Smashing Pumpkins - Thirty-Three Lyrics

Speak to me in a language I can hear
Humour me before I have to go
Deep in thought I forgive everyone
As the cluttered streets greet me once again
I know I can't be late, supper's waiting on the table
Tomorrow's just an excuse away
So I pull my collar up and face the cold, on my own
The earth laughs beneath my heavy feet
At the blasphemy in my old jangly walk
Steeple guide me to my heart and home
The sun is out and up and down again
I know I'll make it, love can last forever
Graceful swans of never topple to the earth
And you can make it last, forever you
You can make it last, forever you
And for a moment I lose myself
Wrapped up in the pleasures of the world
I've journeyed here and there and back again
But in the same old haunts I still find my friends
Mysteries not ready to reveal
Sympathies I'm ready to return
I'll make the effort, love can last forever
Graceful swans of never topple to the earth
Tomorrow's just an excuse
And you can make it last, forever you
You can make it last, forever you

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Smashing Pumpkins Thirty-Three Comments
  1. Lucy Lou


  2. anyelo murcia

    Q recuerdos... Tanto tiempo... Excelente canción....

  3. Dagamezproductions

    Everyone hard until thirty three comes on

  4. Juneau Corr

    899 people were late for supper....

  5. Theresa Beierle

    This song haunts me to my marrow in the best way. Healed and broken all at once, and then there is this kind of song that mixes those two pains like a recipe for hope.

  6. Javi Hidalgo

    Very underrated song

  7. Ross Heathorn

    Will always remind me of working in the mountains in Italy in 2003. 3000ft above sea level clouds would come frew us. Standing in a cloud is freezing cold. I met a German girl out there and we got it on. But some how I managed to screw it up. This song tho takes me back there. Wrapped up in the pleasures of the world. I got some ruff acoustic tunes on here put in Ross Heathorn. Flattery is addiction song theres couple of conspiracy tunes and others. Hope someone somewhere likes them peace people x

  8. nmkhkfjhfgfdl

    I've heard this song a hundred times. I cry every time I watch this clip. Every time. God damn you, Billy.

  9. Jeffrey Hancock

    At 56 years old I can say I heard some really good songs in my lifetime.....but when I heard this I felt my soul stir and became part of the What a voice....what a song....what a band.... What a journey it has been thus far...... lookin' forward to many more days......

  10. Paulo Ferencile

    Primeira música que escutei deles, há uns 20 e poucos anos.
    Pivete e ficava vidrado brisando nesse clipe.
    Que banda FODA!

  11. Evandro Carlos de Lima

    Recife PE Brasil

  12. CrashGaming

    I can't tell if the man walking at 1:02 is a Billy with hair or someone else.

  13. BlackSheep6

    I still have my Zero shirt somewhere...

  14. Árboles Vertebrados

    Today it´s my 33 birthday thanks!!!

  15. Andy

    Absolute beauty of a song this

  16. secretbeast

    remember when MTV had real music and real music video awards. so sad.

  17. John Fraser

    33K likes lol in 2019 still a great song!!

    Lee Harte

    I saw a guy on the top post that he'd cried back in the 90s feeling pretty lonely and now hes sorted today with wife, happiness etc.
    I felt the same way back then but weirdly listening to it now it doesnt feel so sad. It seems more upbeat.
    Hope it inspires you.

  18. Andrew

    Ive come back here every night for the last two weeks.

  19. 3Storms

    D'Arcy come back! Smashing Pumpkins isn't right without you! Get past Billy's ego and do it for the fans!

  20. Carlos Medeiros

    I havent heard this song in years. Boy this takes me back. Time flies. But this song is timeless

  21. Pub-Skrub

    A beautiful song, by a beautiful band.

  22. laura fernanda

  23. Al Navarro

    This song helped me through some pretty dark times in my life. I did pull my collar up and face the cold...on my own.

  24. Marvak

    One of the best melodic song, written ever ..



  26. Wes Collins

    There are alot of great bands and epic albums in this world but Smashing Pumpkins melancholy and the infinite sadness truly is the soundtrack of my teens and early twenties without a doubt one of the best albums of all time

  27. Andrew

    This is just my favorite music.

  28. max le cœur

    Qui écoute en octobre 2019 ???

  29. Jenny Janey


  30. Vilmar Martins

    Obra de arte!!!!

