Smith, Michael W. - Healing Rain / Let It Rain Lyrics

Healing rain is coming down
It's coming nearer to this old town
Rich and poor, weak and strong
It's bringing mercy, it won't be long

Healing rain is coming down
It's coming closer to the lost and found
Tears of joy and tears of shame
Are washed forever in Jesus' name

Healing rain, it comes with fire
So let it fall and take us higher
Healing rain, I'm not afraid
To be washed in Heaven's rain

Lift your heads, let us return
To the mercy seat where time began
And in your eyes I see the pain
Come soak this dry heart with healing rain
And only you, the Son of Man
Can take a leper and let him stand
So lift your hands, they can be held
By someone greater, the Great I Am

Healing rain, it comes with fire
So let it fall and take us higher
Healing rain, I'm not afraid
To be washed in Heaven's rain
To be washed in Heaven's rain

Healing rain is falling down
Healing rain is falling down
I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid

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Smith, Michael W. Healing Rain / Let It Rain Comments
  1. Darshika Jayasekera

    God heals me miraculously while I am listening this song

  2. patrick favour

    Power of healing is released in all ramifications.

  3. Adzima Blezzed

    Healing rain is falling in my life,transforming me to the glory of God...Amen

  4. Roman Esq

    I'm not afraid !!!

  5. Lushia Antonio

    this song teach my heart so deep down

  6. Lenore Howe



    God you did it once for me, you can do it again oh Lord!


    Just close your eyes and let it take you away! Amazing! Jesus You are so real!

  9. Mercy Isaac

    Am not afraid

  10. Jessica Deng

    And every time I sing along to this song...I cry...healing rain is falling down am not afraid

  11. Gabriel Production

    Great song

  12. Anna Barnabas

    Thanks my God ,I want to know you more,,,

  13. Joshua Anagbonu

    God's name be praised

  14. Peggy Fungie Kammela

    Um loving da song, it inspires

  15. Ruthie b

    so sick !!!

  16. marina Griko

    Великолепно! Достойнейшее Прославление Великого Царя Славы, Иисуса!!!!!

    marina Griko

    @Michael Michaelmntn Amen!

  17. Yohanes Justin Lee

    Be Bless who listen to this this song

  18. quameagle

    I remember singing in the choir at this concert, God's presence was SO thick. I still feel it!!! What a might healing God we serve!!!

    Irina Quintero

    Wow! What a privilege! 👍🏼

  19. Jabulani Cedric

    Healing rain is falling we received the drops

  20. Jabulani Cedric

    Healing rain is falling we received the drops

  21. Nnamdi Collins

    rain on me

  22. Azzouz IBN EL MOUATA

    thanks God it's raining
    thanks God it's falling down

  23. Azzouz IBN EL MOUATA

    thanks God it's raining

  24. Azzouz IBN EL MOUATA

    let it rain

  25. Azzouz IBN EL MOUATA

    let it rain

  26. Precious Madziwanzira

    let it fall upon my life n family

  27. kasi Rajesh

    o lord heal me and bless me

  28. Matthew Botha

    Healing rain is falling down healing rain is falling down I am not afraid I am not afraid

  29. ogreee

    ezekkel a dicséretekkel akár lehetne ,de lehet is ÁLDOTT ÜNNEPEKET KIVÁNOK

  30. C.R. Morris' Wholesale Floorcoverings

    Fear Not, For I Am "I AM" With You Always . . .

  31. Noel Muronzi


  32. pacifique musuyu

    Quelles que soient les circonstances que je peux traverser ,je ne craindrais rien au nom puissant de Jésus mon seigneur.

  33. Eli Alveberg

    you are a shining man in all ways my hearth beats many beats every day for you stay Michael grace thangyou

  34. Mike Capps

    This song saved my life.

  35. Jackie Teskey

    i close my eyes... and the peace that enters my soul is amazing every time i listen

  36. Ananka De Diego

    Healing Rain to all

  37. Life of Jesus

    Great worshiper!

  38. Sidwell Guduka

    It was great attending Michael W. Smith's show at CRC in Bloemfontein, South Africa, last night. This is one of the songs I enjoyed the most.

  39. Earl Williams

    Nothing can go wrong when you place it in God hands. I'm not afraid because by His stripes I am healed!!!!!!!!

  40. Angel Girl Lam


    Chigozie Uzoechi

    @Jack Crow Hello Mr. Jack Crow my eyes was filled with tears when I heard of your condition. Listen let me tell you; your faith will see u thru. Kingsley from Ivory Coast

    Christina Clarance

    Angel Girl Lam dont worry god will heal u completely healing rain falling down

  41. Mercy Chang

    I love this rendition!! I've been listening to it nonstop. Healing rain is falling down and I am not afraid!!! :)

  42. Oswaldo Rivas

    thanks jesus.

  43. Thomas Shouldon

    that is a nyc song ,GOD wiil let it rain

  44. Junal Gerlach

    Really believe the healing rains are falling down....amen...peace with God in spirit....

  45. BP C

    I made a lyric video of this. Michael is such a great pianist and soloist in the Lord.

  46. OGeorge omalicha

    Powerful song from the heart of God,
    May the the bless you more Michael what song in season!

  47. OGeorge omalicha

    Powerful song from the heart of God,
    May the the bless you more Michael what song in season!

  48. Anna Elle

    I'm not afraid!Jesus heals me 

  49. Michelle F. Leonard

    Nice song

  50. Sasa Sinclair

    "healing rain" this song has ministered to me over the last couple of years and it continues to bring me to tears each time. God is so good and so faithful. our hearts matter to Him, the condition of our lives matter to God. I cannot fathom why this Holy God would care soo much about dust really. but He does and extended Himself out to us through His Son. He sent His word and healed us.

