Smashing Pumpkins - Wildflower Lyrics

Wasted along the way
I'm wasted along the way
I'm wasted along the way to reach you
Wasted along the way
I'm wasted along the way
I'm wasted along the way to reach you
Infernal ideas
I trim the wick so fine
To carry forth your light
Comfort me
What will leave will leave
Comfort me to stem the tide
Wasted along the way
I'm wasted along the way
I'm wasted along the way to reach you
Wildflower in the wilderness outside
take your chance with love and laughter
And every word I write, yeah
From that body will never learn
When it's far too gone I'd move on
Wasted along the way
Wasted along the way
I'm wasted along the way to reach you
Wasted along the way
Wasted along the way
I'm wasted along the way to reach you

Ooh wildflower, wildfower
Ooh wildflower, wildfower
Ooh wildflower, wildfower
Ooh wildflower, wildfower

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Smashing Pumpkins Wildflower Comments
  1. D Wood

    Amazing Album. Billy can do no wrong. Sorry. Just an huge Talented Amazing Human Being. Love

  2. Roiy Benkel

    Wasted along the way
    I'm wasted along the way
    I'm wasted along the way to reach you
    Wasted along the way
    I'm wasted along the way
    I'm wasted along the way to reach you
    Infernal ideas
    I trim the wick so fine
    To carry forth your light
    Comfort me
    What will leave will leave
    Comfort me to stem the tide
    Wasted along the way
    I'm wasted along the way
    I'm wasted along the way to reach you
    Wildflower in the wilderness outside
    take your chance with love and laughter
    And every word I write, yeah
    From that body will never learn
    When it's far too gone I'd move on
    Wasted along the way
    Wasted along the way
    I'm wasted along the way to reach you
    Wasted along the way
    Wasted along the way
    I'm wasted along the way to reach you

    Ooh wildflower, wildfower
    Ooh wildflower, wildfower
    Ooh wildflower, wildfower
    Ooh wildflower, wildfower

  3. GBS

    It took like 5 years to digest this album.
    And is really good!

  4. ItsMeAgain John

    Even my least favorite Smashing Pumpkins album is still a masterpiece ;)

  5. Nightblue

    I always loved the Pumpkins cover images and art work. It makes for a great reflection.

  6. DiZzAy CuBbY

    Brilliant, haunting, mesmerising. One of my favourite tracks from SP/s Oceania record. A true artistic highlight of Billy’s songwriting and musical prowess ✨☺️👍🏼👌💜💜💜✨

  7. aaron ballard

    For me, one of the greatest pumpkins tunes ever. EVER.

  8. Hank Dank

    Love this album but really don't know what to think about this song. It feels like waiting a dozen of yeats for an erection while you masturbate.

  9. trevor philips

    i used to get so drunk with bacardi 151 with this song on repeat with a loaded shotgun near, wanting to end my life. that was years ago, now i appreciate this song even more, i still drink, but fuck suicide. i just keep going, hoping i will be reunited with my dead family and friends after death. i feel the easy way out won't get me there. or maybe it's all black after death, nothingness? there is still 1% hope in my heart that there is an afterlife..

    Not a cat

    trevor philips Glad to have you still here, dude. I hope you have a good life, always listening to some TSP right?

    trevor philips

    thank you brother, fucking love Pumpkins! Grew up with them. I hope you have a good life as well. I just take every day light, have fun, don't stress.

  10. Joaquin Medrano

    That solo man, that solo <3

  11. Nicolas Monti

    3:14 I think of my girl at that part.

  12. TheDistorted

    Inhabits the sway of the movement of an Ocean's tide. I willingly immerse myself in its current.

  13. Zachariah FK

    my wildflower

  14. Andrej M

    I finally gave this album a try and I am blown out of the water. Like many of my friends (with whom we listened to early SP albums constantly and knew them inside-out) I just did not touch this one. What a mistake. Great band, great tunes, incredible sound, billy's voice better than ever. I'll race to the record store to get it right away. So thanks Billy. Now, allow me to elaborate a little on Billy's questioning about what is going on, why "the music industry" and "the audience" perceive SP as old, passé stuff, and they see Foo Fighters as new or fresh. Well Billy, listen, it's simple: Grohl&co. work very hard on their image, on looking "young" and cliche rockers and that stuff... every hair is in the right place if you look at Foo Fighters. They even adjust their music to be apealing to young girls and boys. They do it because they like fame and publicity. You don't need to do that, I know, but than you must understand why SP are not getting that much attention. Take another example, Josh Home of QOTSA, he looks and moves like a "young" rock star, and that IS important, for sure. Very very important. And their band is great and all, no question, but miles behind of you guys. So there is no great mystery in all that - you have to look like a million dollar to be on the covers, basically.


