Smith, Corey - Carolina Lyrics

Me and you in a midnight blue, '82 Camaro
Crossin' over the Hartwell bridge movin' fast as she would go
Windows down, radio up, we were singin' "Freebird"
Flyin' up to your daddy's cabin just outside of Spartanburg

Do you remember the way you looked at me back then
Two hungry eyes wrapped up in a smile so innocent
It all makes one hell of a reminder
Keeps me cryin' Carolina

We had a hotel room with a harbor view and a bottle of Chianti
That spring break in Charleston, it keeps comin' back to haunt me
Took a carriage ride to the battery, toasted shots above the water
Then stumbled 'cross the cobblestone, hands holdin' us together

Do you remember the way we carried on
Blew all our money and we had to starve the whole way home
It all makes one hell of a reminder
Keeps me cryin' Carolina

I can't let it go, no I can't let it go
I don't wanna' let go, oh no it feels too far away
Do you remember the single bed that we slept in
When I'd ride up to Clemson and hide in your room the whole weekend
It all makes one hell of a reminder
Keeps me cryin' Carolina

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Smith, Corey Carolina Comments
  1. JordWithAFord

    Charleston SC __/\__/\__

  2. David Bridges

    I like it

  3. Trey

    yee haw Lexington SC

  4. cole664

    North Augusta SC checking in

  5. chris shaw

    Charlotte North Carolina born & raised native 34 years.

  6. Menace Man

    I heard this song was about the time he spent with a girl named Whitney any one know the truth ?????

    Ridge Craft

    It was with Andrea

    Menace Man

    @Ridge Craft ty do we know this for sure ?

    Menace Man

    if so how nnot that i think your not correct just want to know lol

    Ridge Craft

    @Menace Man because I'm Andreas son. And I know Menace Man

  7. Lisa Funderburk


  8. Joseph Casselman

    Charleston raised

  9. Caroline Byce

    Spartanburg SC born and raised!

  10. Douglas Jones

    Spartanburg S.C, born, raised and proud!

  11. Andrew Johnson

    Greer South Carolina born and raised

  12. bozo

    My name is Carolina

  13. Sonnet Lyric

    South Carolina born and raised! Proud of it! #Clemson

    John Vitale

    Sonnet Lyric gamecocks

    Matt Chaps

    Sonnet Lyric damnit its boring living in Easley sometimes but its home.

    Sonnet Lyric

    Matt Chaps Stayed there once while vacationing up that way.

    Sonnet Lyric

    John Vitale booooo!

    John Vitale

    Sonnet Lyric boooooo! Gamecocks yeeyee!

  14. Shali Sanson

    I love it!!

  15. B S

    But Jess likes it so I guess I should

  16. B S

    I don't like this


    Brian Smith I hope that you no longer waste your time commenting on music you don’t like like you did three years ago.