Smith, Michael W. - Take Me Over Lyrics

Just to rest in your arms
Close enough to hear your heart
Just to kneel at your feet
Where everything fades away and I sing

Jesus, Jesus, take me over now
I surrender
Everything I have, I lay it down
All of me

With just a glimpse of your face
All my fears melt away
Lost within your embrace
I'm pouring out all my admiration

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Smith, Michael W. Take Me Over Comments
  1. Rugiatu Gegbe

    I just lost my husband to brain cancer and this song ministers to my wounded soul each time I'm down. Thank you for this anointed song, the Lord continue to increase your anointing.

  2. Randy Dod

    SUCH a moving song. Not only the words, of course, but the orchestral piece at the end (starting at 3:10) brings me to powerful place of worship. I would LOVE to see this performed with a full live orchestra.

  3. Simpute Brian

    Good songs are felt by the heart not the ears. Listening to this song makes me reflect on the sins that i have committed, it's an eye opener, spiritually.

  4. audrey rodriguez

    Im trying to find an accompaniment track for this song. I can not find one anywhere on the internet!!!

  5. Galina

    God given gift

  6. Ethan

    The best... Micheal W. Smith

  7. Rhonda Archer

    Been listening to Michael for 12 years and had never heard this. I cry as I pray to Our Father GOd!

  8. Repent and GOD will forgive you


  9. Yrina Montalvo

    Hermosas alabanza gracias Michael y a Ferdinando por subirlas.Dios les siga bendiciendo grandemente sus vidas.

  10. crystal jumadeen

    god gave u a wonderful voice and u used it wisely to sing positive song.... bless u and I love you songs... one of your biggest fans... come to Trinidad please.. 

  11. Beatrice Lotter

    This is one AWESOME SONG !! My next wedding song, forsure !!

  12. Tina A

    Me too Cheryll!! Me too.

  13. Jennifer Pruitt

    i saw michael last month at the nc state fair. this was the last song of the night. i felt the fire fall over dorton arena that night. words cannot describe the atmosphere, God was definately there.


    Wish I could have been there.

  14. Paula Dubosh

    Did you try going to Michael W. Smith's website and searching in his online store?

  15. N Keller

    I have done that too. The song is protected by the Copyrights and the only way is to make a direct request to the author through his website

  16. andy mok

    awesome god.

  17. Everette Marshall

    Does anyone know where to get the sheet music for this song I have searched everywhere?

  18. Cheryll Valentine

    I cry every time I listen to this song. It is my prayer to Him. He did so much for me. Jesus, have all of me... I surrender

  19. cerise cruz

    i love the piano works on d song, truly a Michael W. Smith creation, truly a God given talent used for His glory . One of my favorites in his new album.

  20. Cocovite K

    beautiful! simply Beautiful!

  21. firecapt100

    Thanks for this. Truly one of my favorite from the album. Really says it all. Blessings in HIS name.

  22. ABBA084

    just cry when the first time I hear the song sang by the worship leader in my church, and i was wondering who is the arranger,, and then,, it is Michael W smith.. I love this song very much.. it leads me to a deeper worshiping LORD JESUS.. thanks for posting this song,, such a blessing.

  23. Tom Davis

    This is a song you could pray with a lost soul and begin to lift them up as the song developes after the 3:15 minute mark. Tears will flow!!!

  24. Paula Dubosh

    Thank you so much for posting this song! I love it. Everytime I listen to it, it helps me pray, and I let go of my fears.

  25. Israel de Sousa

    Uma das mais belas canções que já ouvi!!! É pura presença de Deus.

  26. João Vitor

    this song is beautiful mass

  27. Est her

    wonderful !! <3<3

    Marth Shilunga

    is very wonderful song