    I originally listened to this when it came out in 2012 and I wasn't impressed, but I've went back and listened to it again, just now actually, and I've really enjoyed the album. Also listened to Monuments to an Elegy and enjoyed a few songs on that too. Obviously my favourite is a tossup between Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie (I drift from one to another which one I prefer), but their new stuff isn't to be snubbed as previously thought.

    Frank Anderson

    This album takes several listens to begin to understand its power in my opinion. But that's what Billy set out to do with Oceania. He wanted to create an "album" experience. Probably the last time he will ever do it. Its a masterpiece and will one day be recognized as such.

  15. Jonny Beltz

    I will always love this song

  16. Black SuperWoman

    Makes me cry every time.

  17. Thallen

    whenever i tense or have a headache i listen to this song, its so calming and relaxing, its an amazing remedy :)

  18. Grzegorz Karnkowski

    Zajebioza !!!!

  19. Cass B

    This is my favorite song!

  20. prizzzma

    You just can´t take a bunch of random guys and keep naming them smashing pumpkins just becouse your solo albums don´t sell as well as a SP album.

  21. TheOSUfan46

    You know why this is great? Because it doesn't sound like 90's music, because that's not what music is anymore. This sounds like a song you'd hear on today's alternative station. Kudos to Corgan


    TheOSUfan46 I actually disagree, I think all of Smashing Pumpkins’s stuff not in the 90s still sounds like it’s a part of that decade.

  22. Adam foye

    no the pumpkins wont ever be the same but billy is still one of the best singers and songwriters of all time and that wont change

  23. Adam foye

    makes me cry every time

  24. rob hartmania

    I feel like everyone needs to hear this album at least once in their lives!

  25. Powered by Tesla

    Billy Corgan is the Smashing Pumpkins. And sadly the 90's are gone...we must move on.

  26. Boat

    Anyone else think Billy Corgan sounds like Elmer Fudd at the end of this?

  27. Simon h

    We don't expect him to still be writing songs about the angst of youth, but hell we like to feel the buzz, the uplift, the emotion and the zest that smashing pumpkins is best known for and that were plentiful in the early days. That's what those of us 'non-true-fans' look for in music and now look for elsewhere. so forgive him for mourning it's departure. I don't often complain, but when i see this comments it annoys me a bit to see close minded responses gain weight through popularity.

  28. Roelien Holsboer

    ofcourse they grow. like all off us!

  29. Jnanachandra


  30. kr15t14n

    ma questa formazione non è buono come giocano nel quartiere moderno nel cuore del quartiere occidentale

  31. TheFoxfeather

    meanwhile the younger generation is scavenging for the scraps of wonderful music. Music that can sing the rebellion within us.

  32. Enrico Zuccon

    lo sto ascoltando x la prima volta,mi piaacciono gli smashing.,anche la nuova formazione che ho visto dal vivo a padova

  33. nighttoadnaan

    I think you just described Korn.

  34. PittsburghHomie

    sort of like adore, it was really depressing cause of Billy but after that they came out with a kick ass album

  35. pameladilo

    i wanna cry now!!!

  36. bretadounitedfc

    sounds good to me

  37. libertarianjury

    This is gorgeous. I wonder if Corgan has read Euell Gibbons, and seen the beauty of his isolated discoveries? He wrote, "along the abandoned highways and byways" "a weed is just a plant whose uses have not yet been discovered" - One weed has a strange purpose - to destroy the empires of thought control. To burn the weed, the weed burns back, seeding the countereconomy. Just some thoughts, listening to this.

  38. Blueroomexit

    Billy for gam doing his very best to fuck up the pumpkins legacy.

