Smile Empty Soul - Silhouettes Lyrics

silhouettes above the cradle hold me down
they won't let me go the wrong way
my mother taught me all the fables, told me how
in the end all the sinners have to pay

i don't wanna live like my mother
i don't wanna let fear rule my life
and i don't wanna live like my father
i don't wanna give up before i die

he worked so hard his bones are breaking
he wore them down but long ago he lost the feeling
his good intentions leave me shaking, show me how
i don't ever want to end up like he did


when i have kids
i won't put any chains on their wrists, i won't
i'll tell them this
there's nothing in this world that you can't be if you want it enough

[Chorus x2]

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Smile Empty Soul Silhouettes Comments
  1. The Real J Breez

    still just as good in 2020 as it was in 2003

  2. Серёжа Фадеев

    when I was 16 it was great, now I am 28 these are fantastic emotions

  3. mccrea joseph

    Please tour to asia especially malaysia! Been a fan for quite some time already 🙏🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  4. John Douglas Racing Video

    Saw S.E.S. in 2004 in Troy, NY with RA Revis and Stereogram on the Budweiser True Music Tour. My friend at the time knew someone from our local rock station (94.9 K-rock Utica NY) and got us in as media. We spent the night backstage with the bands and they were all more than awesome to us. In fact I'm most definitely the only person in the world to have a photo of all four of the bands on stage with their pants around their ankles lol. They all mooned us in a picture after the show. I'll never forget that night. I felt like a rockstar. 17 years old they were buying us beers all night and I was getting hit on by college chicks because I had to be important to be hanging with the bands right? lolol. I miss those days.

  5. Ernesto Cabrera

    who listens in 2020?

  6. A2theJ slinky

    Going to see them next Thursday here in Joplin, Missouri super pumped!

  7. Erik Williams

    First time I heard this song was almost 18 years ago. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I had just turned 14. One of my closest friends introduced me to this band with this song. Every time I hear it now, it makes me think of her. I absolutely love this song

  8. Richard McCann

    2020 bitches!!

  9. Nada Basit

    Great song. Brings back so many memories for me! Will always be a great song; and of course, a great band!! \m/

  10. Chloe Brink

    This sounds different from the spotify version...definitely better

    Deivid Pereira

    This version is from the 2003 debut album. It can't be found in any music streaming service unfortunately.

  11. Jack Vanden-Plas

    fuck this song is my bibliography

  12. Chloe Brink

    Amazing voice wow

  13. Nicholas Senstock

    Literally how I feel

  14. Opinionated Bastard

    Came out when I was 15 now 30 still one of my favorite songs

  15. Madison Rodriguez

    Anyone know why it sounds different on Apple Music? Sucks.

    Ryan Basham

    Ow Hell No

  16. Morgan 3000

    The perfect song for Yuno gasai

  17. Brandon Goodbear

    I'm gonna James this song for my kids from now on!!! /W\`BOOMER SOONER!!!

  18. Brandon Goodbear

    That's what I said !!!

  19. Cory Plays Music

    God that last chorus always sends chills down my spine

    Erick Mazur

    You can feel the emotion he conveys

  20. Venus. プロ

    95% MUSIC

  21. Mike mysers Mike myers

    Who’s still listening to this in 2019?

  22. Jess L.

    Yup... November 2019 and I'm still obsessed with SES. I remember when they came out jamming to them in my mustang, being that depressed rocker girl, bahah.

  23. Matt Lee

    Man this song is awesome. Got me through some tough times in my life.

  24. Matt Leight

    Joesph gorden Hewitt is that kid with the chains on his wrist there

  25. Celeste king

    One day, I'll finally have it all figured out. And when I do I'll always remember this song that I loved my life through.

  26. EyeDea

    2019 anyone??

    Christopher Barnard

    You know it...

