Smashing Pumpkins - Starla Lyrics

I'm in here
Please take me home
Starla dear
I'm all alone

When you can't decide what's on your mind
It's clear I'm here, starla dear

To disappear takes so much time
Starla dear, you're on my mind

Soon, soon I'll be leaving
Soon, soon I'll be leaving
I hear all you're saying
I hear all you're failing

I'm in here
Please take me home
Starla dear
I'm all alone

Serve yourself No one else can do for you like you
And no one else fails like me
In my eyes I burn alive
Fly like a bird
No more words just you and I
High in the sky

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Smashing Pumpkins Starla Comments
  1. Pascal Godeau

    What a song. My other favourite SM song alongside The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)

  2. Carlo Fais

    E questa sarebbe una b-side! Billy pagherebbe oro per riuscire a scrivere ancora delle b-sides così, invece di quelle schifezze con le quali getta fango sul nome Smashing Pumpkins da almeno 20 anni!

  3. Michael Pikul

    Love this song
    Reminds me of being human once time apona.

  4. Dyn Jarren

    I like the slow steady buildup this song does! Brilliant and Powerful!

  5. Tetsuo Max

    02/01/2020 the best song of all the times !!!

  6. scooter Dave

    I am a die hard pumpkins fan. this is the first time I heard this song... (auditory orgasm)

  7. Swaky

    You don't have to be on any kind of drug to appreciate this album. I was listening to this in high school (95ish) and I fell in love with everything about this album. No weed. No alcohol. No nicotine. Doing XC as a sport and was no slouch. I've done all those things since then and can't get back to where I was at that time. Age is a factor but smoking was the worst thing I ever did by far. If I have a message to the younger generation it is this, Smoking is very bad for you. Taking pills from the "doctor" (dealer) is even worse. Our society is very corrupt and you have to question EVERYTHING you are told. Do what your heart tells you is right. If you can't listen to your heart never stop trying... Deep down you know what makes sense. Never stop fighting for that.

  8. Tristian Montoya

    pretty fucked up. dont know if ill make it to next year. love this song

    Chris Selby

    Dont Give Up!!!

    {{B G}}

    hang in there for the good times. Dont give the MF the liberty of checking out when its all bad and down. LEave on a fucking high note if you check out. Find that apex in life and ride that bitch.

  9. Starla Phillips

    It should be obvious why I love this song❤️

  10. John Public

    No my name is Darla

  11. The Truth

    Time Warp

  12. EyeWitnessChina

    It’s funny. You can hear the Chicago sirens in the background while recording this vocal. He probably strummed this gem in one of those old Chicago brownstones.

  13. Evil Diesel

    You know how good a band is by their B-sides.

  14. The Sleep Addict

    BEST B SIDE EVER!!! Love this band till my last breath!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. High_alien 13

    My name is starla, and they spelled my name right :0

  16. tmarie

    This is the best thing I have ever listened to, it is so special to me, I have been listening to SP ever since I was a baby. Billy's voice is so beautiful, no matter how old I get, I will still rock out to this

  17. Starla Yandell

    One of my fav songs...not sure why. 🤔 lol 😘

  18. Rj Rosenbsum

    I don't know if it's just my ears. But it is very difficult to hear the bass on this mix. The guitar cuts through some of the bass.

  19. Squee Dow

    O!M!G! What an awful song! We have a little one coming into our lives soon and were checking out names. We'd pretty much settled on "Starla," so we decided to check online to see if there were a lot of them. That's when I found this horrible song. Ack! I may not know what we're going to name her, but at least I know we can move on from Starla. Sad. It was so beautiful to our ears before now.

  20. ferger derger

    Shoegaze 🎸

  21. S Trojan

    fucking ads, it ain't even your song

    NPC #79993557

    Firefox + Ublock + NoScript

    S Trojan

    @NPC #79993557 lol I was drinking when I made this comment. Thanks, but I use Brave browser and had almost no youtube ads until the past couple weeks. Now they're on every video.

    S Trojan

    @NPC #79993557 Nevermind. I screwed up my Brave settings. Now it's working fine again. Glad you commented!