  39. WonderWhaz

    This is definitely a great comeback album for the Pumpkins. It's very dynamic, has an eclectic mix of sounds, textures, grooves, and emotions. It has that mysterious sound like melancholy did which I love, and is what I would call progressive rock more than alternative rock. Well written, the lyrics could be a bit better, but overall a really great listen. This will be in my collection now. I do wish D'arcy, James, and Jimmy were still in the band, but the new musicians do a great job. 4 stars.

  40. TheAlibabatree

    I'm not sure of your overall point, but I love King Crimson and Smashing Pumpkins; you are entitled to your opinion.

  41. TheAlibabatree


  42. Curtis Sterling

    Great song! I like how the various instruments enhance the great detail of this song.

  43. maikai196

    With this album, Billy has certainly gone in the right direction. I doubt any SP album will ever touch Mellon Collie, there is almost no doubt about that, but this is impressive, especially after all of the shit the band has gone through. They may have changed, but what could you expect? Its been almost 20 years since Mellon Collie, the band would be dead if Billy remained the depressed person he was. No matter how well Oceania does financially, it is a success.

  44. Natrone011

    Honestly, he left all of that behind with Mellon Collie. There was an interview where he said the idea of that album for him was to turn 14-24 year old Billy into songs, place it all in a box, and throw it underneath the bed.

  45. Oscar el astronauta

    que brutalidad de canción... grandes los Smashing!!!

  46. David Melo

    Obrigado, Pumpkins, por sempre me acompanharem na jornada da vida.

  47. Universal Power

    The most beautiful song in the world.

  48. MrDraven37

    I'm the same, used to be a huge fan of the Pumpkins, was fortunate to see them live on the Mellon Collie and Adore tours, but for me Machina was the end point of the Pumpkins. I lost interest after that and it's never come back. Zeitgeist was just blah and Oceania, I just have no interest to listen to it. Billy shouldn't have brought back the Pumpkins name, just stuck to his solo stuff and this under that title would be fine.

  49. Robert Annunziata


  50. Fern Fernis Fernie

    and yeah hahaha awesome way to just end the song

  51. Fern Fernis Fernie

    Wow love this track

  52. J. Martin

    I especially like the part where he decides to hell with the lyrics and just replaces every word by Wildflower 4:00

  53. Anthony Velten

    Amazing Album. band has great chemistry.

  54. Leavemealoneabout Usingmyname

    Hahaha maybe, haven't heard much off their new album.

  55. Geraldine Cooper

    Wow this album gives me chills. The best album so far. I absolutely love it, it's so deep and personal. Billy knows what he's doing!!!!!!

  56. Jnanachandra

    to reach you

  57. Jnanachandra

    I’m wasted along the way

  58. redskullz124

    Actually, it would be more like if John, Paul and George made an album without Ringo and called it the Beatles. It would piss of the fanboys, but if they didn't know who was involved they wouldn't be able to tell.

  59. MrsFoodmom

    Agreed, King Crimson > Smashing Pumpkins

  60. MrsFoodmom

    I am the cheese, I am the best character on the show I am better both the salami and the bologna combined!

  61. Russell Catt

    Wow. Very solid track.

  62. TheAlibabatree

    have you heard the rest of the album?

  63. TheAlibabatree

    Your Ringo/Beatles analogy makes no sense; Ringo only wrote 2 songs and didn't really contribute much to the Beatles sound. A better analogy would be Robert Fripp/King Crimson. Corgan has always wrote 99.9% of the music/direction/production.

  64. BluVomit1

    This is so beautiful. Best song of this album.

  65. MrsFoodmom

    No. I just don't like crap music.

  66. Fred Smith

    can't Billy Corgan evolve as a musician, and as a person? Does he have to be some kind of archetypal clone of who he was in the 90's? You must be the type of person who religiously watches re-runs of sit-coms just so you can be sure nothing has changed in your puny world....get over it, move on from the past or if you can't do that, stay on your couch and don't make baseless allegations...

  67. Cia Schipanski

    So beautiful. This album truly couldn't have come out at a better time in my life. It has a very romantic, layered, dreamy style and makes me smile and sigh consistently throughout. I sigh from the raw power of it all.

  68. Kurt Burazin

    Oh yeah, real good song. I enjoyed it very much.

  69. MrsFoodmom

    for real, this is super gay

  70. MrsFoodmom

    Ok, so my comment was removed for very politely saying that this is lame. I'm a huge fan of the smashing pumpkins, but gimmie a break, its lame. Smashing pumpkins has turned into billy corgan cryfest for teen girls. Wheres my fuzz and wheres my solo? Weak.

