Smith, Patti - Gone Again Lyrics

Hey now man's own kin
we commend into the wind
grateful arms grateful limbs
grateful soul he's gone again

I have a winter's tale
how vagrant hearts relent prevail
sow their seed into the wind
seize the sky and they're gone again

fame is fleeting God is nigh
we raise our arms to him on night
we shoot our flint into the sun
we bless our spoils and we're gone we're gone

Hey now man's own kin
we commend into the wind
grateful arms grateful limbs
grateful heart he's gone again

Here a man man's own kin
he turned his back and his own people shot him
and he fell on his knees
before the burning plane
and he beheld fields of gold his land his sun
and he arose his blood aflame
the clouds pressed with hand prints stained

one last breath
the sky is high
the hungry earth
the empty vein
the ashes rain
death's own bed
man's own kin
into the wind
one last breath
hole in life
love knot tied
braid undone
child born
the hollow horn
warrior cried
a warrior died
one last breath
lick of flame
spirit moaned
spirit shed
the heavens fed
man's own kin
grips the sky
and he's gone again

Hey now man's own kin
we lay down into the wind
grateful arms grateful limbs
grateful heart he's gone again

Hey now man's own kin
he ascends into the wind
grateful heart grateful limbs
grateful man he's gone again

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Smith, Patti Gone Again Comments
  1. Fred Humes

    the queen of rock and roll period. she is most awesome

  2. Sebastian Calero Perez

    Leí que Jeff Buckley colabora casí al final de la canción

  3. riversidepete 61

    drumming is sick!

  4. tootired76

    What you assholes don't know was that she was married to Fred "Sonic" Smith. She quit her music career to raise her family. Fred suddenly died! A couple of years later, Patti decided to give a tribute to her good friend Curt Cobain and this album is the result! "About a Boy" is directly about him!!

    Joshua Savoie

    It wasn't just Fred that died, her brother, Robert Mapplethorpe and Richard Sohl all died within that time

  5. Penny Pyro

    ooh interesting!

  6. curbdog64

    they played the whole song (the Bear McCreary version) in Defiance from start to finish, bless them :)

  7. Tucker Gardner

    Defiance is a awesome TV show on Syfy network, an episode featured an awesome cover of this song. It was done by Bear McCreary, the same dude who did music for Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, and The Walking Dead.

    Anime Tomboy Enthusiast

    One of the most underrated TV shows ever.

  8. anthony yoshida

    Lol me two took me forever to find it

  9. Domino_Emery

    It's over. I got the cure

  10. Sinome

    The song on Defiance was sung by Bear McCreary and is available on amazon.

  11. Brian Burke

    I first learned of this song from watching the television show, Defiance on the Sci Fi channel, and they must have cut and added just the small section of this song that's actually really great, because the rest of it isn't great.

  12. AnonimanDA

    took me 20 mins to find this song, i listened to the song in the defiance video of ep 10 andevery word thet i understood i wrote on youtube till i found it :3


    Persistence pays off! Well done, good effort.

  13. xHugoxN7


  14. Sean B.


    There it is. I still think this version is better though...

  15. Rivern G

    i hear it on D from the live shows... this one is on C, but a quarter tone lower... so... not a clue

  16. bloodofareptile

    Bear and Brendan McCreary did the cover Defiance used.

  17. Lindsey Clarke

    Hey just figured it out look up bear mccreary (thats the re make they used)

  18. isa sins

    It is what I am looking for. In the episode sounded like a man voice. And it was slower ... much better. If you find the version let me know (:

  19. Sean B.

    no idea, lol

    I noticed this one sounded a little old and slower than the other. There's probably a remastered version somewhere I'd think

  20. Paul Byrne

    Gone Again by Brendan and Bear McCready, search in youtube it is there

  21. Paul Byrne

    Gone Again by Brendan and Bear McCready

  22. Ian Quinn

    It was a special version by Bear McCreary. It's available on iTunes (look for the Defiance soundtrack).

  23. Ian Quinn

    The version they used had a stronger electric guitar/bass. It definitely wasn't this version. Anyone have a link to a different version? (Been looking ... can't find it.)

  24. Jake Hathaway

    Any idea which version they used?

  25. Sean B.

    Defiance brought me here!

  26. David Miller

    that is good to hear, most truly talented people are hard working perfectionists..drugs are an antithesis to that...i was actually referring to my own experience..

  27. David Miller


  28. Ghassen BL

    Awesome... Patti you're the best ...