Smile Empty Soul - Bottom Of A Bottle Lyrics

Been scared and lonely
I've asked myself is something wrong with you
My girlfriend told me
I need some time alone to deal with issues

But something makes me carry on
It's difficult to understand
Why I always wanna fly

I do it for the drugs
I do it just to feel alive
I do it for the love
That I get from the bottom of a bottle

You always call me
And ask me how I make it through the day
I'm always fallin'
I guess it's just God's way of making me pay

But something makes me carry on
It's difficult to understand, why I always wanna fly

I do it for the drugs
I do it just to feel alive
I do it for the love
That I get from the bottom of a bottle
I do it for the drugs
I do it just to feel alive
I do it for the love
That I get from the bottom of a bottle

When I, I wonder why I try
And I, I wonder why I bother
And I, I wonder why I cry
Why I, I go through all this trouble

I do it for the drugs
I do it just to feel alive
I do it for the love
That I get from the bottom of a bottle
I do it for the drugs
I do it just to feel alive
I do it for the love
That I get from the bottom of a bottle

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Smile Empty Soul Bottom Of A Bottle Comments
  1. Courtney Holmes

    My boyfriend introduced me to this band and I'm so fucking glad. I haven't been able to stop listening to their music.

  2. Wickedvoid96

    ah yes my high school year 11, good memories.

  3. Official Ore

    Who still listening 2020???


  4. Iron Ballz


    Opium was Mozart’s SUPERPOWER. LSD was Steve Jobs SUPERPOWER. Everyone in professional sports is DOPING... you laypeople just don’t know about what it TAKES TO WIN in this world 🌎...

    You actually have to be very talented in sports as an athlete like me to know how this shit actually works... everyone is using Anorexic Steroids. Only dumb asses get sick from it because they don’t know what the hell they. Are doing and destroy their kidneys and liver and heart attack and the slow breakdown of their bones and body. Arnold used to steroid for his entire life as a body builder without any serious side effects because he knew what the hell he was doing under total control of his own life and career and opportunity cost money and he was able to help build this business for our country and our culture and our future success together in our society and our future... Arnold fucking permanently destroyed CALIFORNIA...

    I am not a movie star - but a real international Expert and world class engineer and intellectual and philosopher... i am also a Freestyle Rapper in this life - Upgraded by GOOGLE AUTO-COMPLETE KEYBOARD...

    I love you GOOGLE!!! So much better and beautiful than HOES INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM in our society and our culture and our future world peace... DIE BITCHES!!! Die!!! Eat HOT LEAD INSTEAD OF MY HOT SOUP!!!

  5. Treychik

    They still release tracks in 2019...awesome quality! Great band!

  6. cloudstrife7001

    I remember listening to this entire album on Repeat while playing hookie from Middle School and reading through the entirety of The Outsiders.
    This album is oddly fitting for reading that book.

  7. Daniel McNew

    2020 love this band

  8. Juan Prevost

    Downloading this through Limewire

    Or Ares



    I went to one of their shows in 2012 and someone pulled a knife in the moshpit 😂

  10. gliddX

    guitar scream

  11. TravusFenwick freshwater hooker

    2020 still blowing speakers!

  12. John Jurkiewicz

    The glass gets taller.

  13. Lee Weston

    Rocking this in a 59 impala lowrider. I'm a 39 year old o.g. do you guys need a middleman ID for spray paint?

  14. William Lucas II

    Who's listening in 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. steph g

    It’s the last day of 2019 and this shit still fucking slaps

  16. Jonathan Payton


  17. lance wang

    i miss the 2000s


    I wonder why i bother as well...

  19. David Falk

    Found this in 2019 <3 and love it

  20. apocalipcy1987able

    Damn just found out about this band on spotify


    That's the music industry of this day and age for ya, it's hard to find these gems. I was lucky enough to find them back in like 2003

  21. Ericson Rivas

    2019 lets go back the time

  22. You Deadass?

    It makes me sad that rock will never be like this again...

    Not the Police

    You Deadass? It’ll comeback

    Forgonefall4 is in the house

    it has lol . never really left

  23. Aman Chauhan

    7th Semester Of Engineering....miss them days....not so long gone though...but still😛🤘🏻🤘🏻

  24. Brandon Goodbear

    That's what I do it for!!!!

  25. Micah Smith

    Ahhh.. had to come here after Falling In Reverse’ new song.. i miss these times 🤘🏼 (born in 97)

  26. Chris Lehan

    Story of my life...completely forgot this song... miss this era of music... fwd. Don't miss the drugs... clean 4 yrs

  27. jerrad adams

    2019 high school memories

  28. CloudedMind999

    So much nostalgia from listening to this song.. Thinking back once made me quite sad. But now that I am an adult and in control of my decisions and life, I find myself reminiscing instead of wishing to replay the past.

    It gets better. You just have to keep going and see.


    Hearing this now grown up i actually know what it means ...and when I was a kid I just heard a good song now im hearing the meaning lol

  30. Amber winters


  31. V E

    My dad still does it for the drugs... He ain't been back since 03.

  32. Eric Handley

    Baddest mutha fuckas on the planet.

  33. Bobbin' Williams

    Holy fuck what are these lyrics, this song is truly awful

  34. Curtis the Moonboy

    To everyone listening to this song, don't ever let someone else tell you you are not worth it. You are worth it and you can do it.

  35. Philip Mills

    Im 16 again

  36. James Friday

    I have always like this group even at 60 years old.

