Smith, Michael W. - Prepare Ye The Way Lyrics

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good
His love endures forever
Hallelujah, oh, my soul
Praise God, all my life long I will praise God
Singing songs to my God as long as I will live

I will praise You, oh Lord, with all my heart
Before the Gods I will sing Your praise
I will bow down toward Your holy temple
And will praise Your name for Your love and Your faithfulness

Prepare ye the way
Prepare ye the way of the Lord
Prepare ye the way
Prepare ye the way of the Lord

Prepare ye the way
Prepare ye the way of the Lord
Prepare ye the way
Prepare ye the way of the Lord

Yeshua, Yeshua, You reign on high, You reign on high
Almighty God, Your love is like no other
Yeshua, You reign on high, You reign on high
Almighty God, Your love is like no other

Prepare ye the way
Prepare ye the way of the Lord
Prepare ye the way
Prepare ye the way of the Lord

Yeshua, Yeshua, You reign on high, You reign on high
Almighty God, Your love is like no other
Yeshua, You reign on high, You reign on high
Almighty God, Your love is like no other

Your love is like no other, yeah

Prepare ye the way
Prepare ye the way of the Lord
Prepare ye the way
Prepare ye the way of the Lord

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Smith, Michael W. Prepare Ye The Way Comments
  1. Colleen Ladybug

    Better than godspell

  2. Gilberto Sánchez

    Is lakewood?

    Michael Lambert

    Gilberto Sánchez Yes, in Houston

  3. marcosoliveira

    M. W Smith , incomparável!

  4. Colleen Ladybug

    I listened to this after my adopted father passed away on the 19th of November of last year

  5. Daniel Gutierrez Colorado

    Thanks for the playlist!

  6. Angelina Hounnou

    Wither like grass you wicked souls who shed and torment wicked will never find rest till you return to your lord your God

  7. Angelina Hounnou

    God punish you all sinful and desperately wicked souls.its finished

  8. mags sekhu

    Alleluya 🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥

  9. Mark DeVelde

    off the charts awesome \,,,_

  10. Nitesh Angre

    Vary nice worship song

  11. Don Rohwer

    I pray daily while listening to the entire prayer list ... I take communion and armor up while I'm on my knees. I can't control the advertisements but deal with them as they come up. This "prayer list of songs is for, by, to and about the BRIDE OF CHRIST. If we are not prepared, how can we help prepare others!

  12. play dj 102 dude

    The best song ever

  13. Jean Pierre Adjodi


  14. Sowani Yaca

    The year of the Lord....

  15. Cassy Kaseba diangi

    The tones of this song are incroyable and singing for Yeshua, tears of joy came down my face through this Wonderful song , i wanna sing it more( from my repentence to the holiness )

  16. Alex Foote

    What is the name of the drums used at the beginning????

  17. Lenore Howe

    Love this video very much;

  18. Paul Hudson

    The time is nigh amen

  19. Jay Davis

    Can someone tell me what the name or type of drums these are?

  20. Esther Pacheco

    I love thise song praise the Lord.Are you ready for the king Jesus.

  21. Julio Ville

    heavenly sound

  22. Hanna Maria

    This Is Awesome!!!!

  23. Verdin Sniper

    The drums are amazing!

  24. Fervency Osagie

    Such greatness of Yeshua! MWS thanks for this powerful rendition!

  25. Hoffie Jay KEYS

    this is the music that moves me

  26. Adrian Meiring

    100% Awesome. Thank you for not falling aside like many famous artists.

  27. Richard Heatherly

    Hearing this song is powerful! Being able to be in a choir that sings it is even more powerful!

  28. Cecilia Muntu

    Almighty God your Love is no other....

  29. westjam2008

    Always love this song! It is great for Christmas!

  30. marina Griko

    ..."Приготовьте Путь Господу, прямыми сделайте стези Ему!" Аллилуйя!!! Прекрасное Прославление! Слава Тебе, Великий Царь , Иисус!!!!! Аллилуйя!!!!