    NPC #79993557

    Hah, I was drinking when I replied. No worries, glad you sorted it @S Trojan

  22. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    Even though not technically a "studio" album, Pisces Iscariot was, and still is, my top-fav SM album!!

  23. Michael Wandell

    8:22 makes me bad ass!

  24. Francesca Sugarpills

    I miss this Billy SO MUCH

  25. Lavafish26

    Honestly listening to this right now makes me wonder how they are so under rated.

  26. Karla Pippo

    Billy you are genius!!! I love your music since it was out and you were there for me in every situation and... Aaahhh

  27. Valerie Ward

    Love it 💜🍃✨ Beauty

  28. Maxime Ameryckx

    give me chills what the fuck this is their best

  29. Nicky Bronx

    Billy was really an innovative guitarist wasn’t he? A lot of emotion in his playing.

  30. GachaStarla Studios

    My name is Starla🤯 Thanks for this song😏😏

  31. Schera Do

    M ONLY Pumpkins CD was the B-sides collection. THIS song may be my favorite.

  32. Starla Allen


  33. Starla Allen

    2019 anyone?

  34. John Public

    Darla XD

  35. gus smoke

    this is like taking acid the coming up the up and the come down awsome

  36. Richard Cardone

    This B side album is all A side!

  37. Jason Pikul

    Starla. By far s.p.. best.dronned out metal to date

  38. artz_studios

    Why aren't songs like this anymore

  39. Sean Porterfield

    I like the build up to around 3 minutes. Very catchy. Been listening to these guys for years but this one really caught my attention. I especially like the distortion, vocals and the hippie drum circle sound at the end. Right up my alley.

  40. Wolfatadoor

    I love when bands take their time to do these ethereal buildups in their songs, this is a prime example.

  41. demoniccleaner

    best pumpkins song ever..... people will argue, but goddamn this is amazing

    Biggie Slong

    First time I heard this I listened to it 30 more times the same day. Amazing

  42. Weissberg17

    We need to like Starla, when is Drown

  43. Brett Hanson

    Why does this have 37 👎s ??????


    Because those are the people that don't respect a good natural band with natural music


    They like rap

  44. Starla Diles

    its funny when ur names starla and u like this song but i love them

    Valerie Ward

    Starla Diles that’s beautiful 🌸

  45. Graham Harper

    Absolutely Mind Blowing. Proof that Billy Corgan is a genius.

  46. Noe

    5:36 best part of the song starts

  47. actiontoolbelt

    I could listen to a 10 minute version of this just consisting of the last 10 seconds of the song.

    Valerie Ward

    actiontoolbelt Yess


    Smashing Pumpkins totally ripping off Neu!'s Hallogallo with this record. They stole the main riff for Cherub Rock and that other cool bit going on in the tune for Starla. Never knew who Neu! were when I was into the Smashing Pumpkins though. It's quite the revelation


    FAST N BULBOUS pumpkins have always been open about taking inspiration from other bands. Most bands deny it. Billy has always been more ‘yea I heard it, and it morphed into something else’. They took a few cheap trick riffs too.

  49. Denis Popov

    Excellent psych gem, and the very finalle is a huge win

  50. Jimy Zeitune

    Fly with a song....

  51. Grunge Luiz

    eu tenho tesão por essa musica


    old music


    Respect it music isn't going to get any better then this

    Sitra Achra

    Everything gets old, in the end. Even you mate.

  53. 김현희

    i love these dirty guitar sound
    beautiful song

  54. Saya Ravichenko

    Don't know this album too much I feel that adore, melancholy, and the machina were the best albums

    John Public

    no disrespect but gtfoh

  55. Daniel Arturo Fajardo Jaramillo

    awesome, reminds me to can´t lose you frome type O

  56. Chris Connor

    i imagine billy corgan came up with this riff while hanging upside down from a willow tree, strumming into a guitar for hours on end while looking at his reflection in a mirror, twitching his left eye

    Chris Connor

    occasionally stopping to climb down from the tree and put his feet in a creek, try to eat left over sandwhich, jump around in the mud, climb back in tree, start the riff over

    Chris Connor

    at some point he slips into a deep psychosis and starts communicating with aliens via his big muff and through an intricate tonal language using his guitar feedback, his eyes roll back, he starts rocking his head side to side, and a spindel of green goo starts to emanate from his nose and stream across his orbital socket, into his hair hanging towards the ground. Hours later, he finishes his extraterrestrial communion, swings out of the tree, lands on his feet, and mutters, "Starla," under his breath for the next 2 hours

  57. Rodrigo M

    "Pisces Scariot" changed my way of listening music, in the 90's. "Starla", specially...