  27. Donna Browng

    he wants to stand on his own i can dig it

  28. Southern Outdoor Channel

    SES has always been my favorite band since they first came out. My mindset and personality is just like em

  29. Chris Walker

    I just have to hear something this over and over again just to feel like i did as a teenager and baggy pants are the are the sh!t 2000s grunge and when people was kool

  30. Winterfresh 98

    I was raised in a very strict Christian church, some people who have left say it’s a cult, idk.... but I was forced to go. I left church and abandoned religion as soon as I turned 18. For years, this song has meant so so much to me. Thank you, SES, for this beautiful and well written masterpiece.

  31. Karol Kowalski

    This song is so true i cant even descripe it love it!

  32. Eli shifter

    Waw..its a alternative post grunge late 90s and early 2000s.. please be famous anymore about this genre..😢😢

  33. blazeman51

    SES has been a huge inspiration to my current current band, if you're a fan of them you may like us too.

  34. Scavenger

    The beginning kinda sounds like far away from nickelback xD

  35. bloodshot557

    He looks like Aphex Twin lol

  36. Klarissa Hernandez

    😂😂 I remember this dude I had a crush on mentioned this song and so I had to download it onto my iPod😂 ahh, high school, good times

  37. Jonathan Dycus

    2019 still one of the best songs EVER #SES

  38. Destroyer of Worlds

    Those god damn jnco jeans lol

  39. Alphie Beta

    i remember seeing the lead singer warmup to this song in dewey beach with trapt and finger 11 .. still soo good

  40. ImmaSingWhatIWant

    "Sir, could you please stop singing at my son?"

  41. Schlong Duck Dong

    I feel so old me and this dude are the same age and this was good stuff back in the day

  42. Torie 684

    Oooooh the amazing memories and the times music was THE BEST💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  43. Neema Fouladi


  44. Arun James

    Love type of this music

  45. Lost 98

    Silhouettes above the cradle hold me down
    They won't let me go the wrong way
    My mother taught me all the fables, told me how
    In the end all the sinners have to pay
    I don't want to live like my mother
    I don't want to let fear rule my life
    And I don't want to live like my father
    I don't want to give up before I die
    He worked so hard his bones are breaking
    He wore them down but long ago he lost the feeling
    His good intentions leave me shaking, show me how
    I don't ever want to end up like he did
    I don't want to live like my mother
    I don't want to let fear rule my life
    And I don't want to live like my father
    I don't want to give up before I die
    When I have kids
    I won't put any chains on their wrists, I won't
    I'll tell them this
    There's nothing in this world that you can't be if you want it enough
    I don't want to live like my mother
    I don't want to let fear rule my life
    And I don't want to live like my father
    I don't want to give up before I die
    I don't want to live like my mother
    I don't want to let fear rule my life
    And I don't want to live like my father
    I don't want to give up before I die
    I don't want to live like my mother
    I don't want to let fear rule my life
    And I don't want to live like my father
    I don't want to give up before I die

  46. jepp peroo

    I hope someone was catching it... didn't look like it.
    He probably has many of them...

  47. s0lastsummer7

    Am I the only one still here? 😳

  48. stunna biscuits

    still jamming to this in 2019

  49. Mike Atwell

    Got to see them live a few weeks ago couldn’t believe it met them got a pick humble dudes

    Royce Swearingen

    Very much humble. Sat by them at a bar in moorhead, mn a few years back. His paintings are great as well.

  50. Charles Haney


  51. Rider 007

    - > this song makes me who i am . . .

  52. Diatsu

    This song is rather shit tbh. Especially the "I won't put any chains in their wrists" talking about kids. Good luck. Your kids are going to be fucking horrible little shits.

  53. puctbridge

    I feel like this band came too early. Among today's youth it would have done so much better!

    Daniel Night

    lmao no, trust me, "Today's youth" all like music about guns, drugs, money, murder, and stupid superficial stuff

  54. Misty Ferland

    Guitar riff reminds me of Pearl Jams "I'm Going Hungry" just sped up some!!
    Still both songs are good:)

  55. Kelly Osoro

    This song deserves so much more recognition, and respect. It’s unbelievably relatable and real.