  71. robyg70

    PLEASE come to Australia!

  72. twistedkarm

    fuck you man

  73. Steven Yehezkiel

    Smashing Pumpkins is Smashing Pumpkins. No matter they rocking or not, i still lovely to hear their album. This song somehow have strong soul on it's lyrics

  74. MrsFoodmom

    this is some weak stuff. What happened to the rocking? Lame

  75. Rebecca Mundt

    I'm in love.

  76. 830615521

    Because of Smallville S11 comics #Clois

  77. Michael Clayton


  78. sobosonnet

    nothing they or he will make can ever come close to touching siamese dream or mellon collie. those albums were one of a kind. can't say i don't miss that SP/Billy Corgan cause I DO. his genius is still wrapped in albums since. you just have to pay more attention. very few have mastered their instrument like billy corgan.

  79. hahaha14572

    what you said is absolutely right but these days music doesnt reach ppl unless there is a video for the song!!! wait until they come out with a sure they will get million views....peace.

  80. hahaha14572

    fuckin awesome!!!!! SP are bakkkk!! yeahhhh

  81. jsh020

    well he did write a heavy metal song with those lyrics recently, its called as rome burns......and it was terrible

  82. msj56

    I disagree.

    This song is no different than say...We Only Come Out at Night

  83. From Iceland

    hi. U're right and I understand what u mean, but it's my right to say that I don't like the S.P. music anymore. This is not even rock music anymore...

  84. Leavemealoneabout Usingmyname

    You expect Billy Corgan, now in his mid-40s, to still be writing heavy metal songs with lyrics like "love is suicide" and "living makes me sick/so sick I wish I'd die"? I mean, I love the old stuff, but at some point he had to get over it. He's growing and changing. If he wasn't, the band would be much worse off, because they'd be a bunch of sad losers trying to recapture something long gone.

  85. Leavemealoneabout Usingmyname

    Well, a lot of people in this generation love the Pumpkins, too. It's just that Zeitgeist was such a massive failure, so less people are turning out to listen to this album, even though it's much better. I'm sure there'll be more than 13 000 in 3 weeks when the next album comes out.

  86. MP422ownz

    It's because radio is dead (for good music) and nobody finds you on the internet unless they are looking for you. I lost a lot for pumpkins back when i saw them at Radio city music hall back in the day, they sucked on stage big time compared to the 5 other times i had seen them. They went down the tubes when adore came out. I'm grateful billy is getting it right this time. Zeitgeist was better then people give it credit for but after this new album i'm gonna go see them again.

  87. willzer808

    seems rather bizarre that this band would only get 13,000 views in 3 weeks. They were one of the biggest bands on the planet in the early to mid 1990's. I'm not saying they deserve more, or deserve less. Cause I haven't heard this album yet. But it just seems strange the way things change. New generations always take over..

  88. madpiscesdisease

    Love you Pumpkins. <3

  89. From Iceland

    I used to be a huge S.P. fan but this is so far from their original style and music. Would never buy the album. I miss the real S.P. sound.

  90. orangeeye13

    you were all a bigtime part of my young adult and now I am 36 and this new record simply rocks...thank you so much for your music and eye opening reality in the real life

  91. Alphoter

    well, you. You just answered

  92. zebredpooding

    waaaa waaaa

  93. wattadoin

    i heard you like taking anal

  94. wattadoin

    oh damn your mums foot is dirty

  95. instinct kun

    oh damn who cares about your lack of taste

  96. instinct kun

    shut up u hater, when are you gonna stop hating?

  97. Alphoter

    oh damn... i dont like the new album ):

  98. zebredpooding time listening to this song. dude billy when are u gonna rock like u used to???

  99. MrPixelptlk

    It's awesome to see Billy moving on from the unhealthy relationship that was the old Pumpkins. After listening to Oceania, it was absolutely the right decision. Byrne was undeniably the final piece to the puzzle which makes up this new incarnation of the Pumpkins. Listening to this FANTASTIC record, it's evident that this isn't just a parody of what the Pumpkins used to be, but more of a next chapter with Billy leading them into the unforeseen future of Rock! Go Pumpkins!