side of Will in this album.

  37. angelique297619

    love this! Will has skills!

  38. Aiyana Waiki

    I can't believe I still know all the words to every song on this album, lol.

  39. Libertarian Prince

    I can't wait for his next album to come out!

  40. Libertarian Prince

    Ya'll do know this dude from Philly right some of ya'll be like well he do movies but you do understand he is from Philly in this cover what side sign is he standing under where he's from not Hollywood Philly and i got respect for him because of that.

  41. 92bwaybound



    @Louisdagod3 It would be great, thx ;)

  43. Louis Dam-Mikkelsen

    @BBOOOBBBB it's been rumored that he is

  44. supsdg

    I guess the last few viewers of BET saw this and hit the dislike button...

  45. Kadell Devich


  46. Kadell Devich


  47. marquita3

    @mrj0hnny524 seriously?

  48. Andy Kay

    this song made me feel bad for will since, he killed it though he needs to put out another album

  49. Aaron Hagan

    my fav ablum


    Damn, Will has a good flow ! He really should make another album

    Aladeen Alhayek

    he always had a good flow, he started out as a rapper before an actor he and DJ jazzy jeff won the VERY FIRST rap grammy, its just his style was always different from other rappers, and yes he should, you should check out his latest rap he did (messing around in the studio-will smith)

  51. Daniel felipe Oliveira

    porra essa musica é FODA"

  52. Garrett Constantino

    i got my swagga back

  53. Keinya Mccurdy

    0:55 back up bitch!

  54. Tevin Johnte

    I love Will. He has a good point cuz it sucks nuts to listen to song by either wayne or kanye, a good one like a party jam on the radio and they have to play over the curse words, with a previous word before the curse word or like a weird glitch sound, which kills the song for me.

  55. ABP Productions

    Unlike some of these rappers, Will Can Actually spit his ish. No need to clog a beat with "fuck nigga, Gat, hoes, Money, I will Always will mess with Will, Where the next album at?

  56. Lyrical Insanity

    REAL HIP HOP in my opinion !!! this brought back alotta stuff listenin 2it again lol

  57. thegoodamvs

    this gos hard

  58. Venos Ford

    The first track is mad iller than the second. The style is nuts. Will shoulda made that longer...and gave me an instrumental.

  59. bandiit17

    Will is good, he is one of my favorites. He makes nice feel good music without all the drugs, violence and hate. That said, I still enjoy the styles of all the rest of the rappers out there.

  60. bandiit17

    @ianandrewowens it's cause they are smuggling them.

  61. tencents6

    If this song was Will's response to his rap career dying because of the new rap generation, SCREW THIS GENERATION, MAN!!! WILL SMITH COULD USE HIS RAP TO WHUP THE OTHER RAPPER'S BUTTS!!

  62. antrite08

    Love how Will is standing under the West Philly sign instead of the hollywood sign on the album cover Damn i want a new album from Will!!

  63. ralph

    awesome wat to satirize (make fun of) the usual rapper this day who acts all badass :)

  64. Camille J.

    @augustbaby24 JukeBox produced this. It's the same guy who produced "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith

  65. Camille J.

    @debtinterest Produced by Jukebox. Same kid who did "Whip My Hair"

  66. finalxcx

    @Lyrix12 "well i do, so fuck him and fuck you too" XD

  67. Xduke72

    @Edgesblade Rumor is that he might since M.I.B. 3-D is coming out

  68. bluerangerx11

    dam why have i never heard of this song until day

  69. Mercedes Pequeno

    Um. WOOW.
    ilove Will Smith! :]

  70. Van tRoyal

    Anther great song by Will Smith.

  71. leif sandberg

    i would love 2 hear a song with Eminem And will

  72. dfortsuper

    he shulda came out with other songs as his singles these slap

  73. Tevin Christopher

    @4x4Entertainment Wendy Williams!

  74. birdmanband123456

    @seansapir1 i would like to hear that

  75. DJ4000VOLT

    the second part damn

  76. Mythicle14

    will smith and Eminem should make a song together

  77. The OpinionatedView

    swagga is so nice

  78. dogfightvj

    hey these new songs are very good

  79. TheFlex21


    I was quoting a line in the song

  80. xBABYxB0YxM0N3Yx

    jeloous much? lols

  81. TheFlex21

    fat ugly bitches in new york

  82. Judahlyon1

    OH MY GOD.

    A musician is marveling at what he's hearing.

  83. mastgrr

    Swagga is an incredible beat.

  84. miamiwaffles

    he the true rapper

  85. shyplatano

    I loooove dis freakin song! Will smith is da freakin man and a hip hop veteran before all this fake ass autotune shit started! i love this track especially the way the track starts with the grafiti spraying! FRESH PRINCE BABY! Will u dont hav to envy nothing dude! keep doing ur thing!

  86. Tariq Saddler

    yo will a monster!! wayyyyyy better than the wack ish that been comin out lately

  87. rexandmax

    Ah No Lil Wayne Ain't Nothin' But Shit

  88. Michael Smith

    Ah, no Lil Wayne is the 'dirty Will Smith!' Get it right!

  89. Ngọc Trâm Vlogs

    lmao Best thing ive heard yet

  90. zeh_brah_

    he shud become the 'clean lil wayne' cuz his freestyles r so dope and without all the garbage

  91. quantumcrash666

    Cool song^^

  92. Theblackranger

    my hero!

  93. Dai1lest

    I said i liked that :)... oh and guess what i do!!