  31. Jon Pilgrim

    Best Selina cover I've ever heard

  32. Papan Reyes

    Fue parte importante de mi adolescencia creó que es parte de mi para siempre. Octubre 2019. Escuchando en el 24 aniversario de Mellon collie and infinite sadness. 🇬🇹

  33. Ruth López

    24 years ago.

  34. Jason Clark

    Their first 3 albums are excellent when they were a full band

  35. Dom

    MDS como amo essa Banda <,3

  36. Abby Henry


  37. Pearlexport32

    Man, I miss 1996 😓

  38. Heather Milligan

    I’ll be 40 my birthday, and I always comeback to these songs, melancholy and the infinite sadness was one of the albums I bought to play in my 92 Honda Accord. With the CD PLAYER you plugged into your cigarette lighter ❤️

  39. XLenBoiX27690

    The Smashing Pumpkins is one of those bands that you can never get over just how amazing it is. We love you billy! Keep making music for as long as you live!

  40. Sarah

    I just turned 33 this year, but being such a fan of this incredible band and and this album, this song has taken on new appreciation. Such nostalgia from my youth when this album came out, but now an outlet to my older self and new experiences.

  41. Ivy Taylor

    One of my teenage faves life is a dramatic comedy

  42. Creyest El Cryptic

    p3ac3 and lov3

  43. Cleem Eev

    Rip Eric and Dylan


    You could always just, you know, not. Thanks.

    Cleem Eev

    loki352 why?

  44. Neo Nigromante

    Qué hermoso este video y la canción... wow

  45. Sonya Gilbraith


  46. Andy D

    as a teen, lonely and never thinking i'd find anyone, i listened to this and cried. Now, 36, with a goddess of a wife and an angel of a son, I listened again. and cried. life has a way of working out if you let it.

  47. Richard Mattrella

    Do you remember that night when we made love in your mother's 65 Chevy in the backseat it was prom night oh yes and it was so sweet your perfume it ain't golfed me and waves of passion your caress like that I was so many attractions to my soul I looked into your eyes and they flicker like flames in a candle so brilliant and bright and when you finally took me you finally shook me for the first time I shall never forget nor the morrow or that next night

  48. nathar40

    Directions: listen, obtain Bliss, repeat.

  49. kamigawa

    Heard this when I was 10 (1995). Now I'm actually 33 and wonder where the time has gone. I still know I have more years ahead of me than behind me. What scares me the most is soon I'll have more years behind me than ahead of me. Wondering to myself, "why does time always speed up the older you get?"

  50. Lufer Kaliphado


  51. Raimundo Junior

    And for a moment I lose myself
    Wrapped up in the pleasures of the world

  52. thesecond

    My favourite part. 0:20
    The old housewives stuck in the 60s.

  53. A King

    You can make it last “forever, you” can make it last “forever, you” can make it last “forever, you” Forever you.
    I love the blending of this sentence into a musical round of sorts. So poetic. Desperate and relieved at the same time. Billy was so good so blending emotions during the Siamese Dream and MCATIS years.

  54. reah!

    Beautiful song, still blame this song for not cutting emotional losses when need be done.

  55. Travis-2313

    @0:13 “Sweet to be in the ring with Jack!”

  56. gratefulvideo

    I highly recommend listening to this on a stereo with a subwoofer.

  57. Bobby

    2019 “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (Monaco!!) 👀🔥🔥🇲🇨🇲🇨💯 • “human rights” 👀🔥🔥🇲🇨🇲🇨🇵🇱💯💯💯 • “Respect and dignity, 2019?”

  58. Allan Innocencio

    Weird creepy lonely beautiful.

  59. チュンル

    feels like November morning

  60. Chris G

    saw then a few days ago. so amazing. took me right back to 1994. they were flawless. sounded better than ever before. thank you

  61. 4thcoming

    Beautiful... 08/29/2019.... 😃 ❤

  62. Michael Belsky


  63. Dawson

    God this is just pure art.

  64. RayinPa U.S.A.

    Knowing time is not on our side , listening to the Smashing Pumpkins will make it last as memories come back every time I hear Billie's voice !

  65. Anthony Jordan

    Could make it last if only...

  66. Dan Brown

    It's almost as if they wrote this song title knowing that I wouldn't be able to type thirty three in numbers because me/a drunken friend at one point probably spilt alcohol on the keyboard and broke most of the number keys

  67. jason walters

    Lost Lost in self and L💙VE

  68. QWERTY

    Bass is CRAZY

  69. nadia

    I love this video so much but I can’t stop thinking about don bluths Anastasia

  70. Misty Hess

    I 🖤 all ya'lls

    Misty Hess

    Forever and after

  71. Kymberli Shea

    Why they keep changing these thumbnails??