  31. maxwell tonga

    This is my favorite worship song

  32. tafadzwa reason dzikiti

    the way of the Lord

  33. Christopher John Lamb

    Do you want to hear a story???
    !! But only if you belive!!!!!!!,
    ONLY IF YOU BELIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
    There is a place called heaven
    This I can undoubtedly say
    Without any hesitation
    Of what this message conveys

    There are no words to describe it
    No visuals that can compare
    Such as roads of gold or gates that scroll
    Beyond Earth's hemisphere

    One night while I was sleeping
    My soul started to be raised
    Sitting up from within my body
    With arms in heavenly praise

    What brought this spiritual moment
    This I do not know
    But the feelings felt within myself
    Were shared to me by soul

    There was an ultimate feeling of self-giving
    A surrendering of my total being
    No other thoughts came to mind
    Except praising God as my king

    The love I felt was immeasurable
    No past love came close to compare
    A love so strong and powerful
    Yet seemed to have always been there

    The soul itself was not a mist
    Or foggy image seen
    But an array of electrical colors
    Though formed in my earthly being

    As my soul descended back
    To where my body laid
    A gasp of air was all it took
    To make me step forth and say...
    There most certainly is a God!
    Colonel British S.A.S.

    Jim Ponder

    Thank You! For sharing. jim

  34. tim bannett

    Prepare the way through REPENTANCE and HOLINESS. The Messiah is coming.

    HeldforEver by God

    tim bannett Thank you. I was on a beach a few weeks ago and a monarch butterfly was flying around among the beach goers and I "heard/ felt" within my spirit a strong call to prepare YE the way of The Lord. Those two words: repentance and holiness are a great part of that call, as is Love and the courage to "have all boldness, that Christ may be magnified in my body whether by life or by death. "

  35. Abhijeet Anand

    Praise GOD ..We sing because HE is good

  36. Gaelan Kindall


  37. pacifique musuyu

    Louer Dieu est la chose la plus extraordinaire que puisse faire un chrétien.

  38. Kara Flegel

    I love this song!! The drums are amazing and singing the name Yeshua always brings tears of joy, awe and anticipation to me!

    king jesus

    Kara Flegel the drummer would have fasted and shedded his tears for glory of the lord and for this project

  39. Michael David

    Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord, Give Thanks To The Lord For He Is Good!
    I Praise The Name Of The Lord My God, Sing Yourself Into His Presence.

    Jesus Is Coming Back Sooner Than You Think!

    Get Ready By Singing This Song. Jesus Needs More Praisers To Sing In The End-Time Harvest! Get Ready For Jesus To Start Singing In Through You The Ultimate Spiritual Harvest As All Who Know Him, Hear Him On The Inside Of Their Hearts At One Time All Over The United States!

  40. Glen Wegener

    No man knows, but we do know the season! It's close folks,

  41. Jacob Summers

    I Love the drum part

  42. The Blessings Of Jesus Channel

    Lord Jesus!!!

  43. Danny Garcia

    Poderosa cancion

  44. Hercilio Vivanco

    son interesantes los temas  de esta cancion

  45. Joelo Binweuche

    Let's prepare for his coming

  46. Georgina Pollard

    I love the Aussie accents right at the beginning while Michael is drumming ... refreshing :) xo   Love a good drumming breakdown....

  47. Yovanny Ugalde Zuñiga

    Por favor me gustaría que suba el concierto completo en un solo Video saludos SanJose Costarrica.alleluhja

  48. rich butil

    Yahshua you reign on high !

  49. Barbara Long

    He is coming so soon!


    Yay! Love it!

    The popo

    King of kings and Lord of lords.

  50. anna8099

    This is brilliant - absolutely awesome!

  51. Aroura1632

    this is what true worship is all about...I love it...

  52. Lucia M. Kabomo

    this song just takes me to another level of worship, awesome piece. I love it!

  53. Jim Fogerty

    A little sample of what heaven will sound like.


    God be praised. We are ready to worship Him day and night. Oh my bad! No night in heaven.


    Jim, that's exactly what I was thinking! :)

    Jim Fogerty

    +Lisa O'Brien :-)

    Jim Fogerty

    +Awurabena1 Yup!

    Jim Fogerty

    Saw him perform live with 55,000 Christian guys singing along in the stadium! Chills!

  54. Luciana Cristina Just Raphael

    Muito bom , durmo em paz

  55. Luciana Cristina Just Raphael

    Muito bom , durmo em paz

  56. Francesca Francisca

    I'm lifted each time I play Michael w smith songs

  57. José Esteban

    Great song,i prays you Jesus.

  58. Peter Brooks

    What an awesome album

  59. Fishboy316

    POWERFUL!!! Praise God!

  60. Mj Dumaze

    we walk not buy sight but by faith and we who have the spirit of God can see that this is filled with God's presence and to exalt God and u the blind spiritual we do expect such comments until u live by the Spirit of God that serves the spirits and not looking by ur flesh

  61. Steven Van der Weide

    Okay, if u think this is for Satan, why do you listen to this?

