Smith, Will - I Loved You Lyrics

I thought you was the one hon yeah
When I met you at the freaknin'
Whoever thought you'd be the type to greet and keep secrets
My friends said don't sleep but I did so now I'm reapin'
Desease that I sold I can't beleive you so deceivin'
Sneakin' out on the weekends with Michelle
One of your freak friends from the east end she bad as hell
Half black and Indonesian the one that tought you treason
Cupid shoot me on my heart but damn why'd you leave it bleedin'

I gave you no reason to lie
But you choose to live untrue
Knowing how I feel inside
There's no telling what I might do
Cause I gave you

All my mind
All my soul
From the very start
I gave you full control and you broke my heart
I tried to show you a better way of life
But I see that must be what you like
I loved you more than anything
I tried to build the future turn a house into a home
I wanted us to be one flesh and one bone
It's so hard to keep my sanity
Now I can do is sit back and reminisce
Look at the pictures in the frames yo
Why you playin' games yo

As I think back to the begining we was together
We both loved sports long walks and autumn weather
Both wanted kids and a family a strong personality
I liked the way you handled me
Candles be lit mood set food set you ready yet
That's what you said while you was massagin' my ??
Now look here I could never leave you lonely
Cause the love you showed me had me feeling like you already had known me
'member when you used to blindfold me till I don't see
Use your mind that's what you told me
Kissin' me slowly
Never was the loud type always on the low key
Pretty style but rugged
Damn I brother I loved the

The birds of a feather 'sposed to fly together
Guess that don't apply to birds of your kind
Cuase you only wanted what you wanted like a poacher
Came to steal my heart and leave me to die
(I ain't going out like that though)


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Smith, Will I Loved You Comments
  1. Syreana Hernandez

    I listen to this everyday

  2. TheSuntan1

    My Boooiii Will PHILLY...; This Cut is off the chain...and REAL....; Wayback for the True and Unbreakable...LOVE....; I LOVED U....thans @ willsmithmad Suntan1NY

  3. James Berry

    Goddamn Will snapped on this

  4. Oh Wow!

    2018 squad!


    Freakin' UNDERRATED


    Will sounded angry on this song. Well, that's the major human emotion when a chick plays with your heart and mind.


    Man, Ryan Toby murdered the vocals on this song. At times his voice evokes memories of Sly Stone.

  8. K1ng F1sher

    oof, still listening to this in 2018

  9. Tina Louise Harris

    dedicated to the man who broke my heart in two.

  10. marcus Ulrich

    will Smith okay of a rapper he could rap wAyyyy better than Drake in my opinion

  11. Jetu Green

    "...damn a brother loved thee." Articulate rap.

  12. steve nightmares

    My ex-girlfriend who wanted to leave her lover/boyfriend to marry me but I told her no it's not right and she was so pissed because she did leave her lover and she hooked up with this playboy/seducer who I hated so much and he has a son who is almost as old as she is. She broke my heart double. Dam life

  13. Xilo Channel

    my ex wife.

  14. heather fielder

    who is the singer on this, he is awesome... I used to listen to this over and over lol

    Dj Fes

    +heather fielder "I Loved You" features vocals by Ryan Toby and Valvin Roane.

    heather fielder

    +Dj Fes thanks! I live their voices

    heather fielder

    +Dj Fes love*

    Dj Fes

    +heather fielder No probz. Yeah they are sick! Ryan Toby still sings now. He's got some sick joints now too! Proper Rnb!

    James Kelly

    Ryan Toby was that boy in the sister act movie, he was the lead for "oh happy day"

  15. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    this is one underrated rap track, awesome beat, and the words from will smith hard hitting, one of the best rap tracks i have ever heard.

  16. Ultrasounn' Entertainment

    This song is dedicated to his first wife

  17. ViableNutria7972

    Used to Bump This in 1999!! BANGIN' IN 2014!!

    Daniel Burks

    Puts modern rap to shame.


    @Daniel Burks Yes indeed.

    Amir Muhammad

    ViableNutria7972 I first bought this on cassette back in 1999 and I played it a lot couldn't get enough of it and I'm still playing it in 2019.

    Amir Muhammad

    Still bangin in 2019 and it'll still be banging in 2029.

    William Bryant

    Still banging it in 2019!

  18. 20cody201

    2013...still jam this tune!!

  19. Andie

    mine too:);)

  20. PKFlashOmega

    Deep, heavy. Honestly sounds like it shoulda been on Lost and Found instead of Big Willie Style, but still a solid track.

    James Kelly

    those two albums are 8 years apart....he wasnt even thinking about 'lost' yet lol


    Nah, more people should have listened to Big Willie

  21. pdglock19

    Love this song, and ending ROCKS!!

  22. Luca Santangelo

    not considered as rapper, still a very good "oldschool-ganstar rap style" rapper.

  23. Callum Brown

    The real hip hop from a icon *

  24. M.A.D. III

    Tracy shanp

  25. GCT Groover

    dude, i listened to this when i was like 12 or younger, im 20 now.
    Thought of it the other day

  26. Warren Peace

    Can anyone tell me what the beat is called?


    Warren Peace Will smith I loved you instrumental.

  27. the shadow rider

    will smith paved the way for alot of rappers hes better then alot of rappers now a days

  28. Bogdan White

    i loved this whole album. still have it .

  29. Joe Powers (Liquid Fox)

    woah this is the same sample as Rasco's Unassisted. Didnt notice

  30. Cam Mills

    great song

  31. Ange-Monaee En

    @furschee me to

  32. Ange-Monaee En

    love this song
    i still got my cd

  33. Furscheé Roper

    my fave will smith song