  72. Snooker B

    The language of Gematria practiced by the gang of Thirty-three

  73. David Coursen


  74. Jeffery Barbee

    Who here would go back and live in the 90s forever if they could???

  75. Jimmy Johnson

    A lonely teen in the 90s. This whole album got me through some tough times. Love the Pumpkins!!

  76. cinematic comics channel

    this album was a masterpiece all the way through.the smashing pumpkins were the true voice of the nineties and the greatest alternative band of all time-!!!

  77. Emma Matón

    Los amo.

  78. Sarah

    Turning 33 this year, and this song has always held a poignant heartfelt beauty within my nostalgic soul.

  79. manyonezerometalsmyth 66

    The Scouts of 1812:
    Black tirailleurs so tested and torn
    off this a column of scouted morn'
    the highest walls of information form
    battalions lacking of reason

    A black knight rides at night
    a falchion of the morning
    for French defense, they skirmish blind
    to die insighted warnings

    White daggers and temptations yearn
    and, their years of calculus remain earned
    natures both war and peace are mourned
    struck first majestic, golden

    A black knight rides at night
    a falchion of the morning
    for French defense, they skirmish blind
    to die insighted warnings

    Infantry begins, pawns they sing
    first vollies in line and muskets ring
    guards, their scouted tactics they bring
    to sacrifice the weak, their season

    Of Satan or God, or still unknown
    notations so buried but lasting and crowned
    the unseen scouts of futures so torn
    and pullets and hens mathematical
    -F. Nienow

    An insignia unknown, of a dulled Socratic future
    "Seek in vampires battles, not elixirs of the Sun"

  80. PrincessEyesTalking

    thirty-third path, which doesn´t really exist - but some go it anyway....

  81. Luis Bujanda

    My song favorite

  82. Alexander Papkok

    suchamasterpiece <3

  83. braxworld 2009

    But you guys do know this was also a song used in Columbine massacre RPG but this song Just it's relaxing but also pretty sad

  84. vander eduardo

    Essa música faz parte da minha vida

  85. RayinPa U.S.A.

    Any & Every Pumpkin Song is refreshing and exciting to me . the rhythm and sound are amazing .

  86. skylark sep

    My father owned the disk set of all of the bands music videos, as a child i never appreciated the music when he tried to get me into the band. Now as a teenager I am realizing how amazing this band truly is. Spectacular!

    Roger Wilco

    This made me so happy to read. Growing up (which you never truly do) is a b!tch. Don't give up.

  87. theflanman86

    Does anyone know the significance of the number 33? It isn’t so bright and cheery

    Shoegaze forever

    Billy was 27 and feeling suicidal due to the enormous pressure he was under. He wandered whether he would make it to 33.

  88. Multi Mudkip

    Am i the only 20 year old here? LOL

  89. Michael Love

    ''I'll make the effort, love can last forever.
    Graceful swans of never topple to the earth.
    Tomorrow's just an excuse.
    Tomorrow's just an excuse, for you.''

    (O, _ ,O)

  90. ansar714

    33=Master number

  91. Ted Peter

    This song will rattle your teeth out if by chance you are listening to it on two 15" subs in your car. Never forget the first time I heard it when I was younger when this first dropped.

  92. Zoe meow

    Is our soul gardian gardener blooming our flowers of the stars awww Smashing Pumkin fan now ❤💞💞💞💞❤💋💞💞💞❤❤❤✨✨✨✨✨

  93. september quest

    Underrated.. very powerful music...I love the smashing pumpkins.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  94. CrazyDave

    How did you turn this song into something positive? I have been depressed for over 20 years, I hate living. I ask out of desperation, I can't continue to live like this. The thought of my family mourning has held me back, but I am unsure how much longer I can go.

    Robert Gauss

    You deserve happiness brother. It can take forever for docs to find the right meds..or to sort out what else is going on. believe in yourself enough to get and commit to real help.. keep on keeping on. Believe..."you're not stuck in vain"

  95. Felix Jones

    FTM for sure!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE ITS ALL ABOUT FREEMASONRY SHIT!! Just another freemason puppet doinig what ITS told,33 is justfreemason codeing wake up!!!!

  96. Renette Thompson

    It's 02:51 In the morning. I used to listen to this in my teen days... insomnia and stress I still find this comforting