  56. Layne Brown

    2019 anyone? I just saw them in Ohio for inkarceration with Seether, five finger, Shinedown, starset, I prevail, and other great bands. They are the underated bands that sound spot on live

    Eli shifter

    Silverchair, Bush, Puddle of mudd

  57. Melissa Estrada

    We loved seeing them in concert then in April this year 2 weeks after we saw them my husband suffered a massive stroke this is the last song he ever heard that he remembered ! We also got pics with them too they were so nice wish we could see them again

  58. Anthony Bellezzo

    see them recently on their last tour and always impressed as hell and my friend filled in for bass

  59. Kamila Melo

    I love their guitar effect

  60. Scott Faudree

    It made too much sense back then.

  61. Weedy

    This song ❤️😥

  62. Dubs Spilly

    "Worked so hard his bones are breaking..." my dad did that for me. Got to provide.

  63. Michael Romines

    If they don't like the track than fuck them

  64. Natalie

    My fav song from them, resonates so much. Such a slept on band.

  65. Joshua Harmeyer

    I remember when I came back from Iraq they bought me quite a few drinks at local strip club they were really amazing people

  66. Johny

    2019 anyone?

  67. Jon Lindz

    Scorn VS wrath.... Scorn IS more natural and sometimes cant help when you feel it inside but remember You love and dont really when and calm and YOU think about Real not hurting LOVE. Human tendencies dont always suck. Pink decribed masterbation as Veautiful. Sorry Gracia L

  68. nate walsh

    Really the bands from the 90s and 2000s have so much passion and emotion in them they just make you wana live better and be a better person what happened to that I'm a better nicer person due to this music willing to give my shirt off my back to help someone while kids today with the modern music are greedy ungrateful brats that would kick you when your down just to get a laugh just shows you really how powerful music is

  69. Sam bax

    They need to visit a Barber and a psychologist

  70. Holly D

    Damn, I can't wait to see you at Inkcarceration 2019!

  71. Larry Smith

    You Have to Love generations and the Planet 2 Love this------Sometimes pain.

  72. Larry Smith

    Words and Food for Thought.----Love these Guys.

  73. Jared Richard

    Saw these guys back in March. Excellent show!


    Great music.....

  75. MidnightToker! theTruth

    Damn mtv and vh1 days!!! Whose with me ???

  76. RainWalker24c

    Have a great mom & dad, this song still makes me tear up

  77. Ella-x-wolf

    I don't wanna live like my father!

  78. Dustin Lawless Bigstone


  79. Gina Marie

    April 2019🤘♥️

  80. Tom Aeris

    Amazing song

  81. Aaron Jacob Fox

    This is the song i dedicate to my parents

  82. ExileStriker

    The original will always be better than shapeshifter.

  83. B B01

    💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💕 ID GIVE ANYTHING TO SEE YOU GUYS!!!! Im like 10mins frm santa clarita. 🤗

  84. theCSHOWDOWN

    Raven from wcw ? lol jk what a powerfull song

  85. elnombredelarosa

    We've been raised by a generation of mothers that have been marked by fear and generation of fathers that have been taught to suppress their dreams. And we are the lucky ones

  86. helltommy666

    Awesome song.

  87. K Sal

    Been jamming this since the beginning. Singing along was therapeutic for me. The emotions, the vocals, the brief screams, that's my shit. I love this song today as much as I did back in 03! On iheartradio I have a smile empty soul station just to get through the work day. 🤘

  88. Sonny Lim

    NANIMO, NANIM... oh wait wrong video

  89. ExplicitUnderstanding

    2.7 mil views. his new video has 9k views in 2 weeks. people are sleeeeeping.

  90. Faith Johnson

    This shit is the shit always.


    This hits the feels.

  92. Sheila Witte


  93. Marcus Roberts

    Those jeans though...

  94. Prod. Mishel