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Smashing Pumpkins Travels Comments
  1. Gabriel Mello

    Great! Ridiculous like we humans from year 2000+
    Sp and radiohead keep the rock youth! We are rare but strong. We live!

    It's so shiny.. and Oh, so bright!

  2. Ian Coloma

    esta preciosa !!!!! muy linda, yo la pondria como banda sonora de alguna pelicula, de romance ,aventura y comedia. amo smashing pumpkins !!! no dejan que los 90,s mueran.

  3. ghostchild336699

    still better than 99% of the synthetically manufactured autotune garbage they play on the radio! Sp forever!

  4. Fresh Prince Of Darkness

    I just bought this album (from one of the last remaining record stores in the city.) The more I listen to it, the more I appreciate its genius.

    Stuart Dawson

    I agree. I got this album at Xmas. I thought it was ok ish. I've played it to death the last week. In sympathy is a work of art