Smith, Granger - Holler Lyrics

Cold cans in the blue boxes
Earl Dibbles on the boombox and
A-frame on a Chevy rockin'
Side to side
Mud grip on a dirt road
Couple buddies saying let's go
Gonna burn that barn right down
To the ground tonight

Raise 'em up to the sky
If you're tryna throw down
Get a little country faded
Take it way on out
Park your truck in the line
If you're looking for a buzz
And the girls in love with the boys
In the blue collars, holler


Doubled up rockin' two flags
Yee Yee, ol' glory strapped
To the top of the head rack
Blowing in the night
Tin can full of kerosene
Pour it out on a pile of trees
Step back, strike a match
And watch that Friday night

Raise 'em up to the sky
If you're tryna throw down
Get a little country faded
Take it way on out
Park your truck in the line
If you're looking for a buzz
And the girls in love with the boys
In the blue collars, holler


I'm 'bout to get the fuse lit
Crack a can, take a long sip
Red man get the pouch ripped
Got a whole thing, a pack in both lips
Jumping up on a tailgate
Poppin' off like a twelve gauge
I don't care what a city boy say
We where the party is
And that's damn right (yee yee)

Raise 'em up to the sky
If you're tryna throw down
Get a little country faded
Take it way on out
Park your truck in the line
If you're looking for a buzz
And the girls in love with the boys
In the blue collars, holler


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Smith, Granger Holler Comments
  1. Austin Freeland

    2020 anyone?

  2. Juan Pichardo

    that's just an amazing music video, blessings from mexico bud

  3. American Militaria 4

    In real life this happens but not like this and people not coming in a line like Geese flying.

  4. Conner Hartung

    Upchurch shoulda been invited 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  5. Kale Kamalii

    This is what I will do.

  6. J Kreb

    Love matt at the end 😂🤣

  7. STX Fishing

    Holy shit was that Dale Brisby ?? Lol

  8. Vincent Montgomery

    yee yee boys

  9. Hillbilly Jones

    Fuckin lunkers kent rollins Dale Brisby Mat Best mat from demo ranch jared outlaw, tf?

  10. Conner Mccamey

    It's funny bc the party isn't exaggerated at all maybe even a little bit under of what people actually do well out at my part of the county

  11. Nicole winters

    YEE YEE🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. Luke Davis

    Yee yee

  13. Jessica Purdy

    Yee yee

  14. Dylan Caratsole

    This is a normal day for us Americans btw who’s here from demoliton ranch

  15. Dawn Rehm

    Yee Yee

  16. Josh Sykes

    Yee Yee HOLLA BACK 409 TEXAS

  17. Brody Davis

    Great job
    Love America

  18. cellounge

    This is not country!

  19. Ethan Huelsbeck

    I don't even like country music..but goddamn I love this shiit. Yee yee

  20. solder 21

    Yee yee

  21. Royal Riding

    I would literally buy tickets to attend this

  22. Mr.PeanutButter

    2:53 a wild outlaw appears

  23. Spencer Tidd

    Damn the only one missing is Alex Zedra... would made this video 11 outta 10!! YEE YEE

  24. k.o. bassing

    It all the coolest people on YouTube

  25. Shawn McKeough

    Mbest11x 1:34

  26. Rt Charger 5.7

    So much merica in this video I don't want it to end Yee Yee!

  27. Breezy Hightower

    Let's crank it up some more❤

  28. Elijah Springer

    Yee yee brother trump 2020

  29. Landen Miller

    Levi has a big pepe

  30. Chris Tharp

    Sounds more like cheesedick watered-down wannabe hip-hop pop than country. George Jones is rolling in his grave.

  31. Michael Rohrer

    Bout to go off roading great pump me up song

  32. Raymond Jackman

    I heard about this video from Chad Prather’s podcast. It’s bad ass man!

  33. Rafael Sousa

    Love music Granger Smith

    Rafael Sousa


  34. 1 Proud American

    *I don't care who ya are. That was Country music video of the year!*

  35. PlayStationguy 345

    This isn't country music

  36. SgtMaggi

    What a dream

  37. Travis Jorgensen

    More Robert Oberst please

  38. Michael gray


  39. Tommie Matthews

    Thats awesome!!! Whens the next party?!?!

  40. Dalton Long

    Who the fuck uses a Freightliner Cascadia to try and look cool in their video?

  41. Kimberly Coburn

    I like that big o jacked up ford

  42. Bo Dangles

    Best music video ever

  43. Jacob Campbell

    All of these people in this video are my idols


    yes sir yee yee

  45. Dustin Roseman

    I f ing love this music video. You literally have all my favorite You Tubers!

  46. XxxurhopesanddreamsxxX !

    I just noticed that is Matt from demo ranch

  47. Amber Watson

    Always love seeing KaShara

  48. vegeta420z

    Heard this guy is playing here in eugene Oregon, he's kind of like the new wave of mumble rap auto tune over produced garbage, only the kuntry version, I'll pass

    Chris Tharp

    Yeah. So terrible.

  49. King Leo

    Yee yee 🤘

  50. eugene snell

    I saw part of the making of this video on Matt's site! Demolitia ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!

  51. Buddy Buddy

    Who thinks we should email this to Hillary👍🏼

  52. Slade Heinricher

    Is just me or who else sees how messed up that field is

  53. Country Kid

    Yee Yee

  54. ApexAlaska

    Demolition Ranch? Matt Best? Is that Cowboy Kent Rollins and the chuck wagon out here? Damn how am I just now seeing this!

  55. Kevin Beadle

    Thing is I live 1 to 2 hours away from these youtube legends and I wanna throw down on yee yee ranch 100%

  56. Tyler Lawless

    Most AMERICAN music video ever!

  57. Peter Riehl

    There is way to much YEE YEE in this video

  58. Kailin Wilson

    Him and upchurch need to do a song

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    Yee yee yeee yee yeee yee e

  60. Idhunter

    The youtube personalities in this video is mint. Its amazing you can get that many dudes together to nail down what America is.

  61. Jeremy Brown

    Hey that dog a off color walker or a bird dog?

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  63. Riley Savage


  64. Braydon Collier

    This song describes the south in one video yee yee🤠

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    that's sweet, watched demo then came here to see the video, 100% approved.

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    This video is 100% freedom

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    They used a Freightliner? Out of all the trucks they could have chosen they chose a freightliner? Not even a classic or a coranado either 🤢

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    Best song and music video ever merica Yee Yee

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    That's the best lookin pointer I've ever seen. RIP River. Yeeeeeee Yee

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    Love how mat made an off the ranch video during the making of this music video only the demolita will understand this post

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    Every time I watch this video chills literally chills I would love to party all night with Matt carricker Robert oburst nick irving granger smith and lunkers and the rest of you all YEE YEE

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    I would have have had a blast recording a video like this

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    O was at the thing there I was driving a red lifted diesel

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