  37. Zombie man

    Isn't it supposed to be bottom of a bottle and not bottom of the bottle?

  38. Recall Niner

    Bottoms up

  39. Alberto William Alves Viana


  40. Schecterplayer92

    Get to play with these guys on Nov. 9th!!! Can't wait!!!!

  41. Adrian Wilson


  42. IslandBarbie420

    Shoutout to Limewire for all the music 😂😂

  43. Adam Stone

    I kinda miss my emo gf from school

  44. Southern Outdoor Channel

    The 80s-2k music needs to make a come back I literally can’t stand any music made after then

  45. James W Roberts Jr

    And help me as #1 human and first on Gods list at Ft Minor please

  46. James W Roberts Jr

    Use your real names please on shuffle dance

  47. Dirt

    Drugs have took everything from me over and over. Wish id never seen the first drug

  48. Sam Smith

    so 2000s... Never thought I'd say that, lol

  49. Chris Randazzo

    This song speaks to me man some deep shit I’m a bad heroin addict and my girl of 6 years left me cause I picked up using again and my life has been a mess

  50. dreads_fishing_outdoors

    Brings back so many memories.Some of the best days of my life

  51. :5 ,

    Still a fan 💙

  52. rap game bob barker

    8th grade memories for me.

  53. Ariel692769

    Oh man I was going through complete turmoil in 03. I was only 19 then and this was the perfect song for me at that time in my life.

  54. mclaren guy

    Sound like a Linkin park copy cat band

  55. Bubby Lee

    15 Years later I am still Jamming!

  56. Stef Kay

    Soook mannnyyy memories. Fuck.

  57. Tasha Brooker

    Omg I forgot all about this song, glad I remembered it all of a sudden. I remember listening to this back in middle school, I’m 25 now. This brings back memories.

  58. Bobby Rountree

    this was the SHIT back in the day.......shoulda went platinum easy

  59. B H

    Supposed this dude hasn’t down from an Overdose.

  60. louis mays

    Anyone who dislikes these guys needs a shrink. This tune rocks these guys have plenty of talent. A big shout out to the 51000 likes. Woohoo

  61. Kitch Chadwick

    The epitome of butt-rock.

  62. CXCarrico

    They’ve always reminded me of TRUSTco. Not their sound but just the overall vibe

  63. Anthony Lombardo

    2019 anyone?? Still a great song!

  64. Larry Smith

    Love This Honesty.

  65. Larry Smith

    CHANge-------------Will be Severe.

  66. Larry Smith

    Test Him Girl for Truth.

  67. Eloise Wiggins

    Vampirefreaks brought me here

  68. erikat691

    Who is still listening in 2019?

    Dalton Hairston

    I've asked myself is something wrong with you?????


    This song is always one I've come back to many many times over the years. When this song came out, my life made me feel invincible. Young dumb and stupid but those were amazing days and now I'm 40 smh..

    Eric Elsbree

    erikat691 will be in 2020 also

    Bart S

    Try 2020. Let's have a rockin' year!

    Sean Bartels

    erikat691 nahhh 2020

  69. steven hillhouse

    I still do it for the drugz!!

  70. NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535

    This song psychs me up

  71. mirha Vandyke

    Best music area now all music is trash

  72. Corey Hanson

    i do it for the Money,


    Man this song sucked ass

  74. W Vill

    I use to caus a lot shait listening to this song it was my escape excuse for everything growing up

  75. plempathy 666

    i hate god and I hate you cheers mates

  76. Ben Hancock

    2019 and still on tour 👍🏻

  77. Rob Medina

    Time machine.... anyone up for a time travel?

  78. Dat Detroit Dude

    One hit wonder

  79. Marcus Big

    Hey duder ur sister wanted me to text you and say you cant sleep in Parker's room tonight

  80. Trippy Wonderland

    Go party, ask her out, ask him out, get drunk, go on those adventures. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest don't waste your time on pointless things & living in the past. LIVE NOW IN THE PRESENT! Those good memories made will always be worth it because time waits for nobody.

  81. bat man

    Who use to skate to this...

  82. Чарльз Джонсон

    The link for this was in the comments of a house video I don't know why

  83. joshua batts

    I do it for the drugs

  84. Alonzo Vasquez

    Lucky enough to shake his hand and get An autograph

  85. Liz Ranahan

    I hung out with them on tbeir tourbus in Orlando for my 25th birthday with my ex husband. It was so much fun. Really great guys

    Jason Avila

    At House of Blues? I was at that show.

    Liz Ranahan

    @Jason Avila hahahhaha yup!!! With Evans Blue and 24 leaves or something???

  86. Sarah McBeth

    2020 anyone?

  87. Storm Cisneros

    2019 anyone ??

  88. Jose Ayon

    I did it for the drugs

  89. Crystal Litchfield

    Love this band! I know this was the one big hit but they had so many other bad ass songs and Sean has come out with some new stuff lately, it’s pretty good too. Definitely worth checking out!

  90. 2AM FEELZ

    Been scared and lonely...💉

  91. Dan P

    Way better than the newer version.

  92. Power Forth

    i like the breakdown at 2:16

  93. Martin Cooper

    Favorite video for years

  94. Voltage90e

    The Story of an Alcoholic - Rings true during my time of heavy Alcohol Abuse.

  95. Herschel Wolff

    who's getting drunk, feeling lonely, depressed right now?

  96. Neonblut

    Memories man, I feel old.

  97. E 0

    Holy shiiii feeling old as hell