  51. Adebola Oyenuga

    I need God sooooooo...
    I really wish someone can understand...

    Sasa Sinclair

    oh I get you. is it usually because of sin? God hates sin but His mercy endureth forever (His mercy means us not getting the due punishment/reward for our actions)- like the opposite of justice. anyway, Heb 4:16 says we should approach the throne of grace with confidence, to find grace and obtain mercy to help us in the time of need.

    Sasa Sinclair

    24 hours ago I was where u were, but He came through for me and now He's teaching me to flee youthful lust and evil in pursuit for love, righteousness, holiness and purity. it is only Love that can keep us free from sin. it covers a multitude of sin and causes us to want nothing to do with sin. you're right when u say you just have to give it to God and ask Him to help u

    Adebola Oyenuga

    sure my friend, It is easy to God. When you choose to do it by yourself, You just don't know when you move from white to grey and to black.

    Adebola Oyenuga

    I chose to also soak myself in worship songs as it is helping to think right thoughts

    Jeffery Stewart

    @Adebola Oyenuga Worship songs are awesome for encouragement my friend, but always seek the word. First seek the Kingdom of God and all other the other things will be added unto you. Believe me I don't think there is a Christian alive who could say they don't feel the struggles you face, but like you said stay in God's word and it will be a lamp unto your feet so you do not fall. 


    beautiful thanx

  53. imo udeme

    Touching lifes, Uplifting souls.Healing rain is falling down.

    benald kalu

    Hello Ud,compliments...

    kamrulislam328126 kamrulislam


  54. netsianda phumudzo

    picturing my wedding day

  55. Pedro Rodriguez

    Such a beatiful song! Praise Lord!

  56. Azaria Ramotswetla

    am blessed

  57. labourday25

    Healing rain, please come. Amen

  58. sicelo ivine sibeko

    Healing Rain!!

  59. Jo Folini

    a3wesome god

  60. Isaiah J.G

    I'm 15 and I heard my mom play this and I love this song

  61. Toate Ganago

    Without holines no one shall see the LORD! He shall come for a church without spot or wrinkle. Thank GOD For the Blood which washes whiter Than snow

  62. Нина Кифорук

    Обожаю эту песню

  63. martin kambwiri

    w. smith pliz come to MALAWI !

  64. Diamond_Addicted

    This is helped me


    I been watching this everyday for a week straight! Really starts my day off the right way!!

  66. Dynalmite

    Who would have The COURAGE to dislike this?

  67. Spooner Bros

    This song healed me from my dog's death i was shaking i was so sad and when they played this song the presence of God hit me like it is right now listening to it again i got healed and I love you Jesus I love you so much :')

  68. Bridget Narvais

    I so remember this <3

  69. Prezi-Supervee Walters

    Blessed by this song inuh...... me and ma mom we love it, and its a fitting song, cauz we indeed want The Lord to pour out His anointing on us...!

  70. Iombonana Skywalker

    To God be The Glory...

  71. ZEGS i

    Feel*, I know you're christian but don't forget your education man...

  72. Miguel Mesa

    God Bless you Michael what a beautiful song healing rain Praise God May His Glorious Presence always guides you and lead you from victory to victory from glory to glory now and forever amen.

  73. Charles Justice

    i just love this guy's music....

  74. Charles Justice

    i just this guy's music....

  75. leechien77b

    Yep, this is guy is really annoited by the good Lord. I love it when you go into this meditative mode of this song - it will truly break all chains that lugs you down. I am glad Smitty worships and sings at the same time. He's soo moved that brought him to tears. Hard to control this, coz he still need to lead the worship when he could just break down and cry his heart out and let the Holy Spirit heal him.

  76. leechien77b

    It's on around 1:15. A lady's voice leads this 2nd part of the song.







  80. Amanda Spagnuolo

    You can see her at 1:45 and sometimes from then on ...

  81. Amanda Spagnuolo

    At 1:26, you can hear the lady in the background singing it.

  82. sherohqueen

    who is the lady singing background, let it rain?

  83. agnaldo gomes

    uma bencao tremenda sobre nossas vidas

  84. Ivan Bradley

    No greater healing can we receive than in our Salvation for He is YHWH RAPHA The LORD OUR HEALER! He has healed our relationship with Our God Our Father for we do not deserve anything but through His grace Christ came to destroy the devil's work in us!

  85. alma esperanza nuñez piña

    nice video smitty you are the best are one miracle of god because you have pure love in your heart are very wanderful with person this music is very nice the king of god here in this place because live inside everiony all you need is love for all the people in this world the first rule is the love for ours brothers and all the families in this world jesus say the king of god inside of you belive in me and not die but the first is the love no discrimination for nating in this world

  86. Samuel Verret

    stjohnmanor I know MWS. You are way off base.

  87. Xoli S

    i am not afraid

  88. Perseverance

    Be very careful with this man. Michael is involved with the Runes. The Runes are an ancient people involved in divination. Check out Michaels new album with his name spelled backwards and the T and the M is in the Rune alphabet. On his Christmas album Michael is standing on a chair and his body forms a T in the rune alphabet and the bottom of the chair an M in the alphabet. Do the research. God is Faithful.

  89. santosh khatiwada

    a man with God's anointing

  90. Braydon Thomlinson

    Praying for you Joseph DiSano!

  91. Joseph DiSano

    I need a healing lord please heal me amen

  92. Joseph DiSano

    I love Jesus

    Sakeus Ga Mena Shomagwe

    Joseph DiSano I believe God have healed you

  93. kevo kim

    I thank u lord for saving my life I can now see the light

  94. Andi W

    It's about the Holy Spirit of God. :)

  95. axks gwatiringa