  62. jeff willey

    amazing!!!!! enough said

  63. Cassie Hulette

    "Prepare ye the way of the Lord, and make his paths straight; for there standeth one among you whom ye know not; and he is mightier than I, whose shoe's latchet I am not worthy to unloose. And much spake my father concerning this thing."1Nephi10:8

  64. goldie san

    My thoughts for today, Good Friday, with this song....Praise God!

    Malsawma Fanchun

    Good friday 19 apr 2019

  65. John1Can

    Please lift up our choir. This is our call to worship this Sunday!

  66. Yosef Green

    Yeshua!!!!! Just YESHUA!!!!!!

  67. Chris Gabler

    A great worship song, with an incredible introduction with the drum parts! Very dramatic approach.
    Thank you!

    Shelli Bradley

    Chris Gabler i loved that too

  68. Flame Shield

    Prepare the way of the LORD; Make His paths straight...And all flesh shall see the salvation of God. Luke 3:4, 6

  69. Danie Du Plessis


  70. saʍɨʀa C.

    amen :))


    best MWS album and concert ever!!!

  72. Peter G

    praise the lord.execellent worship.hallelujah

  73. Reinaldo Cordero

    Awesome Intro!!! As Michael do always!!!! Pure Presence of God!!!

  74. annae yangie

    LOL, my nephew used to sing: TODAY LEAD THE WAY." Lol. And the I would correct him. PREPARE YE THE WAY' LOL. Good times.

  75. Pius Inzaghi

    this is not for jesus as you can see......rather for satan

  76. joseph dhanasar

    amazing anointed powerful lost for words ,
    just enjoying the presence of god now

  77. Lonnie Ros

    @NeiiiLs Amen my friend.... I love Him as well!!!!

  78. Lonnie Ros

    Prepare ye the way of the Lord!! We spend our lives in preparation for the Lord!! I find myself preparing more and more every day!! There are many days when I feel I could be doing better but I am always learning....always preparing!!!

  79. Ornella Gomis

    Awesome ! Love Jesus ♥♥ :)

  80. Biblical Theology

    this song is amazingly fantastic! God uses Michael W Smith in many ways in the songs he writes that are inspired by God! but ...sadly this song seems that it was sung at Joel Osteen's church :/

  81. Alvaro Almeida

    @kristhyani yes, thanks to the holy spirit, the ones that worship in spirit and in thruth, God receives their worship no matter what the others arent worshiping him! Glory to God!

  82. Michael Simmons

    @MrTwinsrule Whaaaaat?

  83. Ruben Javier Ferreyra

    me facinaria estar en una presentancion en vivo de michael

  84. Tracie D

    @MessianskJude87 me too!

  85. momelock

    @WWYDdotORG Amein.

  86. momelock

    @MessianskJude87 HalleluYAH! Hello, fellow Israelite. Baruch HaShem YHWH!

  87. WisdomPrincThg


  88. SoulSurfer4Yahweh

    make video mobile accessible please.

  89. MrTwinsrule

    I thought you were suppose to worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth? You say Hands?

    I do not get that. Sorry.

  90. Alvaro Almeida

    I DON'T GET IT!! a full stadium, and i can see that only 10 or 20 people are worshiping with their hands, surrending their lifes in spirit and in truth, while the other thousands are siting like they are watching a show... God was there and all they do is watch?

  91. Metamorbrrr

    what a showman...

  92. Jacqueline Michelle-Ann

    Awesome, ..... this touches my soul, it moves me to a heavenly place. Thank you Mr. Smith.

  93. pawpawgator

    @hollowsephiroth dingdingding - prize winner!

  94. 70x7x_Loves

    YESHUA! YOU REIGN ON HIGH!! Prepare Ye The Way OF The Lord..God Bless You!

  95. Emperor Mick

    Glory to you GOd Jesus ! You're Almigthy you're Whorty to praise ! all the earth worship You !! GLORYYYYYY in the HIGHEST

  96. Tatiane Almeida

    Glory to our God Almighty!!

  97. WWYDdotORG

    I'm glad someone in mainstream Christianity is beginning to understand that Messiah has a HEBREW name that is more appropriate than a romanized translation (Jesus) and uses it in worship... Excellent! Now he just needs to learn the Father's name, YAHUWAH.... But baby steps is better than no steps or denial...