  58. Rodrigo M

    In the notes for Pisces Scariot, Billy told that he met a girl in a party, and decided to write a song for her, with her name, "Starla". When he met her again, he told her "hey, I wrote a song for you, with your name, Starla". Then she told him "but my name is not Starla, is Darla!!". That´s the story...

  59. Tim

    I love the siren in the background @ 5:22. Billy mentioned in an article that he was recording the vocals in a bathroom and didn't even realize they were in the background.

  60. The Paranoid One

    It is weird that the name of the song is mine too?

  61. SolamenteVees

    Proper use of a Big Muff

  62. siobhan158133989

    This copy skips a little in the first minute

  63. Star Kittens

    This song makes me feel like I’m on drugs when I’m completely sober.

    Michael John

    Me too!


    Endorphins are amazing, huh?

  64. Manu Nardoni

    This is ART! please learn people this is art!!!

  65. Starla Underwood

    Im glad he got the name Now its a song with MY name in it. Love it!!!!💟💟💟💟

  66. reverend20piece

    Pisces Iscariot may be a "b side album", but it's one of the their best, I've always loved it.

    Natalie Meier

    reverend20piece I agree my favorite one also ❤️

    Damian Skyfire

    You know a band is in the absolute prime of their careers when even their album of B-Sides is amazing.

    Night Owl

    B sides from Siamese Dream, which is 10 out of 10 as far as critically acclaimed goes.


    Their b-sides are just as good if not better than the singles.

  67. Chris Todd

    Been a fan for 25 years. Just heard this song today. Mind frickin blown.

  68. Out Lawz

    16 morons. Who can't like this????

  69. cocteautwinned

    hot damn,that build up

  70. Kat 88

    This song is pure bliss to my ears . The guitar solo blows me away.

  71. Sarah's Riding The Storm Wave.

    I reckon Jimi Hendrix would of loved this for that epic guitar solo.

    Jon Brooks

    Nostalgic NZer hell yeah

    Stoned Meadow Of Doom

    You can hear Hendrix all over early Smashing Pumpkins. Billy grew up on him.

  72. Starla Bradshaw

    I've always loved this song. it's perfect.

  73. Anon C137

    it's strange how good music really communicates to people on a base level.

  74. Laurie T


  75. GroovesAndLands

    Next time, dont give a fuck...

  76. A Estala

    Billy u are GODLY ur guitar solos are ultimate....

  77. David I

    I know this is not considered an album, but Pisces iscariot is my favorite of all their albums

    John Public

    it is an album dumbdumb

  78. Mr. Barlow

    I'm in here
    Please take me home
    Starla dear
    I'm all alone

    When you can't decide what's on your mind
    It's clear I'm here, starla dear

    To disappear takes so much time
    Starla dear, you're on my mind

    Soon, soon I'll be leaving
    Soon, soon I'll be leaving
    I hear all you're saying
    I hear all you're failing

    I'm in here
    Please take me home
    Starla dear
    I'm all alone

    Serve yourself
    No one else can do for you like you
    And no one else fails like me
    In my eyes I burn alive
    Fly like a bird
    No more words just you and I
    High in the sky

  79. Jason Gallagher

    from 4-35 is absolutely beautiful.

  80. Aliceann Marquiess

    SP has been my cornertone in music for as long as I can remember. Pearl Jam was my first favorite, as a young girl ( and will always be special to me) but the Pumpkins changed my life. Forever.

    rob campbell

    Aliceann Marquiess ...for some reason I decided to read some of the comments under this jewel, and saw that you're also a PJ fan, first and foremost. I love finding people with similar tastes in music. Somehow makes me feel validated.


    rob campbell probably horny too, huh?

