Smith, Michael W. - Breathe In Me Lyrics

You breathe in me
And I'm alive
With the power of your holiness
You breathe in me
And you revive
Feelings in my soul
That I have laid to rest

So breathe in me
I need you now
I've never felt so dead within
So breathe in me
Maybe somehow
You can breathe new life
In me again

I used to be
So sensitive
To the light that leads
To where you are

Now I've aquired
These callouses
With the darkness of
A cold and jaded heart

[Repeat Chorus]

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Smith, Michael W. Breathe In Me Comments
  1. Lyncia Alfred

    this is the first time im hearing the song and trust me when i say that its really blessing my soul...'

  2. Andrés España

    Hey it has been like 9 years now since the first time I´ve heard this time andit has been since then resounding in my head, i feel so identify with this song... Thats something I know for sure... God is an expert in bringing new life where is none...

  3. safsam1

    i have had this song in the back of my mind for 6 yrs but i couldn't find it. should have checked youtube earlier :) thank you!

  4. atulcar


  5. Ouija88

    @billgrayj I need Him to...

  6. choir203

    I too suffered from terrible depression but with the help of God I am better ,by God's grace, I can pity those who were cruel to me, know that they can harm me no longer.
    .Like me, you wll forgive in time. May God Bless You

  7. Higher-self

    After dealing with severe depression for most of my life, this is the song that at one time helped me open the door to those emotions. Once again, I find myself at a precipice of falling back into a very deep, dark place. It's been a year since I found myself there. Now all I have is anger over so many questions, that even when asked, are just laughed off. I want to forgive, and I'm learning to, though very slowly. I come back to this song, hoping and praying that it'll help me to forgive.

  8. Kara El-Kareh

    This song always makes me want to cry.

  9. Patricia Mello

    After looking around at all the sights that bash Jesus, I cry when I hear this. I love Jesus with all that I am. Thank you God for songs and people like this for us to hear you.

  10. djalexo4250

    makes me feel so so down coz i need god in my life for real.

  11. Matthew McCray

    BEAUTIFUL!! Oh How I Love JESUS!!!

  12. Chris Faddis

    I forgot how much I loved this song.
    So beautiful... and reminds us where our life comes from.