Smith, Michael W. - More Love, More Power Lyrics

More Love, More Power,
More of you in my life.
More Love, More Power,
More of you in my life.
I will worship You
with all my heart.
I will worship You
with all my mind.
I will worship You
with all my strength.
For you are my Lord.
[repeat 2 times]

More Love, More Power,
More of you in my life.
[repeat 10 times]

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Smith, Michael W. More Love, More Power Comments
  1. edina tóth

    Love Jesus <3

  2. Karen Rex

    This is such an uplifting song!

  3. kennedy mathu

    I need your love more than anything in the world Lord.

  4. glory pittington

    Truth.yes u have said is true.

  5. iamphil84

    Just heard this on radio as I woke up...just layed here soaking in God's presence this song is powerful

  6. welington viana

    muinto bonita gostaria de saber ingles

  7. Gabrielle Amora

    gosto muito das musicas dele,es um homem consagrado,amém;

  8. Mandisa Mafike

    I need you Lord every day please forgive me

  9. svetlana katarina

    Love is Power. I love this song so much

  10. SirusQZ

    Glory be to God !

  11. Anil Salaye

    Annointing music too.

  12. MzTeachuh

    this song is as good as the early Jesus Movement songs

  13. kesiya lwabanya

    thnx lord

  14. Akinlade Caulcrick

    This song is so powerful

  15. Phil Clayton

    awww Hey .. Grow up Rev100, and embrace the goodness in the song not critique. God's all over this song, that can not be denied..

  16. revealation100

    this song is not biblical. As christians we cannot have more of the power of the Holy spirit than we have now. the holy spirit is not POWER. He is a person and carries ALL the power of God and resides in every born again individual for all time to come. therefore all the power the christian needs already resides in him/her. it's up to christians to discover who they are in Christ and make use of this power(full power of God)

  17. neeti gulia

    it's really awsum sng.I feel more and more deeper love for Lord our God!! need more of Him

  18. Osvaldo castro

    que unção, que manifestação maravilhosa do Espirito Santo atraves deste louvor

  19. Erin

    wow.. more love! more power! more of you in my life!

  20. Совершать дела Царства - Vineyard Bethel Gateway

    Powerful song!!!
    With respect from
    Vineyard, Russia, Krasnoyarsk

  21. Moises Tijerino

    I'm sorry Lord, i now realize i need more of You in my life.

  22. TheFina2010

    Love the song!!

  23. Norwegian Juan

    Love it!
    Love it!
    Want more of it!

  24. gibsonj338

    Thank you Michael W. Smith for recording this song and thank you cliftongs for uploading this song onto youtube.

  25. Mihai Laza

    @ovidaniel91 Superba, si daca nu te misca melodia asta... nu stiu ce sa mai zic. Practic melodia asta a pavat drumul meu spre mantuire

  26. Sebastián Salguero

    Me encantaaaaaa esta canción es de lo mejoR

  27. ovidaniel91

    ii super melodia asta!!!

  28. Valentino M

    This song is just amazing.
    More love, more power!!