  81. Bleikr Sound

    First met Billy when SP were recording 'Siamese Dream' in Georgia. We
    fronted for them on 4.19.94 in Florida. I mentioned that I liked the
    reverse imaging guitar. He programmed the sound into my Alesis
    Quadraverb GT. It's been on there ever since, unchanged, and used in
    some of my recordings.

    Connor Schrauben

    So did Billy smoke Marijuana? He said he didn't but I sort of believed he lied about that. Not sure why he would though, not like anyone would care.

    C Cxxz

    weird.......mj was here

    Ryan Covarrubias

    You got any story of billy haha please tell me


    That is fucking epic!

  82. Axel H

    5:25 Siren

  83. Dave-O

    the solo guitar sound Corgan gets on this track is very prescient of his siamese dream sound - that gated, snarling wahish distorted lead

  84. Jerry Patterson

    wife gets butt fucked while talking to ex on the phone!!! ha,ha,ha

  85. Jerry Patterson

    wife gets butt fucked while talking to ex on the phone!!! ha,ha,ha

  86. Jerry Patterson

    wife gets butt fucked while talking to ex on the phone!!! ha,ha,ha

  87. Jerry Patterson

    wife talks to husband on phone getting butt fucked!!!! ha,ha,ha,ha

  88. Jerry Patterson

    wife talks to husband on phone getting butt fucked!!!! ha,ha,ha,ha

  89. Poon Tang

    i was listening to this song and putting a peice of gum on the bubble gum wall in seattle

  90. Steven Catolster

    lost my mind when they played this in Asheville...just a gem

  91. Comrade Thoth

    What are the chords at 10:36? Would appreciate.

    Bill Le

    kill communism with fascism . talk about irony.... get it ? iron neeeeee.

    Comrade Thoth

    Bill Le

    Fascism is an economic policy.

    Answer the question or fuck off.

  92. Christopher Johnson

    Best. B-side. Ever. (Or unreleased track, whatever you want to qualify this as, what I'm saying is that this was totally full LP album worthy).


    oh yeah it was

    Mark Riddell

    the whole album is magic

    pyewackett 5

    Scrap the past tense & use the present 'is' ;)

  93. Nate NateDad Johnson

    I think is was in 91 or 92 they came around to the Pepsi Coliseum in indy. The Beastie Boys opened for them that night and I remember as they were closing with Soma, they stopped playing, thanked the crowd and I started yelling "Starla, Billy; Starla!' I noticed him look up and grin. he thought about it, but ultimately they didn't play it. Next time they were in town it was for Lollapaloza at Deer Creek. Beasties opened for them again. Another awesome show, and this night they were wrapping up, lights dimmed and everyone thought it was over. Again we started yelling 'Starla, Billy; STARLA'. Now I doubt he heard us that night because the crowd was probably 10x what is was the previous time but I still remember the look on a couple friends faces when they started into it and thinking, "He remembered." They rocked that song, and 30,000 people who walked away with an understanding about this song and their music. Some can write songs and some can make music, but its magic when they both come together in a way that can move you to your soul. The Pumpkins did that many times over, and it....was and is....wonderful.

    J T

    this is beautiful


    I love this story, but Pisces Iscariot wasn't released until 1994, even if this was written earlier.

    Starla Yandell

    Love this song, one of my favs! Not sure why 🤔 lol 😘

    Alex Adams

    @figliad'italia Starla was released in 91 as a b-side.

  94. Ivan Locke

    Lights, a big city, a road in auto, the person you like, this with the maximum volume... perfection.

    Stephany Brand

    exactly how I listened to it!! no shit!

    Stephany Brand

    exactly how I listened to it!! no shit!

  95. Benjamin Ang

    kinda lucy and the sky with diamonds

  96. TheOldOakSyndicate

    The Rock was good, and the Roll was even better!!!

  97. Quint73

    good trippin song

    Steven Kyle

    Billy Corgan started in an interview that he wrote it on mushrooms

    Steven Kyle


    Marco Ferrando

    @Steven Kyle WHich interview? I wanna see!